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Thread: Sagittarius A* visitors list

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    Sagittarius A* Rendezvous - Cmdr SpacialKatana & Cmdr Laythe

    Back in January I visited the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy that we all know and love as Sagittarius A* , and after logging in today for a quick look at V1.1's updated effect I bumped into something unexpected...

    Sorry there's no commentary, and I edited it down from about 20 mins, but the meat's there. Gratz to Laythe for doing the trip o7

    Thanks to Cmdr Laythe I be playin' da space shoota agin forra bit

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    It is nice to see two explorers meeting up per chance and just being civil.

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    I arrived about a week ago. I'm still in the core exploring. I'm actually working my way back toward A* and can probably be in the region tomorrow afternoon if you want to meetup.

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    I have a problem, thought since alot of commanders here have been if they could help or comment on my route planner.

    Im well into the journey, its about 5k LY to the centre of the galaxy but over the last few days my route planner has slowed to a crawl, iv started cutting down from planning 1k at a time right down now to I just did one 183ly (its only just finished as im writing) its taking a full 5 mins to plan a route.

    to say theres alot of stars here is ofc an understatement and im becomming convinced this is whats slowing it down but with 5k to go I worry if ill make it.
    Im using fastest routes, realistic map setting. has anyone come accross this and how did you work it out?

    Just reading some more posts (should have did that first) im fairly happy to see others having the same issue

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    Hello CMDRs, I am making my final push for Sagittarius A today on my stream. I have 900 ly left. Maybe I'll meet someone there.
    If you wanna check out the stream its

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    Originally Posted by Ericlas View Post (Source)
    I'll be sitting here a few days, maybe some CMDRs are willing to PM and we can arrange a fotoshoot, if someone wants a pic of his ship in front of this huge black hole.
    Then back to The founders world
    I saw your post so decided to log in for the first time since I arrived back in January, sorry I missed you dude but I was lucky enough to meet another adventurous soul

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    Hi all
    You are all very, very brave going to the massive sinkhole in the sky or incredibly, er something else. So I'm joining you all, it looks like a fun thing to do!
    Do you have any tips as to actually navigating there or is it a case of just plotting a route to the centre that you can and re-plotting as you get closer and closer?

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    The latter. The route planner allows for up to 1,000 LY at a time, so you'll just have to plot a new one once you reach the end of the present route you're following.

    It's a grand journey, and it requires patience as well as dedication, not everyone can live up to such demands. It took me ca 20 hours of actual flying and hyperjumping to get from the brink of populated space to Sagittarius A. Good luck on your trip.

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    I'm on my way to a nebula that is along the way to Sagittarius and I was lucky enough to discover an earth like planet and a beautiful star system with twin stars and a giant white star. Check out the video:

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    I see Marek15 already updated the list with me on it. Thanks for watching by the way.

    Here's a video if anyone wants to check out my experience:

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    Made it today, last 800ly was bad I lost 20% hull trying to talk to the wife and fly out of a sun and I gave up on the route planner, I plotted 68 ly (2 jumps) at a time for that last 800ly.
    No messing about im already on my way home

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    Oh man Jackobite, good luck mate, at least now on your way back you will be more careful when talking to your wife near stars

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    Finally made it, 72% hull left, a few mishaps with some stellar bodies on the way!!

    Can post a video once it's uploaded.

    CMDR Wdfourty

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    CMDR Millie Bilggles reporting in; arrived Sagittarius A on the 20th and got back to Lambda Andromedae today.
    My beautiful asp (29 Ly range) still had 93% hull. A 410K wear and tear bill easily covered by the 10 million in exploration profits. Only detailed scanned the interesting systems - about 5 earth likes found. Looking forward to some new outposts.

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    Anyone around right now? I'm online and hoping matchmaking works.
    Yesterday real life interferred with my plans.
    I'll stay here for a little time before i leave.