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Thread: Community Goals over the following weeks (13/03)

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    Originally Posted by Rob At Work View Post (Source)
    Does that mean we have seen everything you have seen?
    Aside from what Will's eyes look like up close after a few beers and the look on David Braben's face when I thrust my copy of "Advanced Machine Code Techniques For The BCC Micro" under his nose for him to sign ... yup, I have nothing further to non-disclose.

    Originally Posted by amigacooke View Post (Source)
    Killing Kobolds is a D&D thing.
    Huh - I did not know that.

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    Be brave, FD. Make shipping biowaste great again !

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    Ok but the meantime?

    Can we get some play run CGs or something? Cuz the bubble is pretty quiete right now...

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    +rep to Kietrax for the redirect.

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    Originally Posted by amigacooke View Post (Source)
    It could be confirmation of an intellectual property case from Wizards of the Coast
    Only if WotC have amazingly inept lawyers.

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    Originally Posted by Kzak View Post (Source)
    And if you can't kill kobolds, slay rats and collect their rat-tails instead. Surely someone out there have some esoteric use for millions of rat-tails.
    Space elevator cables!

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    Originally Posted by iFred View Post (Source)
    I still dont believe that you are working on anything regarding Elite. I just see magical disappearance of staff and ressources.
    I think that's pretty close to the reality.

    However.. Let's wait and see what amazing content they actually produce over the month?

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    Sounds good... CG's had gotten a little 'stale'


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    FDevs! Pls make a marker (Red star) for PVPers ("Fight There!")

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    Really looking forward to these changes. I always liked the idea about CGs and also the short narratives are mostly written well.The CG gameplay though is really dull and repetitive after a while.

    Curious how the changes will look like.

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    Originally Posted by Wobblin-Gobblin View Post (Source)
    Hm, so lets wait and see.

    It sounds plausible, but on the other hand, it sounds that FD is subtracing more and more people secretly.

    It's strange that they don't give a hide on the upcomping content. Not even a singel pic :/
    I have to admit that recent news has put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm for ED. I am sure that when all is said and done ED will be better for these design decisions, but right now it feels like thew game is in a holding pattern because first we got news that there will be no major new content for at least 18 months, and now a regular feature -- i.e., CGs - has been put on hold for at least a month ("In the coming month, we will be releasing specific details as to how the new development-supported events will work" doesn't necessarily mean that new CGs will appear in April, only that details about the new CGs will be released in April).

    Right now, ED feels like it is contracting rather than expanding. Again, I accept Frontier's explanation as to why this is so, but it doesn't make the medicine go down any easier in the short term.

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    Glad to see they're reworking community goals. They're one of the oldest parts of the game and were in actual decline - the early ones (the cerberus plague, the viper mk.iv presents for noobs, the introduction of the DBS) were way better than the latest ones which were just blow up stuff or move stuff from A to B.

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    FD are reworking CG let's see what will be delivered. For me it's a placeholder. From my perspective the expectation is very low.

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    Originally Posted by Electric Kite View Post (Source)
    Ok but the meantime?

    Can we get some play run CGs or something? Cuz the bubble is pretty quiete right now...

    You'll be fine... DG2 are on their way home

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    A community goal to help Ram Tah develop a medium sized multi-role ship based on Guardian technology would be nice. We have SLFs, but no ships.