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Thread: What technology...

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    What technology...


    I've never worked in the games industry but I'm a dab hand at my Direct3D, HLSL, and Math. I have a ROAM based planet with a real atmosphere which will run over the several cores of the 360 - I get a stonkingly good triangle throughput. It looks something akin to the Infinity engine (I actually think it looks and performs better although I don't have any folliage - that was not my aim though).

    My question was more out of curiosity as I created this not because I intend on releasing anything, but because I wanted the challenge of doing the spherical ROAM algorithm better than anyone else.

    So my question is... what kind of algorithm is earmarked for Elite IV planets? Will it be ROAM? will it be n-patches? Or does Frontier have something new and even more exciting up their sleeves because Frontier and First Encounters appear to both use a rudimentary ROAM algorithm but they were released before the ROAM algorithm was even dreamed up by scholars.

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    Seeing how Frontier Developments Ltd has gone through the ages it will probably be a internal engine (hell look at FFE it was top of the range in its day and with a update it could really kick some butt).

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    Yes we pretty much build all of our own tech from the ground up. We're currently in the fourth iteration (I believe) of the Cobra engine. I don't know much about the coding / tech side of things but all of our project moving forward use our own tech with updates / bolt-ons unique to each game.

    As we do a diverse range of games the engine and tech encompasses quite a lot of tools and modules, which is why we've never actually looked to release a viable Developer Kit ala Unreal etc. which are usually specialised towards one sort of game genre.

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    Please don't feed the spam bots, unless they pass Turing test of course :-)


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    Michael you must spend most of your morning on here Spam bot hunting. Just this morning there was one on here jumping all over the place, but I see you got it.

    As I regularly check for new posts (always secretly hoping that "one post" from Frontier Developments might be there one day ) and would hate it if I missed anything important because of a damned spam bot.

    Seriously, change your registration procedure. Darkone did that at the SSC and his forum is virtually free of Spam Bots now.

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    What change did he make?


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    Basically all Darkone added was some simple multiple choice questions that require an actual real live human being to answer. After he did this it was night and day with no Spam Bots in sight. Feel free to contact him if you like, I am sure he would be happy to advise you

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    Sounds like a simple thing to try, I'll have a chat with our tech guys.