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Thread: Mercenaries of Mikunn - The Background Simulation and Colonization Test

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    Mercenaries of Mikunn - The Background Simulation and Colonization Test

    Mercs of Mikunn: Eliminating Space Bugs, so others don't have to. Help make the Milkyway bug free! Enlist today!

    Merc Promo Video:

    Merc Lore Video:

    This is the new home of the Mercenaries of Mikunn. The original thread expanded to be a little larger than it was originally intended to be. We play in open, and you can come and go as you like just let me know if you are interested in joining! Some general info is below:

    General Information

    Our Bugtesting / Testing Threads

    Formation and Purpose:

    I originally posted a thread in Dangerous Discussion about how one buddy and I managed to get a faction from Mikunn to expand into another system. It was one of the earliest reported incidents of that happening, proving elements of the back ground simulator did exist. I made a plea to commanders for aide in pushing the Dukes of Mikunn further, and that is shown in the original post linked above. The thread became very popular and an impromptu group was formed. As a result, this group is very laid back and community driven, with many people contributing from around the world to make it great. Seriously, visit the forum, someone is always present since we are divided over so many timezones. If you want to join, make a forum account and introduce yourself.

    Our primary purpose is to test the background simulator by focusing on one faction that was originally very small with the goal of helping it expand into a larger one through player effort. We want to see the background simulator at work since the documentation on it that is available to players is so scarce. You can help us add to the player knowledge base by participating! As we have progressed we have helped the devs find numerous bugs with the background simulator. Thanks to the mercs that have signed up so far, everyones game will be that much better.

    The Mikunn system was chosen because it was small, both in population and infrastructure. Moreover, its proximity to uncivilized space makes it a great candidate to test outwards expansion and colonization. If you would like to read more about the current state of the Mikunn'iverse as well as specific details regarding each system involved in the Duke's sphere of influence, then follow this link.

    Background Story:


    In 2382 Castor Darvil's family was raised to a minor house within the Empire for military service leading to the peace treaty that ended the war between the federation and empire. Though the House of Darvil was of little importance and held next to no power, it did open doors, allowing Castor access to loans and resources that would otherwise have been denied. By taking small loans from Houses of greater wealth Castor managed to establish a small mining operation which he passed on to his sons and grandsons; however, with some failed investments and low profits over several generations by the year 3278 AD a young Spassky inherited a little more than deepening debts. After years passed and his luck failed to turn, using what little resources he could muster, Spassky sent a few pilots to the edges of colonized space to in the hope of finding any previously untapped resources.

    A few months after he sent out the hired pilots, commander Hux returned with a glimmer of hope in the form of Mikunn - a small system on the edge of space the other side of the Federation. The systems potential was barely enough to save the Darvil's from their spiraling debts; however, it was far enough from the Empire that he might just be able to keep a small mining operation quiet and avoid any senate taxes. Despite the small size of the system and belts, the reserves of platinum, palladium and gold would make a significant impact in the long run.

    The plan would work but it wouldn't work soon enough. By 3297 AD construction began; however, Spassky began to struggle to account for income being spent to build the outpost. One of the Darvil's debtors, Senator Fealix, began to suspect that Spassky had some assets hidden from the Empire. Seeking to take it for himself Fealix set about reclaiming what he was owed.

    It didn't take long for Senator Fealix to attempt seizure by force of all their assets. It was at that moment that Spassky decided to run from the Empire and save the last of his assets he could for his sons. While trying to keep Fealix's men off one of their mining stations Spassky was killed. Disastrous this may have been, he gave his sons time jump away with a handful of slaves and loyal employees - fleeing to the Mikunn extraction site on the very edge of civilized space. To the brothers this system looked perfect, and since it was so far away and near the federation there was little chance of Lord Fealix finding them. So they declared themselves Dukes of their mining station, renamed it Spassky’s Inheritance after their father and began their new lives.

    The two brothers quickly turned things around in Mikunn with the small albeit rich reserves with the help of illicit slave trade from the Federation. Publicly they condemned the Federation slaves to appease their neighbors, but the "Imperial slaves" working in the planetary mines and extraction sites were actually cheaper black market ones from the Federation.

    Being on the rim worlds, looking outward into uncolonized space and the riches it held only fueled their greed. But before they could expand they would need the shipyards of HR 7327.

    And they would need mercenaries. Many, many mercenaries to even the odds……

    Incoming Transmission:…..

    Good evening commander,

    My name is Lucifer Wolfgang and I am speaking to you on behalf of the Dukes of Mikunn. The Dukes are looking for some capable mercenaries, like yourself, to help extend their influence beyond the borders of their sector. Starting with the system known as HR 7327. They have already built up a significant sphere of influence in that sector through a series of investments and acquisitions. Consider it our foothold.

    The Dukes want your help “leveraging” these acquisitions against the local leaders of HR 7327. As the Dukes are responsible members of their community, they would feel it very unfortunate if any work related “accidents” were to befall any members of those organizations trying to resist any further acquisitions they intend to make. For now their end goal are the shipyards of HR 7327.

    If cash is your thing, come to Mikunn for some Merc work. I don’t call the shots, but I will be your liason between you and the Dukes, serving only to coordinate.
    Welcome to the Mercs of Mikunn commander. There are some serious credits to be made.

    You find some coordinates attached to the transmission....

    Chapter 1:
    Realizing the monumental task before them, the two brothers split the affairs of state. Tiberius, the older of the two brothers by just short of ten years, was an ex-Imperial officer and easily shouldered the responsibility of managing Mikunn's small military and defense forces. Caius, who had been studying Imperial law before having to flee the senator, took over the business and mining operation, thriving on the political atmosphere generated by tensions between the local systems despite only being in his early twenties.

    While Caius used the profits from Mikunn's platinum rich belts to acquire assets in HR 7327, Tiberius, who had earned great respect during his service in the Imperial Navy before he retired, used his influence to bolster Mikunn's forces with many Imperial Navy veterans who had since taken up mercenary work. In addition to the Imperial mercenaries, some Federal, Alliance, and independant freelance pilots found their way to Mikunn as well, and before long the armed forces at Tiberius's disposal began to make a sizable portion of Mikunn's albeit small population.

    Tiberius' mercenaries provided much needed protection for the assets acquired by Caius and soon proved to be a "strategic advantage" in many of his business dealings. Several months later, the mercenaries and the profits from Mikunn found the Dukes with an unprecedented 50% stake in the system of HR 7327 after a series of "unrefusable offers". Yet despite their majority holding, the Dukes were careful not to make a play on the station and outposts within the system to waylay the suspicions of the system's native factions. As the Dukes' power expanded the power of the system owner, Dynamic Commodities Corporation, began to wane and the other factions began to take notice. Law Party, a local dictatorship, sensing the power vacuum and the Dukes' refusal to take advantage, made a violent bid for control of the shipyards of HR 7327. Sensing the opportunity, Tiberius allowed Law Party to hire out the mercenary parties that had so recently begun to rally around him.

    HR 7327 soon erupted into a state of constant civil war, disrupting the delicate balance of trade between the local systems; however, once the mercenaries who had become rich off the war in Lugh began assisting Law Party, the starport was quickly captured. The price for this, however, was steep, and Law Party found itself defaulting on its payments to the mercenaries - the most unfortunate of positions.

    The Mercs of Mikunn, as they had come to be called, immediately withdrew their "protection services" and Law Party found themselves unable to deal with a random bout of increased piracy in the sector. This continued for many months and trade among the four systems - Kwatee, HR 7327, Sukua, and even Mikunn dropped. Mikunn, however with its platinum and gold rich belts were able to pay their men directly with their primary export.

    As this began to weigh on the local economies, Kwatee, suspecting the unpaid mercenaries were behind the pirating, brokered a peace deal. In this deal the Dukes would pay for the mercenaries' unpaid bill on behalf of Law Party, and Kwatee would help the Dukes build their first station in an uncolonized system. At the same time they enforced an election between the dictatorship and the much more put together Dukes. The election saw its end before the station materials were finished being gathered, with a landslide for the Dukes, as the eloquent Caius and several of his impassioned speeches for the sake of the people caused confidence in the Dukes to be at an all time high.

    With an entirely new system in tow, the Dukes began to look outward towards the galactic core, and the near infinite minerals to be mined in between. And the station under construction would be the first step of many.

    Chapter 2:
    Want to read more? Then enlist today and make history as our galaxy evolves. Be part of the Dukes' story.

    Rules and Common Courtesy Guidelines:

    The One Rule to rule them all:

    • The One Rule - Help the Dukes.

    If this isn't your thing, you really don't want to be here anyway, so I don't foresee this being a problem. All forms of play contribute in one way or another, so do your thing, have fun, and enjoy being part of a group off the beaten path that has similar goals. Occasionally, I will issue areas of focus, but only because some players were asking for it, so that theyT could work as a group towards some greater purpose. Whenever I place an area of focus, I will do my best to make sure everyone can contribute without disrupting their play style. If you don't want to participate, that is fine too... as long as you follow the one rule, you are always welcome. There are several guidelines as well:

    Edit: We have several other rules as well now, and they extend from the one rule - like no spying on other groups, no exploits, no cheating, or no random acts of piracy. As these would give us a bad rep they would hurt the dukes.... Basically be an upstanding Elite Dangerous citizen. YOU represent the Dukes.

    The Several Guidelines to guide them all: (common courtesy - you already know these)

    • Don't spam the thread. You will know if you are doing it. That includes posting already discovered data over and over again.
    • Be nice to your fellow commanders. This group has no ranks except those who help organize and that is only because it can't be avoided. Everyone has the same rank and follows The One Rule just like you.
    • Don't impersonate the organizers or try to steal their identity. Unfortunately this has already happened, don't do it again. You will be caught.
    • Follow the forum rules. (Warning: To the moderators this isn't a guideline )
    • Don't make me have to add more guidelines.
    • Don't make me turn guidelines into rules, this is exactly why we can have nice things. Consider this thread a useful tool to play with other commanders.

    If you fail to follow the guidelines I won't do anything unless it starts to ruin other peoples game, at which point the most I will probably do is remove you from the list and chat room so people encounter you less.

    Documentation and Statements on How the Background Simulation is Supposed to Work:
    I know its a mouthful

    Forum Documentation
    Injected Events
    Injected Events Updated
    Factions and Causes in Elite Dangerous
    Persistant Characters in Elite
    Background Simulation
    Background Simulation Revised

    Video Documentation
    How the Galaxy Will Evolve Over Time
    Development Plan

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    Reserved for coordination section that includes the increasingly unwieldy members list...... and the hopefully soon to be lengthy colonized / expanded into systems

    General info on the Mikunn'iverse:

    Four systems in nearby vicinity are trading with each other (<<<<Link)

    • Mikunn (Extraction) (Owned by a Mikunn'verse faction)
      • 1 port
      • Pop 1,196

    • Kwatee (Industrial, Refinery)
      • 3 ports
      • 8 million pop
      • 1 Shipyard

    • Sukua (Extraction, Refinery) (Now owned by a Mikunn'iverse faction)
      • 2 ports
      • 25,631 pop

    • HR 7327 (Industrial, Extraction) (Now owned by a Mikunn'iverse faction)
      • 3 ports
      • 33.2 million pop
      • Massive star system, pristine rings
      • Has best shipyard of the two

    HR 7327 is the largest and the smallest system of the four is beginning to gain influence. The group of systems is also placed on the border of civilized space. I chose this for the obvious reason of testing whether expansion was a possibility.

    Five new systems have been added to the Mikunn'iverse through player activity

    • Sefrys (Military Economy) (Now owned by a Mikunn'iverse faction)
      • 1 Station
      • Built by Mercs of Mikunn through a CG

    • Noco (Terraforming) (Now owned by a Mikunn'iverse faction)
      • Two outpost

    • ​Maiphu (Faction present)
    • Wangana (Now owned by a Mikunn'iverse faction)
    • HIP 95677 (Faction present)

    List of Mercenaries:
    Msg me if you arent on the list and want to be.
    Al Swearengen
    Alexendra Hyden
    Archon D
    Arthur Locke
    Bobby Wise
    burner finn
    Chriton Suen
    Henry Corvid
    Rich 232
    Darius Thrain
    Derakos Zrux
    Golden Wombat
    Izzi Dreta
    Jack Starr
    Jean Leflambeur
    kirin shanks
    Maple Willow
    matt Larserud
    MC Hammer
    Pavel Mirsky
    Prime Nomad
    Puls Ibmer
    Rox Harker
    The Syntax
    Wolf Paws
    Xavier Saskuatch
    Buford T Justice
    Eidolon Nine
    Arthur P Dent
    Death Magnet
    Sixteen-String Jack
    Monte Fisto
    Soda Popinski

    The Wall of Heroes:

    Hungwell Hamburger (CMDR Sefrys): Rest in peace, brother

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    Neato burrito.

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    More detailed updates from the very beginning are located in the original post, linked at the top of this thread.


    Week 1 (Late December):

    After the Dukes of Mikunn expanded into HR 7327 and gained an immediate 9% influence, about 50 people signed up to push it further and test their expansion into the system. The group is fairly active and there was always someone in the chat room; however we discovered by the end of the week, that no amount of pushing could vary influence in the system for any of the factions present. A week later all the factions had the exact same influence they started with. With nothing else to do, we prompted a lockdown in the system for HR 7327's controlling faction "Dynamic Commodities". Neither this nor the subsequent raiding of the checkpoints that appeared had any effect on the system. A bug report/ticket was made.

    During the first day of concerted effort, NPC activity increased significantly and local authority force upgraded their eagles for vipers. Besides the lockdown, this was the only change and it happened early.

    Week 2 (Early Jan):

    Its been about two weeks with absolutely no influence change to show for all our effort not even .1%. At this point we must declare the system broken, we can only assume its a bug or a deliberate freeze on our system for the lack of anything concrete. Other systems that have expanded into others seem frozen as well. Without documentation or a response from the devs or anyone else who knows the answer, we are wasting time pursuing any particular strategy as nothing seems to work. I will try to get in contact with someone who knows the answer.

    Thank you to everyone who put massive amounts of their time in, I am sorry this hasn't panned out to what we hoped. That being said, stick around and things may change in the future. In the meantime have fun with your fellow pilots in this group while we wait for a response.

    Week 3(Mid Jan):

    Still no response from the system. 1.04 doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. On Monday I will be making a discussion about this particular issue to alert other players.

    End of week three we posted a "Request for Documentation". The devs stopped by and answered many of our questions. Namely influence gain after expansion has been implemented, but its bugged. Station growth, building, and colonization has to be done manually by the devs.

    Week 4(Late Jan):

    A fix has been paritally implemented! We still have a bug but we can now affect HR somewhat. We have jumped from 9% to 24% in HR and then subsequently raised ourselves to 25%. Keep it up guys.


    The bugs were fixed and there was much appreciated developer interaction. Mid February we have hit another bug which prevents expanding factions from going to civil war.

    Early March:

    We managed to start a civil war but it is in between two factions that originated in that system (HR 7327) even though the Dukes have the most influence (more influence than the top two factions combined). It would still appear that their is a bug which prevents expanding factions from going to Civil War.

    WE BUILT OUR OWN STATION!!! And tons of other stuff happening now.

    Station appears in newly colonized system - "Sefrys".

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    I just got a theory: That lockdown is hurting the Civil Unrest.

    So i call all Smugglers to break that lockdown. Fly to Asvien Yu, buy narcotics and bring them to HR 7327. There is a vaypoint "Seek Goods", just fly in there, try to locate the ship from Mikunn and fly next to it. It will buy the Narcotics from you without asking. Because remember: no questions askd.

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    Originally Posted by Calomiriel View Post (Source)
    I just got a theory: That lockdown is hurting the Civil Unrest.

    So i call all Smugglers to break that lockdown. Fly to Asvien Yu, buy narcotics and bring them to HR 7327. There is a vaypoint "Seek Goods", just fly in there, try to locate the ship from Mikunn and fly next to it. It will buy the Narcotics from you without asking. Because remember: no questions askd.
    Does this work even when the Dynamics Type 9 is beating down on you?

    Will be good to see what changes with the devs being back Walt, can't wait!!!!

    For the DUKE!!!!

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    Originally Posted by Calomiriel View Post (Source)
    I just got a theory: That lockdown is hurting the Civil Unrest.

    So i call all Smugglers to break that lockdown. Fly to Asvien Yu, buy narcotics and bring them to HR 7327. There is a vaypoint "Seek Goods", just fly in there, try to locate the ship from Mikunn and fly next to it. It will buy the Narcotics from you without asking. Because remember: no questions askd.
    Doorfen is up to the task. Hope the devs give us some feedback on whats going on with the background simulation today, this game is so god dam cool i havent played anything near it since DAOC. Hail the dukes !

    ps. UPS is 2h away from STHLM with my trackir 5 . To battle my brothers !

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    Do those "seeking goods" smugglers take any quanities? And do they buy anything else other than narcotics? ( battle guns,slaves, other usually forbidden goods)?

    I have a Type-6 eager to supply them, just because I hate HR with passion (seriously, the distances to get to the stations..)

    CMDR J. Quest out

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    Hoping to get some more info from the devs on this situation! I love blowing up HR's stuff, but I'd like to know if I should focus my pew-pewing towards other targets to get things moving.

    CMDR BacioiuC, out!

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    I moved from trading back into action, i'm in HR now. Lost 2 vipers to NPC ramming -_-

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    Hello Dukes!

    Since the simulation seems to be stuck I spent some time exploring the surrounding systems, and in Meng Mu I came across this:

    Name:  Expanding Station.jpg
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    I've never seen this kind of station with beams like that before. Looks like they are building support beams for a habitat wheel. Could this be a sign of the station growing or expanding? Or is it a normal feature I just haven't seen yet?

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    ooh, nice find! I think you are correct, that looks like support beams for habitation module!

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    Never seen that before either, nice find!

    I hope to get out there and help some day... until then I will follow closely!

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    Name:  Screenshot_0006.jpg
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    Our sweet home! MIKUNN

    - - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

    Originally Posted by Cronn View Post (Source)
    Hello Dukes!

    Since the simulation seems to be stuck I spent some time exploring the surrounding systems, and in Meng Mu I came across this:

    I've never seen this kind of station with beams like that before. Looks like they are building support beams for a habitat wheel. Could this be a sign of the station growing or expanding? Or is it a normal feature I just haven't seen yet?

    Well travel to Mapor, Wind Enterprise. That knd of outpost you haven't seen either ...

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    fingers crossed for dev response concerning all the syste,s that are in expansion now

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