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Thread: A list of threads on common topics

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    Arrow A list of threads on common topics

    Quite often questions and comments have been made before, have a look here before starting a new thread.

    The first two posts of this thread have links to other threads that you may find useful to follow direct, or copy and paste in response to new questions.

    This post deals with common topics of discussion. Some of which can be contentious. The next post down is a series of links to guides and tips, also in threads.

    The third post is a useful index to the Design Discussion Archive - please look there first for all your gameplay mechanic related queries.

    As ever, if you find a helpful thread or want something added, pop it on the thread below and I’ll get it moved up here for all to see.
    Will there be a wipe?
    The most recent thread on wipes

    Gameplay Discussion, and requests etc
    Gameplay Discussion & Requests

    External views
    External View [A definitive discussion]

    Flight model


    There is no in game support at present. It may be added in the future.

    Discussion of guilds/corps:

    Recruitment using outside mechanisms:

    Owning factories, capital ships etc
    (you can’t) - Capital Ships

    Player v Player vs Player v Environment

    The single player thread


    Game is too easy/too hard

    Look and feel of the game, game mechanics


    Ship Customisation


    There are a few on this, so here are a few to start with:

    Is this on Steam/going to be on Steam?
    Will Elite Dangerous Launch on Steam?

    Frequency of patches

    Gold farming/player to player credit transfers

    Media Coverage

    Elite Dangerous in the Media thread


    Discussion thread on ingame resets and stat wipes during Betas and beyond

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    Second post

    Can my machine run this?
    How to : Make sure your PC has a good chance to actually run the Alpha. (this is in the Private Area, you may not have access) or Rig to Run Elite

    How do I install this in a different directory?
    See here: how to change the install folder

    Problems with the launcher
    The Launcher / Login Issues Discussion Thread.

    Everything you ever wanted to know about joysticks
    What the heck are the numbered buttons on my X52 pro?

    Problems with bindings? - Beta Control Binding Problem Thread

    There’s no local map of the star systems
    Have a look here – System Maps For Alpha 4

    Can I use multiple monitors?
    ED Multi monitor support?
    Playing across three monitors

    That Occulus Rift thing looks cool, what about that?

    What about TrackIR?
    Oh yes, big time.
    The ALL NEW Alpha4 TrackIr Profile for YOU
    Free Help & Guides

    Yeah, but I want an open source one!
    So do we - DIY Head Tracker For A Tenner
    FaceTrackNoIR is here too! - FaceTrackNoIr


    Make it so!
    Is there a manual?
    Kinda - but it's WIP - Sidewinder Owners' Manual

    forger has also provided a manual - Elite: Dangerous Pilot's Guide/Manual/Tutorial/Help

    How does docking work?
    Docking advice for Premium Beta

    What about supercruise/frameshift?
    Fangrim's Guide to Supercruising the Easy Way - revision 3. for help

    How do I raise a ticket

    Here's a thread A Quick Guide to Reporting an Issue

    Here for a direct link- report an issue (opens in new tab). Login, and select New Ticket. Check out the known issues first, you can do that here - Known Issues Thread

    What are the ship specifications?
    Mike is glad you asked! Check out this excellent thread - Ship specs and Performance Comparison
    and McClaine's guide too - McLaine's Ship Catalogue Tool

    How do firegroups work?
    See here - The Weapons / Hardpoints / Firegroups Guide

    I hate my Commander name/number. Can I change it?
    Commander Names (take two!)


    Here are some tools developed by forumites:
    And one discussing the insider-dealing aspect of such things - External apps disseminating live game data

    How do the power pips work?
    [Crash-Test Results] Sidewinder and power assignement

    I need a guide to weapons
    Here you go - Everything you ever wanted to know about weapons, but were afraid to ask

    What about docking computers?

    The Docking Computer thread.

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    List of Design Discussions


    The Design Discussion Archive is a treasure trove of information about Elite: Dangerous, but it can be hard to find the proposals you're looking for. Forger's beautiful e-book Elite Dangerous.the Beginning. Early Game Designs. 2014 is a great introduction, and here's a more complete reference:

    As you can see, the archived threads have been tagged so you can find your way around - go to the bottom of any DDA thread and click the tag to see other threads on the same topic. If you haven't noticed the tag list before, take a look at the box titled "Tags" at the bottom of this thread.

    This post was a collaboration amongst several DDF members (Zplintz came up with the initial idea and several others in the DDF talked it over) - thanks also Yaffle for letting us hijack his lovely thread and T.j for weaving his modly magic

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    thanks you very much commander

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    This would make a good STICKY. Please mods

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    Originally Posted by Tacheel View Post (Source)
    This would make a good STICKY.
    A very good sticky.
    Good thread Yaffle.

  7. This is the last staff post in this thread. #7

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    Originally Posted by Yaffle View Post (Source)
    Here’s a list of threads on commonly discussed topics. Feel free to add others and I’ll yank them up into this post here. Enjoy!
    What about the ol' Oculus Rift thread?

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    Thanks all for the thanks!

    Originally Posted by Tony Spaniels View Post (Source)
    What about the ol' Oculus Rift thread?
    I've put one in - let me know if it wasn't the one you had in mind.

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    Yaffle, you missed out ship specs, costs and performance...

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    A link to somewhere that describes how to submit a tcket and get a hardware survey to paste into a ticket would be helpful.

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    Good idea.

    How about a section on basic tactics and in-game guides like how to tell which side the docking entrance is upon approach, etc.

    I'll search for some I have read and post them here soon.

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    Originally Posted by Yaffle View Post (Source)
    Is there such a thing as an accountant that isint?

    Nice thread

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    Is there a thread on common suggestions that have been made to FD about tweaks or features that could be incorporated in the game? I know what happened in the alpha should stay in the alpha, but I thought it might save some bandwidth.

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