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    Default [FAQ] How to manage your power to make a bustling area

    Ok so many of you TV players are angry with the limitations of the "power meter" or bothered by it. Well I'm here to tell you how to make the most out of your park by managing your power properly in ways I never thought possible Now whether what I'm about to tell you was intentional by Frontier or not, but it works wonders. I experimented with the game yesterday just to find some startling results.

    In this faq I'm going to go step by step on what you should do to get the most out of your power. These are very specific and not following the proper directions will lead to indesirsable results! So you want your park to look like this eh?
    See how theres a bunch of rides and 2 rollercoasters? Usually my attemps to mimic something like that fail, but not anymore and neither should yours.

    This was tested on both PSP versions of Thrillville and OTR but should work the same on all other versions


    Lets use the first park as an example.

    Step 1: Delete all the attractions in that area (that does not include scenery, that should be left alone)

    Step 2: Build your first rollercoaster. Make sure you make it compact and try to keep it out of attraction zones so it doesnt interfere with ride placement later on, I tend to "spaggetti" my tracks in the middle attraction zone leaving enough space for a small ride or attraction. By compact I mean it shouldnt be very long and use a lot of special track segments. My tracks tend to have about 1 loop and 2 corkscrews and it is very possible to preserve the scenery this way.

    Now when your complete, the second track ride MUST BE THE SAME STYLE AS THE LAST IN ORDER FOR THE POWER TRICK TO WORK. Michael told me once that by using the same track types you can conserve a lot of power this way. Build this rollercoaster the same way, also what you can do is intersect the tracks. It looks cool and conserves even more space. I tend to do this often as it also makes the small rollercoasters look bigger.

    Step 3: Now its time to add some flats! Place a flat in each of the 3 attraction zones. This includes big flats (Clawstrophobia) and small ones (loop o plane).

    Step 4: Now to patch up the empty sections surrounding the rides, with your remaining power you should have enough to place all of the stalls available and scatter them around the area or you can place a game if you perfer.

    Step 5: Well your done! After all of that you should have gotten the desired results of having a full area! By now the power meter should be basically drained.

    Thrillville Off the Rails

    Lets use the first park as an example.

    Step 1: Delete all the attractions in that area (that does not include scenery, that should be left alone)

    Step 2: Build the first rollercoaster. All of the properties from above apply here aswell. Except Whoa pieces might use a little extra power than a loop or corkscrew so take caution when placing those. When you get to building the second rollercoaster all the properties should be similar (length, track style).

    Step 3: Add the flats. One in each section.

    Step 4: Now unlike in the prequel, I realized that the power is much more forgiving in OTR, I was able to place the stalls with about 2 games scattered about.

    Step 5: Your done! The power meter should be about depleted by now.

    Well I hope this FAQ helps out people having trouble managing their power! I have no idea why things work out the way they do in this game but this is truly the way to build your parks if you want them to utilize all of the attractions. A lot of this is based off of trial and error so everything is exact. I just hope this works out like you expect it to because it did for me!

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