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Thread: David Braben Powerplay AMA - Part 2 - Live at 4PM BST

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    Hi David,

    I was wondering about the influences which lead you to creating Elite, what were your main muses in that respect? I suspect (and kinda hope) you were a Traveller player back in the day.

    Just wondered...

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    Mr Braben,

    What is there to stop people farming the unique modules of each power? I have seen several commanders say they will do this to try and collect all the modules. This would seem to punish commanders who want to be loyal. Is there a deterrent or something in place to stop this?

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    Hi David,

    Can't you really make power module loaned, when you pledge a power ?? I really don't like how a player can collect more than one power module on his ships.
    Buy disable power module when leaving a power ensure loyalty !!

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    You mentioned there are non terrestrial things to discover in deep space. Any clues :-)

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    Non-PP question, but now that you've released the debug camera, seen the results of it and that the world isn't collapsing because we can see outside of our ships - will you consider improving the existing and adding more tools for video makers in the future?

    Also - will we soon be seeing anything around being able to name our ships, and sell them with the history mentioned in the DDA?

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    Ed / David,

    With regards to player generated station building, how does it work, who do we need to contact?

    Will the station building program be automated or does it need dev input?

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    How will this effect deep space explorers? Will they loose all their reputation because they will not be gaining any with minor Factions while they are exploring?

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    Will habitable space expand to accommodate powerplay?

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    Mr Braben,

    Is there any chance in the future of seeing Mk I and Mk III Eagles, with the Faulcon and Gutamaya influences, or is the Mk II the only Eagle that survives to 3301?

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    There is this 10% module sale penalty elephant in the room, it's a huuuge thread and matter of debate on the forum.

    What does David Braben think about it?
    There are a few different things here. We should probably have had something in for this at the start, but we need to do something. We understand some of the complaints - particularly about swapping ship load-outs.

    I also think we should have discussed it beforehand - but given how many things there are in Powerplay, we simply didn't call it out.

    This is a bone of contention amongst our designers - and we will do something in the future. There should be a cost to this - but that is for another day. So some news - we will be reversing this change shortly (or 'soonTM' as Michael B would say...), so to be clear this aspect will be as it was before in the public release.

    This is a beta after all, and we want the best experience for everyone.

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    I've really enjoyed testing the beta, very nice work all around, especially with the changes outside PP. There is however one thing I don't really understand, so here's my question: Why do we earn the same amount of merits for killing a Sidewinder and for killing an Anaconda? (If that's not intended behaviour, then please disregard.)

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    Hey David, I'm assuming you've noticed the mega thread about the 10% penalty to selling modules?
    Is this going to be in the final build?
    Will there be module storage so that both ships and modules have the same options if they are being held to the same standard?
    Many of us play the game differently, and a flat percentage while understandable is punitive without a storage system to compliment it.
    This is also would invalidate months of work from explorers and other lesser paying professions. Many players do not like trading and would be forced to trade for hours to recoup their losses from experimentation or game play styles.
    I implore you, please do not implement a depreciation to modules without an elegant option to store them.

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    I used to play the original Elite on my Amiga, and then Frontier. They're some of the happiest gaming memories I have.

    And now I'm doing the same. Thank you for the game I've always been looking for. And thank you to everyone at Frontier Developments. The visuals, the audio, the feel of combat, the immersion, the 1:1 scale Milky Way. I'm still blown away by it, even after months of playing.

    I don't have a question right now.

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    Are you planning to put pilot wrist watches into the merchandise section with ELITE-related dials?
    I would put a few in my watch collection for sure!

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    Has there been a shift of the game away from what you thought it would be, or has the current design been planned since the beginning?

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