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Thread: Elite Shipyard

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    Originally Posted by Clav View Post (Source)
    Awesome tool! But can you correct the actual scan ranges on KWS etc? They are rounded up to the nearest whole number in game.

    E = 2km
    D = 2.5km
    C = 3km
    B = 3.5km
    A = 4km
    Sure -- think it's safe to assume that they've done the same thing to the other scanner ranges, and the sensor module ranges? I noticed that they all seem to go in the same pattern (2,3,3,4,4...) which wouldn't make much sense unless it's rounded (why pay for an upgrade for +0 range?)

    Originally Posted by FoxTwo View Post (Source)
    Great site!

    May I make an observation that the prices seem to be from Beta/Gamma period rather than the current ones?

    Eg Cobra is listed at 200K+ CRs instead of the current 350K. Asp is 6.1 mill vs current 6.5 mill etc
    The price you see next to the hull is for just the hull, without any of the equipment that comes along with it. But that baseline E-rating equipment does have value, which you get back when you trade it in for something else, so this tool adds it in separately in order to give a better picture of the total price to buy and upgrade a hull to a given set of modules. If you look down at the bottom of the cost column, you should see the expected total for each of the default loadouts (i.e. Asp is 6.1mil itself, but comes to 6.5 after paying for all the standard equipment).

    Originally Posted by HoshiQaVam View Post (Source)
    I noticed this in-game yesterday and it seemed odd. There was basically no listed difference between an E5 and A5 shield generator. I assume there's actually a shield strength stat not being listed which makes all the difference.

    Very nice tool btw, it would be great if you could also add purchase locations. The wiki site is listing them, but it would be handy to have everything in one place. Some images wouldn't go amiss either
    Some folks in another thread worked out the math; there's no indication of it in-game, but each rating level of a shield does add ~7.5% to its effective strength. This is factored in when calculating the strength of a shield, which is shown here in the Attributes column, with a "Str" tag.

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    Very nice. Please accept this rep. Thank you.

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    Get a donate button on that site dude.
    I'll press it.

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    Originally Posted by Commander Dave View Post (Source)
    Get a donate button on that site dude.
    I'll press it.
    Not sure I'm legally allowed to; Frontier's EULA says "non-commercial use only" so I don't think I can put up ads or donation links. Happy to be corrected, though.

    In other news, I just posted an update. I discovered the power draws for all class 1-4 distributors and most of the class 1-6 internal modules (fuel scoops, shield cell banks, etc). Hopefully your power draw numbers will now be exactly right, so please let me know if they aren't.

    Also, especially, please send me power draw numbers for the higher class distributors! That's the only thing left before I enable the larger ship hulls. The in-game info card won't tell you the draw, so what you have to do is compare the one you have fitted to the one you're hovering over, and do the math to find the difference in power draw. Now that I know the power draw of the lower class distributors, I can use the difference vs. higher class units to set them up as well.

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    Very nice job. +1.........Integrity would be useful, especially if it could differentiate between the 'A' of one unit being higher than the 'A' of another (Power Unit 4A / 4B is a good example - both have an A rating for integrity, but one is blue and one is red, so one must be better than the other.......)

    Well done - great tool.

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    For shield cell banks. They seem to follow a pattern for .06 +- power for each rating level (ABCDE) so you can add those to the list also.

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    Just the tool I needed! Right on, Commander! Rep to you!

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    This tool should make it on the official website, when finished.

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    A great tool... and the site aint bad either

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    Great idea, thanks! Please accept some much deserved rep

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    Can you make a separate info page which notes the formulas you're using, say for shield strength and jump range?

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    Good info. +1 rep

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