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Thread: Community Goals over the following weeks (13/03)

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    If you fine folks at Frontier could release one more major bug patch before starting your first big "development-supported event", that would be really wonderful

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    Originally Posted by Bob McBobblehead View Post (Source)
    A community goal to help Ram Tah develop a medium sized multi-role ship based on Guardian technology would be nice. We have SLFs, but no ships.

    That would be one, like EA CG, that I'd happily travel a long way to be part of!

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    Open only, trade CG for small ships only.

    Those brave pilots who get through the (non)existent gank squads will be awarded a "balls of steel" decal. And 5 real money.

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    cautiously optimistic about this. It sounds like a positive change and if done correctly, it will be. The devil is in the details though, so I will wait and see before passing judgement.

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    I'm excited to see how the changes fall. It has all been good so far for me.

    A few weeks without CGs in return for an improved and more compelling system is a tradeoff that is worth it surely?

    I can't help but think it seems illogical for people to complain that a major addition / change to the game is going to take 18 months and draw negative conclusion from that.

    Previous complaints were that people didn't want slow season rollouts that upgraded the game incrementally. So FD are presumably making a big lump of DLC in one-ish hit surely? I mean, isn't that inline with what people said they wanted: Not 6 months lead time with a partially formed Season start and completion over the next year. So there's your 18 months and then a DLC...

    E development has been a positive experience for me since retail launch. I've still got great enthusiasm for the mission.