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Thread: Player events and news items

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    Date: no rush

    Location: GalNet, if not Polevnic

    Title: A Fathers Voice


    Utopia was united today as it celebrated the life and transcendence of its founder, SimGuru Rishi Antal.

    As Antals primary sun rose above Antal AB1, millions of Utopians networked to experience a simulation of the first pilgrimage to the system, along with witnessing the founding of the Sim Archive there.

    Upon his death forty years ago, Rishi became the first recorded neural pattern of the Archive, and in doing so became the master of ‘transcendental technology’.

    In a moving speech, Rishis son and heir SimGuru Pranav Antal addressed the masses of networked citizens as the simulation drew to a close.

    “My father founded Utopia to push back the chaos around us, and forge a greater future for humanity. Today we honour my father’s labours by experiencing his life, and rejoicing at the inception of our simulation technology. He, along with thousands of others dwell in the Archive with a voice that will never die, thier collective wisdom guiding our actions as we make our future become reality.”

    Commander Gan, Sentient Life Magazine | Interstellar Press

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    10/22/2015, 2:00 AM
    Situation in Warkushanui complicated by Clipper impact, boost damage

    The plethora of system glitches and failures in Gurragchaa Gateway were complicated yesterday when an Imperial Clipper, while maneuvering to dock, accidentally triggered its boost drive while facing straight down towards the landing pad. This would probably have done minimal damage, but the Commander--one Jarl Kensten--attempted to pull up in order to gain maneuvering room to try to stop his ship without impact. The boost drive buildup finished before he completed his turn, and as a result his Clipper boosted directly into the control tower, causing severe structural and equipment damage, several deaths, and one Australis Flubdog unaccounted for, in addition to the various shattered windows and hearing damage that generally occur when a boost is triggered inside a station. The well-shielded Clipper was not damaged in the impact, primarily due to the fact that the collision occurred at point-blank range before the vessel had a chance to build up more than moderate speed.

    Station security ruled the event an accident and declined to file charges, but attempted to inform the Commander that he was to remain aboard the station pending an investigation into how much restitution was owed. However, a communications glitch resulted in the message being lost, and attempts to override the automated launch clearance system failed. Several attorneys, including one from Station Administration, that were attempting to serve papers to the Commander at the time to summon him to a variety of civil litigations, had to turn back with the papers in hand when informed that the Commander had already completed his business--a simple, and very ironic, check of the local bulletins to see if there was anything he could do to help with the system glitches--and departed the station.

    After the event, investigators--working around the many system glitches occurring in the station and the damage caused by the collision--were able to determine that the Commander in question had recently upgraded the control system in his Clipper, forcing him to set new controls for several functions, including the boost trigger; a resulting accidental press of the wrong button was likely the cause of the accident. Pilots are cautioned to be very careful when changing their control layouts and practice with them away from stations and other private property before attempting to dock.

    Commander Jarl Kensten, bounty hunter, explorer, etcetera.

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    Originally Posted by Ian Dingwall View Post (Source)
    This has been published in Snoquot.
    Thanks for that.

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    Date: Anytime

    Location: Fujin

    Title: Fujin Tea Plantations Celebrate Bumper Crop


    Plantation owners in the Fujin star system have reason to celebrate, as this yearís harvest has yielded a bumper crop of the indigenous herbs that are the primary ingredient in the famed Fujin tea. The proposed dayís festivities have been set aside however as the systemís deeply traditional Movement for Fujin Labour government have made it clear that it will be work as usual.

    A small number of locals questioned the decision, and have recently begun speaking out against the rigid structure of Fujin society, protests which have thus far gone ignored. Protestors have threatened unspecified action if they continue to be dismissed, and policing has been increased around tea warehouses throughout the system in the event of sabotage.

    Some Federation commentators have expressed suspicion about the working conditions amongst the lowest classes on the plantations, but the Federal government has maintained a strict policy of non-interference.

    Cmdr Stateira 'Starcloak' Eleshenar
    Zaonce Market Circular | Interstellar Press

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    Date: Any time

    Location: GalNet, otherwise Arjung, Ekhi, and Achenar

    Title: Roche Rentals Issues Ceti Sector Advisory


    Roche Rentals issued a service advisory today regarding their availability guarantees in the wake of travel delays to the Empire.

    A recent surge in one-way reservations to the Arjung system has left their fleet in a precarious position, as hubs are forced to work overtime to redistribute their fleet of long-range craft to normal levels.

    "This is the first time since tourist delays associated with the Olympus Mons eruption of 2877 that we have needed to temporarily suspend our 24 hour rental availability. It is regrettable that our Hauler fleet has been spread so thin these past few days, but rest assured we are working as hard as we can to fulfill your reservations," said COO Sophie Han during a press conference at Roche Rentals' headquarters in Ekhi.

    According to an anonymous source within the company, the company is preparing to file suit against the Imperial Slave Association regarding recent contractual disputes. When the Circular reached out for clarification, Han declined to comment on these reports.

    CMDR Mira Alluvion
    Zaonce Market Circular | Interstellar Press

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    Originally Posted by Ian Dingwall View Post (Source)
    This has been published in Snoquot.
    Cheers Ian, shame this little pun didn't make it to the press:

    No explicit timeline was given for the investment but, off the record, an insider was reported to have said 'soon'.
    I guess 'soon' is 'now'
    Thank you!

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    Commemorative Space Race.


    For immediate publication.


    Leesti, Hanneng, Latoras, Dao Jungu, Edenapel, HIP 18609, Apurarai, Chediq, Ba Narr, LHS 2936, HR 4749, HIP 82964, Hurusalki, Khodia ( or global )


    To commemorate "Star Wars", the classic audiovisual entertainment series from the 20th and 21st century, the Buckyball Racing Club, sponsored by Leesti Azure Milk, presents the first episode of the galactic race:

    The Kessel Run.

    The race lasts from 31. October 3301 00:00 GMT until 15. November 3301 23:59 GMT. It is starting from George Lucas station in Leesti and ends in the Jabbah system, a few hundred lightyears outside the bubble. Between start and finish, the participants have to dock at every station and outpost named "Kessel" in no particular order.

    There will be three racing classes: Regulation Solo Sidewinder, Regulation Solo Cobra Mk III and the Open Unlimited Spec class.

    George Lucas station has graciously agreed to give registered racers preferred launch priority over normal traffic. Reckless flying, however, like boosting out of the entrance, will be punished as usual.

    Posted by: CMDR Stern Winter

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    Date: Immediate

    Location: Snoquot, Kaushpoos

    Title: Welcome Corporate Philanthropy


    Pan-Galactic Mining Corp, in conjunction with Snoquot Plc, have organised corporate donations amounting to thousands of tons of mined material, in support of the proposed Nebula star station.

    Several large shipments of freshly mined material have already been delivered, with more to follow.

    A spokesperson for the joint venture commented, 'we believe in the project, and we foresee new opportunities for commerce if it succeeds. We see this as both a charitable effort, but also as an investment in the future.'

    Cmdr Matzov

    Source: ~

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    Originally Posted by Corrigendum View Post (Source)
    This article was written and submitted at the request of JeffRyan. There will likely be a follow-up article which may or may be submitted by yet another commander.

    DATE: For Immediate Publication

    LOCATIONS (If not used in GalNet proper): Achenar, Cubeo

    TITLE: Imperial Instigator Arraigned

    Lord Corwin Ryan, leader of the Prismatic Imperium, was arraigned today on multiple charges related to the recent blockade of Dawes Hub in Achenar. Most charges amount to misdemeanors, but others are more serious.

    One notable case involved bio waste canisters dumped by protesters inside Dawes Hub. Said canisters burst open upon vessels belonging to Imperial, Alliance, Federation, and Independent delegates. This resulted in great embarrassment for the Empire in the eyes of visiting dignitaries.

    The most serious charge involves the disruption of System Security during a time of high alert in response to credible threats of violence from Emperor’s Dawn. The civil disobedience led by Lord Ryan jeopardized the safety of not only Dawes Hub, but Capitol as well. Pending investigation into potential complicity with Emperor’s Dawn, charges of sedition may also be levied against Lord Ryan.

    One mitigating factor may be the wayward Lord's saving grace; having turned himself in, the courts are more likely to be lenient in sentencing.


    Renegade Lord Submits for Trial
    Didn't get published?

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    Date: Immediate

    Location: Galnet, if not, Gorringa and Polevnic

    Title: A Distant Thunder


    In the depths of space a struggle for dominance has emerged between forces loyal to Archon Delaine and those of Sirius Corporation.

    As the core systems become increasingly crowded and diplomatic friction grows, attention is turning to the new frontiers offered by Sothis and its neighbour, Ceos. Although isolated, these systems show great promise for future growth. Kumo commanders are understood to want Sothis as a smuggling hub, while Sirius wishes to consolidate its position with the two systems after recovering from recent financial problems.

    Observers from other galactic powers will view these developments with concern, particularly in the nearby Utopian commune of Takurua and also those working to establish a new station in Merope. Speaking recently, notable exobiologist Jan Holtzman who is stationed at Takurua was despondent:

    “These new worlds should bring us together in the joy of scientific discovery, not tear us apart with rivalry and war. Such acts will be our species undoing."

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    A Fathers Voice
    This has been published in Polevnic.

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    Originally Posted by Matzov View Post (Source)
    Welcome Corporate Philanthropy
    This has been published in Snoquot and Kaushpoos.

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    Originally Posted by Rubbernuke View Post (Source)
    A Distant Thunder
    This has been published in Gorringa and Polevnic.

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    Originally Posted by Ian Dingwall View Post (Source)
    This has been published in Snoquot and Kaushpoos.
    Thanks Ian.

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    Originally Posted by Ian Dingwall View Post (Source)
    This has been published in Gorringa and Polevnic.
    Thanks! Sitting back in a small coffee shop at Gorringa reading it now....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Originally Posted by Ian Dingwall View Post (Source)
    This has been published in Polevnic.
    Double cheers!