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Thread: The No Man's Sky Thread

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    Originally Posted by cpbtrading View Post (Source)
    I played OND and didn't take to it much, maybe because I like space to be.. well.. big.
    Planet Nomads is the same, but with issues (no space).. Unfortunately.

    Apparently Empyrion now has larger planets (with no walls) and bigger space, so that may be something to look at too.
    NMS blows most away, size wise. But its take your pick with any game, until you try, you just don't really know.

    I can see NMS becoming huge, with whole civilisations popping up...
    Epic space wars and lots of pew, pew.. (not my thing, I'll keep travelling).
    I loved my little play of Empyrion last year.

    I'll wait for it to move on a bit and then give it another visit

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    Originally Posted by NeilF View Post (Source)
    I loved my little play of Empyrion last year.

    I'll wait for it to move on a bit and then give it another visit
    Yeah, must admit, I'll be taking another look at some stage. I like the graphics in Empyrion, if those damn walls are gone and space has grown, then it will be a lot better game.

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    Originally Posted by ZeeWolf View Post (Source)
    Frontier dropped offline mode prior to release with an announcement and there were refunds.

    Hello games specifically alluded to multiplayer and numerous other things in interviews right up until release, there were no official announcements regarding the content and consumers seemed extremely confused as to what the content was.
    Don't forget he outright said after release that "omg the servers are just so busy!" in response to people asking why there didn't seem to be any multiplayer. He also didn't "allude" to multiplayer he outright confirmed it on multiple occasions.

    Originally Posted by ZeeWolf View Post (Source)
    It's great that they are wanting to make their product better but it doesn't wash away the (frankly absurd) sins of the past and people have every right to be dubious.
    Another of my favorites was when he was asked if sandworms were in the game still (after one appeared in an early trailer) either right before or right after the game launched. He replied "wouldn't you rather find out for yourself?"

    No.. I would rather not pay $60 and find out for myself that something I wanted in the game which was indicated would be in the game was not actually in the game. Sandworms were not in the game. His answer was disingenuous and clearly identified what was wrong with their marketing and communications.

    No one wants to find out that things they want in a game aren't in a game. Especially not when you hinted that they were. Discovery is fun when you are discovering something. When the thing isn't there that's not discovery it's disappointment. So, no we wouldn't rather discover it ourselves we'd rather you set realistic expectations and tell us what was cut content to come later down the line.

    HG has improved greatly, and NMS has as well, from the state they were in at and before launch. Their limited communication is more grounded, the updates have always exceeded my expectations, and the game is absolutely worth playing again. I am greatly looking forwards to NEXT but let's not pretend that the launch debacle was somehow the fault of consumers who simply misread marketing.

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    Originally Posted by Greylock View Post (Source)
    You know, I've seen so many games pull features close to launch, that I just don't consider it to be "lies."

    Sometimes features just don't make it into a game because other things have to be prioritize.

    It stinks, but is so very understandable if you've ever programmed on a deadline.

    That said, as fans of these games I think we should still push these companies to pursue the features they dreamed up, and we're excited about, like MP in NMS and Space Legs in Elite :-)

    Personally I'm disappointed with Astroneer - it seems shallow to me, and repetitive after the first hour :-(

    Osiris New Dawn looks cool, but from what I've seen it's just one planet. NMS seems to be doing the same thing but with an enitre Galaxy and space ships?
    Actually, he claimed multiplay was already in AFTER it had launched. It was a 100% lie. I think its cool they keep updating, I have nms in my library so will give it a shot. But this revisionist stuff is false. He lied, he knew it and he dud it to sell more copies. Lets call a spade a spade.

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    Waking Titan has started in earnest now. So I'll keep watching that.

    Really looking forward to 'Next', not too long to wait, although Europe get it on the 27th apparently, not the 24th...

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    Originally Posted by cpbtrading View Post (Source)
    Waking Titan has started in earnest now. So I'll keep watching that.

    Really looking forward to 'Next', not too long to wait, although Europe get it on the 27th apparently, not the 24th...
    Huh, steam doesnt update nms the same day for all regions?

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    Recent interview with Sean Murray, about the Xbox release coinciding with the new patch. Very interesting overall but especially his statements at the end about his communication style. Possibly as an apology compared to his style prior to original release or due to the radio silence in the last 10 months. Here is the quote (08:16)

    ... We are good at making games, we are definitely better at that than talking about it. And, I think there is a real hunger in the community to know everything that we are doing and have a complete roadmap and stuff like that. But hopefully, you know, we will reward their patience of not having much info with just good solid content, right? And we only like to talk about things when they are right, when we are super happy with them, when we know they canīt possibly change.
    The content quality judgement will be as always up to the market, but either way this new style at Hello Games reminds me a lot that of another developer nearby...