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Thread: Meet the Team #11 - James Avery (Senior VFX Artist)

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    I think a temporary over brightness (not complete blindness) would actually be more realistic and also could serve as a way of changing the odds in a dogfight.

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    Originally Posted by nats View Post (Source)
    Bit to 'starry' for me I am afraid but certainly not bad.

    I think chromatic abberation with 'fringing' is a good technique for making bright sunlight appear realistic.

    But essentially as long as you are blinded temporarily when looking directly at a star I am not too bothered what it looks like. It would be good if flying towards the sun could fool the dumber IR missiles and perhaps put off lesser enemy pilots from following your moves a little bit, especially if you could employ some shading to your cockpit to avoid being blinded yourself.That could enhace the gameplay during dogfights a bit I would think.
    yeah, for pilots that go into dodgy systems and have to do the dogfighting near stars will want to buy the latest upgrade of sunvisor - either a cheap version that flips down like in cars or a more expensive inner glass layer that reacts with sun brightness to tint the glass or the very expensive metal shutters on the outside with image projection so that you can still see what is happening outside, the added bonus is that it also help prevent the glass from shattering if there is a missile strike.

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    I would HATE for James to feel left out... so ... the minute I saw his face I thought of this..

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    and for good measure!!!

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