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  • 1 : T.J. : The "Someone had to do it, It might as well be me I suppose" version.

    7 36.84%
  • 2 : Falkenherz : Planetary Grandeur

    4 21.05%
  • 3 : Galactic midden : Penetrating the blockade…

    2 10.53%
  • 4 : Kalryper : Impossible

    2 10.53%
  • 5 : Mr Mogadon : The New Arrival

    3 15.79%
  • 6 : Ian Phillips : Karaoke Night With The Stars

    3 15.79%
  • 7 : Frank : Each Careful Step Along the Byway

    6 31.58%
  • 8 : Rog : Not In A Shy Way

    2 10.53%
  • 9 : Erik Marcaigh : Cargo: Fertilizer

    2 10.53%
  • 10 : Psykokow : At Last, The End is near

    4 21.05%
  • 11 : Splendour : I planned each charted course

    2 10.53%
  • 12 : Insanephoton : A Cheesy Story

    6 31.58%
  • 13 : GT : Regrets

    9 47.37%
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Thread: Drabble Poll : My Way

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    Drabble Poll : My Way

    Its here, the musical edition of Abraka Drabble!!!

    Topic of MY WAY and a huge selection of 'quality' drabbles to choose from. Theme based on the sensational hit video from Fantasticon 2014 Dan's Way.


    Or for the traditionalists, read... with your eyes.

    Drabble Number : 01
    Author : T.J.
    Link :
    Title: The "Someone had to do it, It might as well be me I suppose" version.
    Drabble : And now the Anaconda is near
    and so I face the final plasma
    my Commander I'll say it clear
    I've dumped my cargo of which I'm certain

    I've flown a Cobra that's full
    I've travelled each and every spaceway
    and more, much more than this
    I flew it my way

    Interdictions I've had a few
    but then too few to mention
    I did what I had to do
    and hit the boost with out exemption

    I planned each charted course
    each careful hyperspace across the galaxy
    and more, much more than this
    I flew it my way.

    Oops, I'm deaded.


    Drabble Number : 2
    Author : Falkenherz
    Link :
    Title: Planetary Grandeur
    Drabble :
    Its majestic sight draws me in. I let my ship drift along in silence, frameshift a bit and jump back to normspace, repeat. An unidentified signal close to the planetīs ring beckons me; a ship lost its cargo of Coltan there, and I scoop it in, so very close to the planet. The planet looms over me, I feel almost drawn towards it, the visuality instills a feeling of its mighty gravitational pull. It dwarfes you. I can see mountains and valleys and I know, one day, I will finally find my way to descend and touch virtual extra terra.


    Drabble Number : 3
    Author : Galactic midden
    Link :
    Title: Penetrating the blockade…
    Drabble : "Why they just sitting there outside Freeport's access corridor like a gargoyle?" asks Busty the flight attendant.

    "I think it's called jangling or summit like that" says Bert the old Cruise'n'Gals liner captain laying his hand against Busty's thigh. "Theys thinks to force aboard and rob these poor old dames, or worse!"

    "Oh Bert, no!" squeals Busty conspiringly pulling Bert's hand higher "what will you do?"

    "Ams gonna sneaks up, then rams right in there my dear!" shouts Bert jolting Busty against <ENGINE BOOST>.

    Lasers ahead greets screams behind as Bert yells "What a design flaw, gets outta my way....!"


    Drabble Number : 4
    Author : Kalryper
    Link :
    Title: Impossible
    Drabble : “Good evening Mister. … sorry … Commander Hunt.”
    The holographic face, projected from the upended cargo canister, forced a smile.
    Wisps of vapour from the thawing canister wove through the projected light.

    “Assemble your team; you have a mission.”
    The solitary figure in the cargo bay remained motionless.

    “Achieve the rank of Elite – hardly a challenge for you. Then, find the planet ‘Raxxla’ and report back.”

    The face faded out and a female voice announced, “This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”

    Ethan Hunt sprinted for the escape pod, his ship about to be lost.

    It was the M.I. way.


    Drabble Number : 5
    Author : Mr Mogadon
    Link :
    Title: The New Arrival
    Drabble : A dank funk of a thousand unwashed bodies hung in the air; an ephemeral mist, but real enough to sting the eyes and assault the lungs.

    “Behold the great unwashed. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses; the tempest-tossed. Escaping Sol for a better life in the stars; they found nothing but corruption, immorality and a crippling despair and hopelessness.

    Finally; inevitably; craving release from a pathetic, worthless existence; they descend here, seeking the local narcotic for relief - a hellish distillation of cat pelt and milk serum, known locally as Meow-Whey

    Welcome to Blackpool Station and your new quarters, Commander.”


    Drabble Number : 6
    Author : Ian Phillips
    Link :
    Title: Karaoke Night With The Stars
    Drabble : The dark side beckons again.....

    Feedback coursed through the air, causing everyone to wince and duck down under the audio assault.

    "Sorry, sorry" called Agent P. "And now we have the first karaoke contestant of the evening, Miss S. Boils"

    The bar regulars hunkered down in their seats or bar stools and did their best to filter out the abysmal screeching.

    Frank glared at the liquid vibrating in his glass, daring just one drop to escape until, thankfully, the song finished. Then standing he grabbed the microphone and began to croon.

    Agent P was ecstatic, calling out to everyone, "Look, Franks in a tra-la-la session."


    Drabble Number : 7
    Author : Frank
    Link :
    Title: Each Careful Step Along the Byway
    Drabble : It was a lucrative trade route, a tortuous series of suns easy to harvest for fuel and dark system stepping stones. There was a part where you had to be exact about the amount you scooped; too much and you were out of range of the next system, too little and you'd end up stranded later.

    The trader had no idea how anyone could work out such a route. He was told it by a kindly old traveller who didn't have long to live, although he didn't know it at the time.

    A route like this should be kept secret.


    Drabble Number : 8
    Author : Rog
    Link :
    Title: Not In A Shy Way
    Drabble : "My way of seeing it is....."

    Terrion drifted off. The finer nuances of imperial politics had always been lost on him. Anyway, this was their first ship break in weeks!

    He'd much rather have another beer in this fine Achenar bar and eye the passing ladies.

    Downing his drink in one and lurching unsteadily to his feet, he told Joon he was off.

    Leaving his unfazed shipmate to continue his rambling conversation with a patient barkeep, he stepped into the byway.

    Swept along by the jostle of the city, he made his own way for the rest of the night.


    Drabble Number : 9
    Author : Erik Marcaigh
    Link :
    Title: Cargo: Fertilizer
    Drabble : Kalran sighed, "Asha, this is why I wanted you in the seat."

    He unbuckled himself and pulled the cow's horn back out of the chair and Frank's chest. "Make yourself comfortable in my chair, dear. I won't be a moment."

    Pulling Frank from his chair, he floated the carcass back into the cargo bay of the Asp. "Now we do it my way, Commander Frank. Asha gets her own seat. Not straps on a wall."

    Back in the pilot's seat, Kalran set the FTL drive and smiled at his cow. "On to Reorte for our vacation and our future plans!"


    Drabble Number : 10
    Author : Psykokow
    Link :
    Title: At Last, The End is near
    Drabble : The ship electrics fizzed and sparked violently as the pull from Sol began to crush the cobra.
    ‘Getting hot in here’ said Frank
    ‘So take off all our clothes?’ Psykokow smiled unhelpfully ‘Well its been a good innings sir’
    ‘Yeah, pleasure to fly and die with you dear Kow’
    ‘I know we’ve been through a lot together, and before we open this last Janx’
    Sweat hissed on Frank’s forehead
    ‘What is it Kow? My friend’
    ‘I know you as Frank, but I don’t know your surname’
    ‘Open the bottle, and I’ll tell you.’
    He handed Frank the Janx
    ‘It’s Sin………….’


    Drabble Number : 11
    Author : Splendour
    Link :
    Title: I planned each charted course
    Drabble : Starfarer's Almanac, NZ-450 entry: "Blanketed by dust, navigable routes beyond current hyperdrive technology."

    This was it. The final jump. Vindication or doom.

    18 Lightyears ahead lay the goal, NZ-450, blanketed by a thick curtain of interstellar dust.

    They said it was impossible to cross, he'd show them, blaze one last trail between the stars, add a glorious final chapter to his already rich history of spacelanes opened, routes charted. He’d been to every star in the Empire, every Federation and Alliance system. Finally he would go where no man had gone before.

    "Starfarer's Almanac be damned. I'm going my way."


    Drabble Number : 12
    Author : Insanephoton
    Link :
    Title: A Cheesy Story
    Drabble : Simon was bemused. The factory seemed to be the epitome of hygiene, all gleaming stainless steel and plastic, and yet the foodstuff that he'd transported from Magec appeared to be spoiled..

    'I don't get it boss. You pay me good money to get this stuff here in perfect condition and now you're making it curdle?'

    'That's the idea. We add rennet to the milk to make it split. The solids are called curds and I use them to make cheese.'

    'And the liquid? Is that wasted?

    'No, not at all. It's useful stuff. This is how I get my whey.'


    Drabble Number : 13
    Author : GT
    Link :
    Title: Regrets
    Drabble : Regrets? I've had a few...
    I’ve robbed some pilots of their pension
    I did what I wanted to do
    And stole their freight without exemption

    I’ve planned my chartered course
    Held up traders like men of the highway
    But more, I took the piЅЅ
    And did it my way

    Yes there were times I went ‘pew pew’
    When I bit off more than I could chew
    But with my haul, I bought more clout
    Equipped it up, iron- it out
    And killed them all, survived it all
    And did it my way!

    Thank you, yes thank you all very much…

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    Kow, I can't stop laughing and I'm only 6 minutes in. How many drams of scotch did you have before recording all this?!

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    Stone cold sober... till after.. now im pished..

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    Great audio with great stories.

    I fear we'll lose Psykokow to X-Factor or Hollywood soon if he keeps this up.
    Do Frontier realised what they've unleashed?

    Loved the mention of the sponsor.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Laughs, groans, moans and puns all in one diabolical drabble thread.

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    Old Bleached Eyes is Back

    That audio version was just gobsmacking! I had to listen to it twice. And to think starting and finishing with a song was just accidental, the order the Drabbles came in.

    We should all appreciate Psykokow while we can. Some day a talent scout will come along and grab him... and beat him to death with his own microphone.

    I'd recommend to everyone that they download and listen to the audio version. Thanks Psykokow, and thanks also to Iain M Norman. I loved the way you read my Drabble.

    I didn't realise I'd featured so much in this week's competition but I guess that should be expected considering my namesake.

    <wanders away with a jacket over one shoulder humming "do be do be do">

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    Good work people - read and listened (the horror!) to these late last night, most chortlesome.

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    Psykokow, credit due on putting all this together.
    A fantastic job done, full of fun and pun.

    And hilarious to boot!

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    Cracking read/sing by Psykokow, surprisingly in tune!

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    Psykokow's musical renditions were amazing and Insanephoton's whey pun puts mine to shame.

    The non-musical readings were also great.

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    You are completely nuts!


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    I struggled with reverb... new mixer desk and mic... (loaned my mic and cables to Dan)..

    So still getting to grips with it...

    It has some handy little features..

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    235 views and only 11 votes? Comon people! Great read, great voice track, how much easier do you want us to make this for ya?

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    Originally Posted by Erik Marcaigh View Post (Source)
    235 views and only 11 votes? Comon people! Great read, great voice track, how much easier do you want us to make this for ya?
    Could you make my votes for me ?

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    11 voters 13 drabbles? who has forgotten to vote? And if you didn't submit a drabble you can still vote for your favourite 3. We won't make you write a drabble if you don't want to. Ask yourself do you really have something better to do on a damp and windy Saturday afternoon?

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