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Thread: Download the Elite: Dangerous Launcher directly here

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    Add me to the list: #00000012676 .

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    Yep getting the ole "You do not have access to Elite: Dangerous" aswell, day 5 waiting for some help from support.....

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    Im also missing all of the Pre-order mercenary items, no eagle, no decal etc, im able to to download and login / play the game from the link under "My Dashboard" order status is showing as "Complete" but if I goto "My Downloadable content" it shows the mercenary edition with unlimited downloads left available but the download icon / button is greyed, at the time I Pre-ordered the merc edition I also purchased 2 paint schemes and claimed the free paint schemes being offered at the time

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    I suppose Frontier Development has some severe problems with their accounting related systems.

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    I bought it ages ago, and have had no problem downloading from the site.

    While looking for the Mercenary Edition extra content, I did however notice that my purchase is still processing. Weird, very weird.

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    The fact that some of you received some sort of confirmation email made me suspicious. As I remember and just checked a moment ago (including the spam folder) I did not receive such a confirmation email. And still, 40 EUR have been debited.

    For those 40 EUR, instead of playing the game, I wasted hours with research, login attempts, the creation of a detailed ticket with an image of the bank statement proving the debit aka payment and with contacting a sales person via PM. Awesome — not.

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    The same problem, no orderstatus, no money, no game, no support

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    Hi all,

    good news: Today I received a message from the support team that I should be able to log in now. And indeed, log-in succeeded and the game is currently being downloaded. So, this hurdle has been taken.

    This should be a lesson for Frontier Development. Billing systems should be thoroughly tested before going live with them.

    What about the rest of you? Log-in problems solved?

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    on 24/12/2014 I have bought and paid for immediately game. after the payment I get the message that I have no order in my cart. The money is debited on 24/12/2014 until now no message from the FD, that game is paid, no money and no game and no response from support. I want to know what's going on.

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    I pm'ed Ashley of the support team (though there was no read-receipt). Maybe that helped.

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    thank you .i hope it too

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    I'm in the same boat. I pre-ordered the Mercenary Edition on November 30, and the order status never changed from "Processing Pre-Order". I wasn't too worried since the bank said the payment had gone through and there was a message in my account saying the "Pre-order" status was an error, but when I finally had a chance to download the launcher from the provided link and tried to log in, it kept giving me the "You do not have access to Elite: Dangerous" error message. Opened up a support ticket the same day (Christmas), and after getting transferred to the sales support department (within a few minutes!) it's been complete radio silence. Tried following up with the ticket, but still no response. The status is stuck at "We are investigating", except it doesn't really feel like they're investigating when my ticket number is in the 14000 range and I've seen people here with tickets in the 16000s and the exact same problem reporting back that the issue has already been fixed for them.

    Starting to get a little bit frustrated.

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    I had the same issues. I pre-ordered the Mercenary Edition.
    Even though it took a while the support managed to solve the problem and gave me access to the game.
    The strange thing right now is that at "my downloadable products" the download button is still greyed out and i am still set to processing pre-order. Wonder why.
    Anyway i hope you guys can actually play the game soon. I was very frustrated waiting 5days+ as well, but at the game itself is worth waiting.
    *Edit: i had no trouble finding my mercenary goodies. If you do, check a station with shipyard where your eagle is located and if you cant do that then check livery options for your ship at outfitting. There is a paint job "mercenary" available if you bought Merc Edition

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    Same issue as others. I purchased the game 4 days ago and my order shows complete and I can download the launcher, however when I put in my verification code it says "you do not have access to elite dangerous. Opened a support ticket 4 days ago with no response.

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    'You do not have access to Elite Dangerous' in launcher

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