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Oh dear. I still can't figure out how to make my next jump and plot my route correctly, so even though I already jumped a few times and have the required core, I am sort of stuck at the beginning of the Atlas Path. No idea how to plot that route.

A question: The credits you need for a base or freighter are of course quite a lot.
Would you say it is grindy? Or are credits only a challenge at the beginning?
Its only a challenge fer the first couple of hours and while it can be grindy, its nowhere near as bad as many other games I can think of because ye can see yer progress and gauge it from that. The rewards are not drip fed in NMS although it will feel grindy at first...once ye start upgrading yer multitool, the grind becomes much less so.

If yer unfortunate enough to have started on a hostile planet, then yer only priority should be to get off the ground asap cos that will get grindy if ye hang around long enough. Once ye have yer first freighter and start populating yer base with aliens, then thats a bit grindy yes, but once done, never have to be repeated. After 20 to 30 hours, the grind is all but a memory truth be told.

When in the map, cycle through yer options as it will automatically select the fastest route to whatever mission ye were on when ye loaded the map. Go to free explore if ye just wanna explore...freely...ye get the picture. Also worth bearing in mind that ye will only be able to jump to basic systems unless ye have the different drives to access the rare star classes...the map will still have ye selecting systems ye cant jump to but will tell ye what drive ye need in the bottom left corner.

If yer looking fer specific economies and states of hostilty, then build an economy scanner and hostility scanner. Not all systems will have all ships or resources...Gek systems will do trade ships, Vykeen will have fighters and Korvax will have explorers. Of course, they all have a mix, but if ye after specific ships, then thats as good a guide as any ^