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Thread: Mercenaries of Mikunn - The Background Simulation and Colonization Test

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    Hi everyone Cmdr R3VHEAD101 here (xbox one) ive got my viper mk4 prepped and ready to voyage to the mikunn system! im really keen to take part in this, plus join fellow mercs

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    I've been surfing around for groups and like your guys' style. Are you still pretty active?

    CMDR Tee33 [PC]
    Age: 24
    Bounty Hunter - Vulture
    Net worth ~44 million
    Combat Rank: Dangerous
    Federation Rank: Ensign

    Looking to cut ties with the Feds. I hope I haven't made too many enemies. Really hoping to do some raids on other stations or take part in territory disputes. I think I'll be a great asset for the Mercenaries.

    Do we have any short term community goals in helping the Dukes specifically? Or is it just the one general objective? Also, I would like a position of political power when this is all over and the Dukes have taken over the galaxy so I can retire in confidence.

    Thanks much, looking forward to hearing from you. Please add my name to the list if I meet the qualifications. I'm in.

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    Can I get added to the list of Mercs in the OP, Walt? Seeing as I've graduated to full Merc in the discord, at least...

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    Happy Aniversary Nieighbours!

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    Congrats on the anniversary Mercs, good to see another of the original BGS groups surviving the test of time

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    Originally Posted by Jane Turner View Post (Source)
    Happy Aniversary Nieighbours!
    Thanks Jane!

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    Yay. Thanks all for this memorable time.

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    The Dukes are now in control of 40 systems! (and in 46)

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    2014-2018 Mikunn still has the highest system presence of any faction.

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    It was a diamond all right, shining in the grass half a dozen feet from the blue brick wall.

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    The introduction of squadrons and the tracking of squadron activities means that there could be the prospect for new opportunities for mercenaries.

    The Mercs of Mikunn are one of the original player groups, cmdrs who join us and show commitment can earn the exclusive [MERC] tag.

    If you are already part of a small independent player group, the Mercs and Dukes of Mikunn have extensive territories for you to base in, contact us if you'd like to discuss what we can offer.