New Dev Diary And Concept Art

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the latest update for Elite: Dangerous. In this update we have the latest dev diary, a new piece of concept art and a few other items.

Dev Diary
The latest dev diary [can be found here]. We have opened a thread in the private backers forums so people can suggest what questions they'd like us to answer. This will be an ongoing feature, so make sure to get involved in the thread to add your suggestion.

We intend to present a new dev diary every month, so keep those questions coming.

Concept Art
We're currently looking at the ships and their styles for the game. One of these is first of the very large ships in game. The first large ship to get the concept treatment is an Imperial cruiser as seen below:

Web App Updates
A web app update email was sent out earlier this week. Most pertinent is the fact that we are locking down the physical add-ons (mugs, t-shirts and printed concept art) this coming Sunday 17th Feb). You must have your details for items and delivery added to the system by this date. We will do a follow up in the early summer for people who have missed this deadline and for any new backers.

We are aiming to start the backer newsletters (if you pledged a reward of £10 or higher you should receive this) next week. These will provide a more intimate view of the game and its progress. We'll continue the Kickstarter updates for new videos and dev diaries as well.
Can I Still Back The Game?
Yes you can. We are still accepting pledges via PayPal on our web site. We are looking into other payment methods. If you have already pledged, but want to increase your participation then you can do that via the web app.
If you have any issues with the web app then please email us at:

I'll speak to you all soon!