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Thread: [RELEASE] Trade Computer Extension

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    [RELEASE] Trade Computer Extension

    Hello everybody and welcome to the



    Developed for Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013/365

    • TCE Mk.I is no longer compatible with the actual version of Elite Dangerous. Please use TCE Mk.II instead.


    • Fully displays in-game of Elite Dangerous as an overlay.
    • Auto-detection of your position in space.
    • EliteOCR integration (optional).
    • Easy data input for star systems, stations, prices and commodities.
    • Trade Advisor shows best profitable commodities between your position and destination station.
    • Trade Route Planner to create individual trade routes.
    • Trade Scout finds most profitable two-way routes.
    • Route Finder shows the fastest way between stations, plus jump-list.
    • Personal stellar cartography to know your surrounding star systems (visits, exploration status, star class and notes).
    • Personal Logbook (persistent) with stats, travel history, bookmark system for locations, activity reports, contacts, income and spending.
    • Transfer Database Manager for outdated TCE versions.
    • Local database or FTP access for some of your friends or more to share same data.
    • 22k+ star systems in database.
    • 11k+ pre-named unregistered trade stations
    • Daily local backup of database.
    • Optimized for 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 screen resolutions, but all others will work.
    • Individual positioning and size of all panels at your display
    • Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.
    • Individual UI color
    • Manual (44 pages)
    • Open Source Code


    • Microsoft Excel 2007+ (32/64bit) with newest Service Pack and updates (get a 30 days test version here:
    • Optional EliteOCR (min. screen resolution 1680 x 1050).
    • The macro settings of Excels Trust Center should stay on “Disable all macros except digitally signed macros” or place TCE into a trusted folder of your Excel version.
    • Borderless window mode of Elite Dangerous.
    • 'Run As Administrator' checked for desktop shortcuts.


    • Modding Elite Dangerous, except AppConfig.xml to access position data.

    Question: Do i really need Microsoft Excel, or can i use similar free software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice?
    Answer: TCE needs Microsoft Excel. All other free versions are not compatible yet in case of VBA code.

    Question: Okay, i have Elite Dangerous installed and Excel too. How do i install TCE and EliteOCR correctly, so i can use it?
    Answer: Download the TCE Full version installer, the newest update and EliteOCR. Install TCE, copy the update into the TCE folder and overwrite the existing TCE.xlsm. Extract the EliteOCR package to the predefined folder of TCE (TCE\EliteOCR). That's it.
    First, you have to start the TCE_Setup.xlsm to create the required TCE.ini file, but before you have to select the 'Run As Administrator' option in the property tab of the shortcuts. Thereafter double-click your desktop shortcut for the setup. Select the required folder paths, the game and TCE language, a hotkey to hide/unhide TCE, if needed, and the Interface settings. After saving you can now double-click the shortcut on your desktop to start TCE.

    Question: When I press "SAVE AND EXIT" at the setup, I get a "permission denied error 70". What i have to do?
    Answer: The setup wants to save the TCE.ini file, but Windows is blocking the procedure. Please open the property tab of the setup shortcut and TCE shortcut and select the 'Run As Administrator' option.

    Question: Did TCE get's his data of stations and prices from an online database, or is it a strictly local database?
    Answer: The database of TCE is primary local, but you can share your entered data with your friends via FTP too. You only need a FTP server (e.g. a Fritzbox). The access data of the server are entered into the Option panel and then you have to upload your local database to the server. Thereafter your recorded data got up- and downloaded automatically to the server, when saved. FTP access needs a little more time to save the data, towards local access. It depends mainly on your Internet connection speed.

    Question: What I have to do, when a new update of Elite Dangerous is released?
    Answer: Let the launcher update ED. When finished, close the launcher. Start TCE and wait, till it's ready. Thereafter start ED as usual. If you did it vice versa, then TCE gives a message to restart ED.

    Question: What I have to do, when i got an error message?
    Answer: Please give me some information's about what you have done to trigger the error, the code block (when pressing "Debug"), the error message itself and a screenshot of TCE with the message. That will be really helpful.

    Question: I can see TCE only on my desktop, but not in Elite Dangerous?
    Answer: Please select the "Borderless Windows Mode" at the display options of Elite Dangerous.

    Question: Okay, TCE is running fine, Elite Dangerous too, what i have to do, to use TCE with Elite Dangerous?

    Answer: At the beginning you will notice, that TCE detected the star system, you are in. You can see this at the Logbook panel (Travel Log) and the Position Display at the left side of the interface. In addition, there is also the trade station noted, if the station has been recorded previously. When approaching an unrecorded station, you will see displayed at the Postion Display for example "Sol : Sector 23".
    Before the colon the star system is noted, after the colon the position in the star system, thus "Sector 23". When you docked at the station, it is you first task to add the station to your database via Database > Stations. Fill all fields and thereafter the SAVE button appear at the top of the panel. Press it to store the data into your database.
    The Position Display now shows you the entered station name, instead of the sector. Thereafter click on the COMMODITY button at the Main panel to open the commodity list. Open also the Commodities in Elite Dangerous. Now you can enter all data step by step the manual way or, if EliteOCR installed, make a scan of the screen to transfer the prices into TCE.
    Select first, if want to make a 'CLEAN SCAN', which resets all prior recorded commodities to zero, or select ''UPDATE PRICES' to update prior recorded commodities only. Thereafter click on START OCR SCAN. Scroll down to the next page and click it again. After you entered or scanned all commodities, click on the SAVE button to store the data into the database. This is repeatedly done for all unrecorded station you encounter on your travels.
    For further details, please read the HOW TO OPERATE section.

    Question: What can i do, if a panel is too big or doesn't fit my resolution on my monitor?
    Answer: Please select the button PANELS (under CONTROL) to view all panel settings. With the X/Y values you define the position of a panel, with the ZOOM value you set up the size. Click on SHOW, to display to panel, then adjust the values, till it fits your needs.

    Question: EliteOCR doesn't work correctly or it produces an error, please help!
    Answer: Firstly, check if you met the minimum requirements of EliteOCR (resolution 1680x1050, etc. Link: Secondly, activate the OCR Process Window at the Options panel of TCE. If you reading an error at the debug window like "...Image too small...", here is the statement of Seeebek, creator of EliteOCR, for this problem: "Increasing FOV in game reduces the size of the significant part of the screenshot! Therefore you will easily get below the limitation. Use standard FOV (approx. 56)!"

    Question: I got a Runtime Error 1004 at start up or when using OCR process, what is missing here?
    Answer: Please download a required Access Runtime for your Office version below and install it, if you receive an error.

    Question: When I start TCE it only shows 'Waiting for Elite Dangerous. Please start the game or restart.' Where is the problem?
    Answer: The waiting message comes, if TCE can't find any position data in the Net Log file. Please do the following to fix the issue:

    • Edit your AppConfig.xml file, located in Elite Dangerous\Products\FORC-FDEV-D-####\ folder, if there is the entry VerboseLogging = "1" under <NETWORK section. It should look like that:


    • Start Elite Dangerous till you are in the game.
    • Start TCE.

    Question: I am using Windows 10 and getting an "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument" error on OCR scans. How to fix the problem?
    Answer: Some Windows 10 users reported such an error and to fix the problem, please do the following:
    1) Open a Command Prompt as Admin
    2) type sfc /scannow
    3) When that completes, shut down and restart PC
    4) Uninstall Office fully
    5) Restart
    6) Install Office


    • V1.00: initial release
    • V1.10: Manual positioning of all panels.
    • V1.20: Bugfix Commodity Panel, Trade Range free to select, Jump Marker adjustments, Code optimizations, Developer Version (click on the name in the main panel to unhide Excel).
    • V1.21: Error fixing to all input areas.
    • V1.22: TCE adds VerboseLogging to AppConfig.xml automatically, when its missing.
    • V1.23: Database Commodity panel visual revise and bug fixed.
    • V1.24: Database correction for some commodities. Local database will be fixed at start.
    • V1.25: EliteOCR integration into Commodity panel.
    • V1.26: Bugfix in add VerboseLogging routine.
    • V1.27: Bugfix in EliteOCR export reader and Stars database panel. Also changed Station installation Bulletin Board to Repair.
    • V1.29: Excel 64bit compatible version and another bugfix in EliteOCR export reader
    • V1.30: Code improvements, Trade panel visual improvements, discontiuned protected version of TCE. The new standard version is the developer version. To unlock your protected database see notes in Download section.
    • V1.31: Code improvements, Hide Main panel, Orientation Main panel, discontinued Config.mdb, new ini file, processing information, pre-start configuration, bugfix installer
    • V1.33: Many optimizations and code improvements, introducing OCR language selection (you need the newest EliteOCR version), small Trade Scout panel fixes, Main panel (bottom) fixes and visual improvement. Database corrections and extension.
    • V1.34: Final panel positioning fix, language database added. First step in translating TCE to german and frensh: All commodities and categories are translated into the OCR language selected at Pre-Start or Options panel.
    • V1.36: Added 145 registered (150 total), 11.700 unregistered trade stations and 2.500 star systems (22,3k total), thanks to Maddavo's data support. Many code optimizations for better performance on larger databases. Bugfixes and optimiations in many panels. Added Star System Note panel to Panel Control. Added Landing Pad Size to stations information. Small UI fixes.
    • V1.37: Changelog
    • V1.38: Changelog
    • V1.39: Changelog
    • V1.39a: Changelog
    • V1.40: Changelog
    • V1.41: Changelog
    • V1.42: Changelog
    • V1.43: Changelog
    • V1.44: Changelog
    • V1.45: Changelog
    • V1.46: Changelog
    • V1.47: Changelog
    • V1.48: Changelog
    • V1.49: Changelog
    • V1.50: Changelog
    • V1.51: Changelog
    • V1.52: Changelog
    • V1.53: Changelog
    • V1.54: Changelog
    • V1.55: Changelog
    • V1.56: Changelog


    Yokai's guide to Trade Computer Extension (TCE) by Eventure:



    If you like TCE, make a small donation and become a supporter.


    Thank you very much of supporting my work

    Arnak bAdbUd beanmix BennyBoyW Bragolatch Bubba DaShmoo Catweazel Cmdr Bupu CMDR Ziceman
    Coyote Crimewave Dandydan14 dave562 Distance Djuwanna Goretto Grumpy181155 Gwai Ice30
    Jameson Bolmara LBITB Maedhros MaccGyver Nimyo punkerich Reaper7 RobH Tactix Warox

    Special thanks to

    Creator of EliteOCR
    Data Support
    Guide Support
    Auryn Of mordor
    Translation Support
    Translation Support
    Translation Support
    Internal Beta Tester
    Internal Beta Tester
    Internal Beta Tester / Translation Support
    Internal Beta Tester

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    After I parse through and make sure your code isn't trying to do anything bad, I am going to use the ever living hell out of this! Looks amazing!!

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    its 100% free of bad things. Its my passion to create adds like this. Have fun.

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    Any plans to release the source code? You're asking me to download an exe from your dropbox account, and run macros in excel. All of these things are extremely vulnerable to security risks.

    Perhaps I'm a little paranoid though.

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    looks pretty amazing from here. i will try it later

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    Judging by the screenshots, if it's a virus, the effort alone should be rewarded
    (apart from the +1 rep!)

    Pity I only have OpenOffice right now, but will watch this thread.

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    Not yet for now, but i can understood your thinking. If it is highly requested, i think its possible!

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    chrome blocked the download, saying its malicious. hm

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    Originally Posted by Lanatir View Post (Source)
    chrome blocked the download, saying its malicious. hm
    Chrome does that for any file ending in .exe. It's rightly warning you, but you can ignore it if you trust this guy.

    I get the same message for my development builds that are self-hosted.

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    Originally Posted by Lanatir View Post (Source)
    chrome blocked the download, saying its malicious. hm
    I added a zip file, so you can download it.

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    I envy your talent, this looks really great. #hirethisman

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    I'm going to go with "wow"

    That is true dedication and worthy of admiration

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    Looks awesome.
    I am using Excel 2013 - getting this error - "Compile error in hidden module: SystemWindowCap. This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, or architecture of this application"

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    Thank you all. I've worked nearly 6 months on that. We all know, Elite is missing such an interface like this. I'm hoping, FD will add something similar ingame.

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    Any chance of a version that works with LibreOffice's Excel equivalent? Pretty please?

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