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Thread: Player events and news items

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    Oh yeah mate, having some good fun!

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    Ian & the GalNet team:

    Thank you very much for publishing so many articles regarding the Pegasi Sector conflict and especially for including articles written by both sides. It's been a real pleasure to contribute to a story line that has been so player-driven, though we did require some goading during the early days of Powerplay to get into it. It has made the in-game experience much more meaningful for many of us.

    CMDR Mikalus and I have been collecting all the published articles that have been written both by Frontier and by players like us about the Pegasi Sector. We've linked to it as source material in the past, but for those who have not seen it, I've included a link below.

    Here's the current collection:
    From Backwater to Front-Page News: A History of the Pegasi Sector

    Hopefully that collection provides useful source material for other writers who are interested in contributing to this storyline.

    Thanks again for letting us run away with this unfolding story!
    CMDR Corrigendum

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    18/9/2015 (Or later works too)

    Pirate Purge in Maiphu

    Frontier systems are often left neglected, and Maiphu is no exception. A modest system of one outpost, but holding pristine metallic reserves at its second star, Maiphu boasts the rarest of metals. Such riches paired with neglect create a hole to be exploited and the Maiphu Crimson Crew have filled that void, harrassing the Barons of Maiphu who own the single systems outpost. The Barons of Maiphu, a faction of 14,363 people, have proven to be an understadable easy target for the Maiphu Crimson Crew.

    Approximately one month ago, the Dukes of Mikunn invested part of their operation in Maiphu to access the pristine reserves. The level of corruption soon became apparent and after the Crew's implementation of a Nav Beacon tax, the Duke Tiberius took it upon himself to eradicate the Crimson Crew from the system, and at no cost to the Barons of Maiphu. Both the Dukes of Mikunn's standing army and mercenary force have entered the system, causing conflict zones to pop up around the system as forces engage the Crimson Crew.

    It is suspected that the Guild of Sefrys, a smuggler group born within the newly built station "Mercenary's Respite", is affiliated with the Dukes themselves. Detractors claim that this operation is just a bold attempt to oust local competitors to the Guild, while supporters point to the stability the Dukes have brought to the region in the absence of the major powers.

    - Commander Lucifer Wolfgang

    Take out the last paragraph if it must be shorter.

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    Date: Anytime

    Location: Quince

    Title: Forgotten Corners of the Galaxy: Quince

    The orange giant star Quince is reaching the end of its lifespan, and lies some 500 ly north of inhabited space on the galactic disc. Nevertheless, the nascent Empire created a far-flung colony here some 900 years ago, which today supports a thriving populace of approximately 10 million people under the Quince Citizens of Tradition government.

    Four of the system’s six planets are abundant in metal reserves, and a station was historically established around the richest of them all, Kosmala Rewards. In modern times Millerport has become a surprising agricultural economy, with large sections of the station turned over to hydroponics, supporting a large resident population.

    The two other planets are an ammonia-based water world, and a terraformed Earth-like given the appellation New America. New America’s year is just over 12.5 Earth years in length, with each day lasting roughly 26.4 hours. Oxygen is low at 8.7%, but with a surface pressure of 2.3 human inhabitants are safe from the dangers of hypoxia. With negligible carbon dioxide, but a thriving eco-system, New America is a pilgrimage site for exo-biologists, with much of the planet’s flora subsisting off glucose-rich nutrients, and a huge variety of native fauna to study. Average temperatures are a balmy 26°C, with high humidity creating a tropical ecosystem across much of the planet, and the star system is known for its famed exports of Quince Sweetfruit and other exotic foods. Many tourists visit New America for the breath-taking vistas, or for the challenge of catching a glimpse of the dangerous wildlife, taking transports from Jeffries High station.

    Cmdr Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar
    Sentient Life | Interstellar Press


    Author's note: As FD requires, "Quince Sweetfruit" can be deleted from the text. It's just my humble suggestion for a potential rare good at Quince, based on the system description of exotic food exports and my scientific hypothesis that the plant life could be surviving of nutrients high in glucose since the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is negligible.

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    Date: not time sensitive
    Title: Senate Report Reveals Patronage Gains.

    A Senate report tracking political trends shows marked swings towards patronage governments throughout Empire space.

    The systems of Vodyanes & HIP 20524 highlight the report's key finding – corporations and dictatorships are being swept away by imperial assemblies and societies - replacing boardroom decisionmaking and the diktat of juntas with codes of obligation and mutual respect.

    Why many citizens are returning to patron-client relationships is unclear, although the report offers some possible explanations: traditionalism may offer comfort following Hengist Duval's assassination, or escape from anxieties brought on by the Pegasi Pirate War.

    Somewhat outlandishly, the report suggests that organised groups of pilots may be responsible for covertly supporting some governments on behalf of certain unnamed powerful individuals.

    When approached, a spokesperson for the Chapterhouse of Inquisition, an advocacy group for patrons and feudal lords based in Kamadhenu, was keen to point out the virtues of traditional governance, but declined to comment on the particulars of the Senate report.

    CMDR Edgar Starwalker
    Capitol Herald | Interstellar Press


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    Originally Posted by Corrigendum View Post (Source)
    Date: For Immediate Publication

    Title: Formalization of Peace: Utopia and the Empire


    Amicable relations have always prevailed between the Empire and the burgeoning commune of Utopia. During the past week, ambassadors representing the interests of Utopia and the Empire met to discuss the formalization of peaceful relations between the two powers. Their negotiations proved fruitful.

    In addition to formalized peace and neutrality, the agreement added provisions for protected trade routes through Imperial and Utopian territory. Financial markets have reacted favorably to this news in anticipation of profits to be generated from increased trade between the two powers.

    Utopian ambassador Ben Ryder extended an invitation to the Empire: “We wish to commemorate this agreement by inviting all Imperial citizens to visit Utopia's great Sim-Archive to take part in what we hold most dear. We look forward to a new age of peace and prosperity."

    Submitting Commander:

    Capitol Herald | Interstellar Press

    Hope we see this on Galnet soon. It's a big deal.

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    Date: ASAP

    Title: Federal Forces Hold the Line at Nurundere

    Supporters of President Zachary Hudson declared victory in Nurundere this week, weathering stiff opposition from resistance forces. The system had been the focus of an Empire-backed counteroffensive - codenamed Operation Janus - which failed to prevent Federation loyalists from taking the system.

    Citizens of Gubarev Port were observed chanting pro-Hudson slogans & waving Federation flags in the station docking bay, celebrating the return of pilots from the combat zones as hostilities closed.

    The victory came hot on the heels of news that Hudson-pledged systems targeted by Operation Janus had also successfully repelled attacks.

    “Don’t get cocky,” Jack Kerner, a Federation privateer, said to a group of his fellow pilots, “We won a decisive victory here today, but don’t assume for a split-second that it’s always going to be like this.”

    Commander Driggers
    Times of Mars | Interstellar Press

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    Date: Within the next week or so

    Legate Andariel Recovers

    As of September 18th, 3301, Legate Andariel Valaquenta of Aisling’s 13th Legion has made a full recovery from his mystery illness.

    Official reports claim the Legate contracted an illness at the beginning of the month, while visiting the Imperial palace to pay his respects to the late Emperor, Hengist Duval. There have been various theories to what happened to Andariel, ranging from the Cerberus Plague, to attempted assassination by poisoning. The Legate was approached by Jesse Ladd, of The People’s Media, regarding heightened security, to which the Legate responded with his endorsement to boost the Quan-Tech Security System to its full potential.

    In a short interview with The People’s Media, The Legate had this to say;
    “I would like to apologize to my legionaries for my absence over the past few weeks, but my health was failing me to the point I thought I may not pull through. I am on my way to a full recovery and I will be back in the cockpit in no time, fighting for Lady Duval. Thank you.”

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    Date: When convenient

    Title: Imperial Commanders Call for Civil Discussion during Succession Debate


    As the month of debate in the Senate regarding the Imperial succession continues, the Imperial citizenry have been discussing the merits of the various candidates and speculating on who will ascend the marble steps. For the most part these discussions have been friendly, and it is widely acknowledged that this month represents a window of opportunity for all candidates and their supporters to make their case. However, in certain parts trouble has flared up as discussions become heated.

    Imperial commanders are calling on their fellows to keep the conversation civil, with Cmdr Corrigendum pledged to Arissa Lavigny stating: "If our future Emperor benevolently strives to protect and provide for all Imperial citizens, be they the lowliest Imperial Slave or the most opulently arrayed Patron, I couldn't care less what his or her background is. Should the future Emperor preside over the people in this manner, honoring the founding principles of the Empire, our prosperous continuance will be assured."

    Cmdr Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar pledged to Denton Patreus added: "Once it's done, it's done. Now is the chance for all candidates and their supporters to freely and openly promote their cause, without opprobrium for doing so. I call on my fellows not to let the debate descend into petty squabbling."

    The Senate discussion will end in just under three weeks time.

    Cmdr Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar
    Liaedin Chronicle | Interstellar Press

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    DATE: For Immediate Publication

    TITLE: Lave 2 Expedition Controversy

    The heavily populated world of Lave shares its star with a barren sister-world, Lave 2. Devoid of an appreciable atmosphere and historically deemed unsuitable for terraforming and colonization, Lave 2 has remained relatively unexplored.

    Garen Smythe, president of the Lave Cartographic Society, hosted a press conference this week to announce an expedition to the surface of Lave 2.

    “The first phase of the expedition is set to launch in three weeks,” announced president Smythe. “Once habitable bases of operation are established we will be able to sustain a long-term survey of the surface. This expedition will broaden our horizons, opening opportunities for Lave to continue thriving.”

    Critics of the expedition argue that Lave 2 should be remain undisturbed, warning that the expedition could disturb the hideout of Dr. Walden and draw his wrath. Most residents of Lave dismiss the concerns as the silly superstition and deride the critics, calling them modern luddites intent on derailing progress.



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    DATE: For Immediate Publication

    TITLE: Atrocity in Imperial Space

    Making good on his threats, Archon Delaine’s fleets have struck deep in the heart of the Empire. Assaults on control systems proven to be meaningless distractions as the Kumo Crew’s true interest to be the convoys of Pegasi Sector citizens seeking asylum in the Munshin system.

    Common jump-points to Munshin are reportedly infested with swarms of Kumo fighters. Black boxes have been recovered from hundreds of destroyed ships registered to Independent, Federation, and Imperial worlds in the Pegasi Sector.

    Dozens of freighters bound for Munshin and laden with supplies to succor the refugees have been mercilessly destroyed. Freighters carrying supplies for the refugees are advised to fly with escort to mitigate the opportunistic attacks.

    The Imperial Internal Security Service has requested volunteers and additional system security forces to patrol the region to protect refugees and supply lines.

    The attacks have served to highlight the atrocities endured daily by Pegasi Sector citizens. In response, the Imperial Navy has witnessed a sharp increase in enlistment.



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    DATE: For Immediate Release – or any time before the 1.4 major release

    LOCATION: Carthage - If not included in GalNet proper

    TITLE: Imperial Admiral Redeployed

    Senator Lavigny-Duval has recalled one of her admirals from the Pegasi Sector to bolster the security of strategic systems within her jurisdiction. Admiral Lucius Lavigny, the senator’s second cousin through Aristide Lavigny, commands Lavigny’s Legion, the private guard of the prestigious Lavigny family.

    Admiral Lavigny commented on his redeployment:

    “We have been permitted a brief respite while resupply and refitting is conducted. Within the week the fleet will begin patrolling Senator Lavigny-Duval's territory. I have authorized commanders ImperiusII and Corrigendum to continue operations in the Pegasi Sector with a detachment of Lavigny’s Legion. The apprehension of Archon Delaine and his lieutenants remains among Senator Lavigny-Duval’s top priorities, and we seek to fulfill her will whether at home or abroad."

    Public concern is growing that criminal organizations within the Empire are forging ties with the Kumo Crew. The redeployment of this battle-hardened fleet with months of experience hunting the Kumo Crew seems a perfect counter to this threat.

    Corrigendum | Lavigny’s Legion

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    DATE: 21st Sep 3301

    LOCATION: Khan Gubii

    TITLE: Pirate Control Resolved by Federation Warships

    DESCRIPTION: After a minor pirate faction locked itself inside the Command and Control centre of Alpers City and put the system into anarchy the federation backed facton of Paesia Future has finally removed the pirates from the C&C offices. After the resulting war between Khan Gubii Purple Family and Paesia Future was resolved with the depoyment of numerous federation warships and through the dedication of federation aligned pilots and and unknown number of bounty hunters peace and stability has finally returned to the high tech refining facility.

    As a result of this expansion, Paesia Future now hold key mining, industrial, refining and high technology producing systems, no doubt they will continue to consolidate and expand their influence in the sector in the coming months ahead as the group still needs to secure adequate food production facilities for its aim of becoming completely self sufficient

    SUBMITTING COMMANDER: CMDR Excalibus Desilva, Paesia Future

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    Forgotten Corners of the Galaxy: Quince
    This has been published in Quince.

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    Originally Posted by Corrigendum View Post (Source)
    Lave 2 Expedition Controversy
    This has been published in Lave.