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Thread: My Life with Elite An Elite Reunion

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    My Life with Elite An Elite Reunion

    My Life with Elite – An Elite Reunion

    Edge-online has recently posted an article all about the “My Life with Elite” event which took place on Wednesday 28th October in Nottingham, UK at GameCity.

    The “My Life with Elite” event, which took place to celebrate 25 years since the release of Elite for the BBC Micro, served as a stage for some of the key figures behind the creation of the game to talk about Elite and its legacy. David Braben and Ian Bell - co-creators of Elite, Sinclair Spectrum version coder Dominic Friar, Robert Holdstock - who wrote the novella bundled with the game - and origami artist Mark Bolitho all took to the stage to share their thoughts.

    Visit Edge-online to read the full write-up about the memories and contributions each speaker made.

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