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Thread: Raptor Hunting Bug

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    Raptor Hunting Bug

    Frequency of the Bug/Issue
    All of the time

    Describe the Issue
    When my Raptors (Velociraptors only) hunt a goat, the sound effects are mixed up, with sounds coming too late or too early. It can be rather irritating to see the Raptors open their mouths with no sound coming out, and no thud when the goat is knocked over and killed, so I would appreciate it being fixed.

    Reproduction Steps
    What is needed is the sound effects to be put in the right place on time, not too early and not too late, and a thud when the goat is bowled over.

    Expected Result
    The Raptor should sneak up on the goat and any noises that come out are in time with what it should be.

    Actual Result
    Any noises that the Raptor makes are delayed and comes when it is jumping in the air.

    Supporting Evidence URLs
    I do not have any pictures or videos to put on here.

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    Today, my Raptor made no noise at all, even when it was eating. It just looks very bad.

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    Hi WillDJurassicplayer,

    Thanks for the report. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Raptors, they are usually quite a vocal bunch! I have passed on your information, so we will take a look into this issue for you. In the meantime if you are able to provide a video of this problem that would really help out our investigation.

    Thanks again,