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Thread: Screenie(s)...

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    Originally Posted by Spacecat View Post (Source)
    Haha, never knew this was possible!
    This was used extensively during DWE in order to get a Sidey to Beagle Point: couple of commanders in SRVs shooting rocks for the Sidey to scoop up and make jumponiuim.

    This was, of course, before Engineers made it possible any other way.

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    The Cathedral size cockpit of the T10 is a sight to behold. God I wish we had space legs.

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    Originally Posted by PashPliskin View Post (Source)
    What settings are you running the game with? It looks amazing!
    It's my reshade settings, nothing fancy, just a little boost to original. That pic was one of the moments you get with elite. Some times lightning is just spot on.

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    I thought I couldn't enjoy any ship after asp X. Boy I was wrong. I am having so much fun with my anaconda. This is real photoshooters ship. It looks good in all angles.

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    More inflight refuelling, this time at Asterope:

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    Star images seem to be well received, so here's a few more

    Observing a modest CME event:

    Aaaand a few stars later, an Icarus moment!

    I'm going to blame it on having changed the spoiler - I'll have to change it back!

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    Originally Posted by SpaceGoblin View Post (Source)
    More inflight refuelling, this time at Asterope:

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    I'm fantastically late to the party regarding all of this alien ruins nonsense, but I went there and I done this:

    And then I swung by Antares on the way back (I know it's not on the way back), just to see if my Ghar army were anywhere in sight:

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    Ruins aside, one of the things I've done is to fly from one planet to another without supercruise. I like that the game is able to handle that.

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    Originally Posted by Stealthie View Post (Source)
    Originally Posted by Vardaugas View Post (Source)
    You can target mission items from quite a distance and scoop them up with your ship. Not sure if it works with bigger ships or normal cargo canisters. Non-mission items need you to get much closer, almost poking your nose on them, but it works.
    Works with any ship and anything collectible.

    Pro-tip: Best ships for it are the "short & wide" ships (Sidey, Cobra, Viper) cos you retain a useful degree of pitch without bumping the nose/tail on the ground.
    It's possible with longer ships (or any ship) but you have to be much more precise about your angle of pitch as you move in to scoop.
    I've also tried it with an Eagle, DBX and an iCourier and it was possible but fiddlier.
    I also tried it with an Anaconda but, erm, we don't talk about that anymore.

    Here's me tying it in my starter Sidey:-

    And here's my Viper 3 earning it's living:-
    Originally Posted by Spacecat View Post (Source)
    Haha, never knew this was possible!
    Everything Stealthie said. At the start of the year the BRC even hosted a small event centered around this "technique". Some fun times.

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    Commander's log: New Year's Eve 3303; I'm starting to think that guy who told me there was an excellent bar in the Crab Nebula might have been pulling my leg.

    Wait a minute, what's that signal? It's really close to the star, heavy interference... oh Station X huh? That sounds welcoming and not at all like some kind of off-the-grid torture palace.

    OK, so that's fifth door on the left after the atmosphere processors, knock three times, then once, ask for Jose and tell him that Arthur in Docking Control sent me? Gotcha.

    Well this was unexpected. Seems a bit quiet but they say it livens up later on, let's just hope the Thargoids don't crash the party! Happy New Year Commanders.

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    Personal Best of from all over the Elite community:

    2015-2017: (before the 2.3 Camera Suite addition)


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    I am happy to do my part in making the galaxy great again.

    Stay hydrated my friends!