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Thread: Rookie Trader Challenge (#EDRTC)

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    Rookie Trader Challenge (#EDRTC)

    Are you a successful trader? How much can you make starting with a factory default Sidewinder, 1000 credits and by visiting only TWO stations/docks?

    Take part in the Rookie Trader Challenge to find out who's the best trader in the galaxy.

    Rules are over here:

    My best so far is 107,584 CR.

    Good luck!

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    I forgot to include a couple of repair costs in my accounts - so my final closing balance after one round trip in a Sidewinder was...

    107,387 credits.

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    You turned 1000cr into 107,387cr after only two dockings ? How did you do that ?
    "You must RECORD EXACTLY EVERY CREDIT SPENT OR EARNED so that your claim can be validated."

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