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  • JackWeaver - Homespun. (100 words)

    0 0%
  • Ian Phillips - Christmas message (100 words)

    2 13.33%
  • Bikky - Top Gadgets for Christmas (100 words)

    1 6.67%
  • insanephoton - Cracker joke (100 words)

    6 40.00%
  • Ian_H - Saint Nic's Present (100 words)

    2 13.33%
  • Darkoba - Seasonal Pyrotechnics (100 Words)

    2 13.33%
  • DaddyHoggy - The Story of Cross-hatch Day (in 100 words) (100 words)

    1 6.67%
  • Frank - A Moray crust, Miss to one and all! (100 words)

    7 46.67%
  • Musashi - Thy Perfect Light (100 words)

    2 13.33%
  • Philip Coutts - Who believes in Christmas? (100 words)

    3 20.00%
  • Rollo - Sad little Beta (99 words)

    1 6.67%
  • Scorpio - 3 kings (100 words)

    1 6.67%
  • Luniticisi - Happy Christmas (100 words)

    3 20.00%
  • Darren Grey - The Gift of the Magi (100 words)

    7 46.67%
  • Gavthomas - Seeing as it's Christmas... (100 words)

    5 33.33%
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Thread: The "CHRISTMAS" Drabble poll

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    The "CHRISTMAS" Drabble poll

    Well it's that time of year again when everyone gets drunk and argues with the family .. the most wonderful time of the year !

    So here goes, vote for your 3 favorite drabbles and no naughty voting for yourselves! ... you naughty drabblers.....

    And here are the entries !!!!

    JackWeaver - Homespun. (100 words)

    A sliver of light pierced his frosted eyelashes followed by a kiss of warmth on his brow...
    As the heat soaked through him the asteroid field came into focus and he was reminded how beautiful he'd though it was the first time he'd seen it...
    Too hot now...
    Why he was here? He couldn't move his arms or legs, they were pinned…
    The light that had first caressed, then tormented him was leaving him now. As it left a new companion took his breath and his feeling within its icy grip and darkness fell upon him...
    A sliver of light...

    Ian Phillips - Christmas message (100 words)

    This is an old message that came in on the coms. Very faint and on an eternal loop.

    I captured it and listened, but couldn't make any sense of it.

    So then I put it through a signal enhancer and could finally make out some words, but they didn't make any sense.

    Thoroughly intrigued by now, I searched up some translation programs and ran the message through them.

    The programs identified the message as being in an old Terran language, one that hasn’t been spoken for centuries.

    It reads; “Peace and good will to all men”.

    What does that mean?

    Bikky - Top Gadgets for Christmas (100 words)

    Three drinkers sat around a table in the Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance, quietly sipping their drinks. The bar was hosting a festive celebration in memory of the first generation ship to leave old earth, at a time they called Christmas. This celebration was aimed at bringing lonely people together for some fun.

    A bell rang with an announcement, ‘Right people, get chatting and exchange gifts.’

    The three looked at each other.
    ‘I’m Mac, here’s some apples. They’re expensive and don’t do much.’
    ‘I’m Whin, I can give you doors, that are useless’
    ‘I’m Anna, Have some desktop Droids. They’re the competition.’

    insanephoton - Cracker joke (100 words)

    Donna Blitzen looked over to the navigation station. The new kid seemed to be doing fine.

    'Hey kid, what's your name?'

    'Ensign Da-red, ma'am'

    'Easy ensign, this isn't a military or corporate ship. You can call me Donna'

    'S-ss-sorry Donna, my name is Rudolph, but most folks call me Rudi'

    'So Rudi, where are we headed?'

    'Rayne Industries headquarters.'

    Donna gasped. Rayne Industries were seriously scary people. Talbot Rayne was notoriously unwelcoming of strangers. No one got close without an invitation.

    Just then her husband Dascha entered the bridge.

    'Calm down, the boss says that Rudolph Da-red knows Rayne dear.'

    Ian_H - Saint Nic's Present (100 words)

    Jonas at 23 was already his own captain and was feared as he was elusive. Yet he still loved Christmas like a child.

    ‘Have you been naughty or nice this year?' asked Santa.

    He recollected the 15 acts of piracy earning warrants across 5 systems; it had been a profitable year.

    ‘Oh, I’ve been very good.’

    ‘Wonderful! Well, Santa has a present even for the grown-ups like you. Here it is… Jonas.'

    He looked down; 80000 volts of stun gun coursed through his veins.
    Screaming, Jonas collapsed to the floor.

    ‘Merry Christmas Jonas Alverton, you’re under arrest! Ho! Ho! Hooo!’

    Darkoba - Seasonal Pyrotechnics (100 Words)

    "User name?" the computer asked.
    "Mary." Jane 'Ba lied.
    "Operator level authority?"
    "Highest, code 9."

    She was in! Jane had hacked into the Federation Nuclear Power control system.

    She instructed the computer to surreptitiously feed more fuel rods into the reactor without telling the main control panel. She requested a warning as the reactor went critical, so she could get off-planet.

    The computer complied. Jane waited as the rods were added. The computer's eye view showed her the control room, five kilometers away.

    Finally, as sirens went off and coloured lights started flashing, the message came...

    "Mary, Crit. Mass."

    DaddyHoggy - The Story of Cross-hatch Day (in 100 words) (100 words)

    And lo, they came to the Coriolis station and found it full to capacity due to a Galcop in-system census that had gone into administrative meltdown.

    And their pleas from their sidewinder on the Wideband were heard by a passing Anaconda captain who took pity and said unto them “There is room in my hold.”

    And three traders did visit this Anaconda and off-loaded cargo of gold and substances best not discussed in public, but no questions asked.

    And thus the couple did lay down their first born in a broken cargo pod in the hold of the Anaconda, Cross-hatch.

    Frank - A Moray crust, Miss to one and all! (100 words)

    It was the day that Bernard's Star Comprehensive broke off for Christmas. As a special treat there wouldn't be any transdimensional hypercalculus today. They'd be in the kitchen baking food in the shape of famous spaceships.

    Most of the children baked Asps or Cobras. The class swot made an Imperial Cruiser using a ring doughnut for the gravity section. One particularly large pupil baked a massive Coriolis station.

    Dino cut a slice off the end of his spaceship-shaped loaf of bread and passed it to his teacher. With a smile on his face he declared "Have a Moray crust, Miss!"

    Musashi - Thy Perfect Light (100 words)

    Shuddering horribly, the Anaconda launched from the doomed station and joined the mass exodus. Commander Haywood checked his ship's environmental systems. Every spare cubic meter was crammed with people; the air purifiers were redlining.

    Ahead, wormhole openings flashed like blazing baubles. Behind, the sun's treacherous core continued its irreversible collapse. They had mere minutes left before the supernova would consume the system.

    As Haywood initiated the hyperspace sequence, he thought about the cataclysm's light that would shine, in time, throughout the galaxy. On what undiscovered worlds would it be heralded by infant civilisations as a beacon above their newborn saviours?

    Philip Coutts - Who believes in Christmas? (100 words)

    “Christmas!” spat Commander Crow “Utter bunkum!” he continued his rant. “I mean what is this Santa rubbish, just infantile crap, there will be no Christmas on this ship!”
    “Sir” shouted one of the crew “Picking up a massive temperature spike on the radar, the scanners can’t identify the ship type and our shields are failing!”
    “Lock all weapons!” Screamed Commander Crow.
    “I can’t sir, all weapons systems are offline and ……..we are being boarded” stammered the disbelieving crewman.
    “It must be Thargoids…… or worse!” gasped Crow.
    “Ho ho ho!” Was suddenly heard echoing through the ship “Merry Christmas one and all”

    Rollo - Sad little Beta (99 words)

    The young woman deeply sighs and sits down to complete a Christmas greeting.

    Dear mother,
    As I write this I've just been informed by Mr Bbraben of Ffrontier Ship Shop & Co. that my broken Sidewinder won't be ready until late January, at the very earliest. He argued more tests needed to be undertaken in order to conclude that everything runs as smooth as possible.
    It saddens my heart to no end that I have to inform you of my absence during this Christmas. All the seats of the passenger liner ”Gog Magog” were booked.

    Your beloved daughter

    Scorpio - 3 kings (100 words)

    If the astro navigational data was correct, this was it: An arid, low tech agricultural world under Imperial governorship. Directly beneath the guest comet, currently shining brightly just above the horizon this night, was a squalid town. Commanders Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar left there ships on the dusty plain and walked together towards the cattle shed on the towns outskirts. They had crossed parsecs to the find this obscure, impoverished planet, and they had brought gifts of the most prized commodities in known space, offerings for a remarkable infant who would be born here on this most humble of worlds.

    Luniticisi - Happy Christmas (100 words)

    His alert system was set for this very moment.

    They were almost home, and the timing couldn't have been better, thought Commander Lenny.

    His surprise seemed flawless, a fantastic gesture to a crew that truly deserved it.

    The alarm rang out, echoing around the small corridors, shaking the very heart of the ship.

    "All crew to the cockpit" Commander Lenny declared

    Bleary eyed, the crew rushed to the cockpit.

    There stood Commander Lenny, in a Red and white suit, sporting a white beard

    "Happy Christmas!"

    "Happy Christmas sir... Please tell me you didn't use the proximity alarm for your announcement"

    Darren Grey - The Gift of the Magi (100 words)

    Robin wrapped the gift carefully. He'd saved for months to get this, squireling credits when Master Aurelius wasn't looking. He knew Elisa would love the star pendant, orange like her home-sun Lave. Master didn't approve of slave religious celebrations though, so they were meeting in secret.

    Elisa entered holding a large, boxed present, a cheeky grin on her face. "Merry Christmas," she whispered, handing over the gift.

    Robin opened it, curious. Inside he saw Master Aurelius' severed head.

    "Surprise!" Elisa said, grinning. In her hands were 100 credits and the key to Aurelius' Cobra.

    "Let's have a happy new year..."

    Gavthomas - Seeing as it's Christmas... (100 words)

    "Farther, Chris...must keep going..." said Mary, verging on being frosty with her copilot lover.
    "Rain, dear."
    "No 'ell is it like..."
    The worsening blizzard reduced visibility as they finalised their planetary landing on Druslemm.
    "Got to get back to Joseph... God knows how I'll explain my condition...having been away for 10 months"
    "Miracles do happen"
    "Not sure he'll fall for the immaculate conception routine"
    "That star is looking particularly bright through the blizzard, that should see us home. Thought of a name yet?"
    "Jesus, don't start that!"
    "Yea that might work"

    Mary pressed the radio transmit button...

    "Merry Christmas everyone."

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    Voted! Hopefully this doesn't drop off the radar over the holiday period.

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    So very Cheesy....

    Can I have 14 Votes please? As I can't vote for myself or I'd want 15.

    If I don't vote, it's only because I couldn't narrow it down to just 3.....

    Merry Christmas All

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    Know what you mean, Bikky. I had the same problem, but used the good old 'process of elimination' trick.

    <closes in song>
    "All I want for Christmas is...
    ... a vote or two, a vote or two, a vote or two"

    MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!! :smilie::smilie::smilie::smilie::smilie::smilie:

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    I use the 'process of elimination' trick as well. I mull over each Drabble while I'm on the toilet.

    That awful joke's gonna cost me a few votes <grin>

    I would've voted for JackWeaver's Drabble. It is stunning but I doubt he intended it to be included in this Christmas special. I'm hoping he enters the next one.

    All the best for the Holiday Season.


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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    I use the 'process of elimination' trick as well. I mull over each Drabble while I'm on the toilet.
    You must spend a lot of time on the loo

    Must Say I did like "3 Kings" Reminds me of Chris Rea's spaceman....

    All damn good drabbles this time round, taking into account the humour as well.

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    It was even longer when we only had the one vote to cast. I pushed hard to get the three votes.

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    Well the poll closes tomorrow evening and Darren Grey and Frank are leading the pack with insanephoton in close contention ... it ain't over till the big jolly fella with the big white beard and the red and white suit gets home!

    If you haven't voted ... get to it ... you could make all the difference

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    Only a few hours left and 13 votes in, Frank has taken the lead, with Darren Grey in a close second and Gavthomas and insanephoton chasing the leaders in third ... It could all still change by this evening ... you could still change the outcome ... Get Voting!

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    Not long to go and it's neck a neck between Frank and Darren. To anyone yet to vote, don't leave it too long, your votes could decide it.

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    only a few minutes left and it's still between Frank and Darren....

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    Well the time has come and the winner is either Frank or Darren. Maybe they'll have to pull a cracker or a wishbone to decide, or it could go to a punalty shootout

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    Woo Hooo! <airpunch>

    I've never gotten 1st before! Thanks to everyone for their votes.

    Congratulations as well Darren. That combination of Elite Origins story, and Christmas cheer, and nasty gory bit got my vote.

    I'll go back to the main thread to give my half of the next topic.

    But I'll state it here to save you hunting for it... "Problem Solved"

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    Well done to you too, Frank, was your best drabble yet!

    My half of the topic shall be 'bit of gore'

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    Originally Posted by insanephoton View Post (Source)
    ... or it could go to a punalty shootout
    Problem with a punalty shootout is the collateral damage

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