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Thread: Complete list of all third party tools, spreadsheets, manuals and other data sources

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    If possible, would you add Game Music Packs to your list?

    I have been a user of Game Music Packs for some months now. I feel these guys could really do with some extra support, and having it added to your list would definatly be a plus.

    They make music for Elite: Dangerous in the form of a pack for Voice Attack which lets you add, remove, or replace instruments mid-song if you wish, all voiced by Obsidian Ant. The pack supports internet radio, and several Elite-Dangerous radio Stations are included. The pack also supports use of you own music of course, and (with a little setup) can store up to 25 playlists on the ready. During game play, vocal commands can be used to change everything from volume, to the song, to taking a "peek" at a different playlist. This team has put a lot of hard work into this and I feel it deserves the attention of the wider community. Having it added to your list may be a huge help.

    Commander Lensman.