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Thread: Lave Radio Beta 2/3 Competition - Astrogator Tours

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    Lave Radio Beta 2/3 Competition - Astrogator Tours

    !! Astrogator Tours – Beta 2/3 Competition !!

    With the rapid expansion of the accessibly galaxy, the Astrogator Tours company are way behind on their latest travel brochure!

    They are requesting that Elite explorers help them by sending in pictures of interesting stellar locations complete with a short article (100 words or less) explaining why Astrogator’s customers should pay for a ticket to travel there. (n.b. The Astrogator Company have never let facts get in the way of a good marketing story and request you to do the same)

    The competition runs for the next few weeks into the release of Beta 3 with prizes being donated by Frontier .

    Submission can be sent to
    Email -
    Facebook -
    Twitter - link it to @Laveradio on twitter
    The Lave Radio thread -

    Good Luck Explorers


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    Nice one! I'll be sure to keep a look out for travel hotspots. My parents said they honeymooned on an Astrogator Tours cruise liner many moons, planets and stars ago. I didn't realise you were still in the business.

    Good luck with your endeavours

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    I believe they're under new management...

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    Updated, this will now run for a few weeks into Beta 3 - We are teaming up with The fantastic site for all elite explorers! Prizes on first post. Happy Exploring

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    I wasn't going to enter this seeing as my game is currently suffering the, "Nvidia bug" so couldnt really compete on pretty graphics. Then I looked in my pic folder but I only have two images of which this one stood out.( Taken during the bug where the galactic map would stay on your screen in cockpit mode) Not sure this would qualify but:

    Need a break from society, the daily grind, all forms of life, light and matter? Look no
    further than Holland's End Co-operative. Experience first hand the ultimate view and see all
    things known to mankind stretching as far as the telescopic eye can see. Without the pressure of having
    to interact with any of it. Or it with you.

    Book now and receive free medipack of doubt suppressant to help you relax on your *short
    journey to our stunning 28th century five hexagon rated station. Be seeing you Comander!

    *not short.

    Edit: oh 3 more weeks? Maybe I'll try again, and work out how to remove my ship hud etc! Supposing the graphical glitches are ironed out.

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    EliteGalaxy is glad to support Lave Radio and Astrogator Tours with this marvellous competition!

    crossposted your entry to EliteGalaxy, Cmdr Shiro
    a system-name would be interesting, btw

    edit: ah, it's styx - i should logon more often..

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    Astrogator Tours Competition

    Just a quick update folks!

    We'll be closing the competition on November 16th and picking winners as quickly as we can, just in case any of you were looking to have your prizes before the première party for those of you who might want to sport one of the spiffy t-shirts up for grabs at the event.

    Just remember, Astrogator don't really care that much for factual content, they want what sells!

    Good luck Commanders!

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    Astrogator Tours Competition

    Last two days of the photo competition! Lots of Prizes to give away but you have to be in it to win it!