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Thread: 65,000 LYs from home, on the fringe of intergalactc space...

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    65,000 LYs from home, on the fringe of intergalactc space...

    My long journey to the far side of the galaxy has come to an end, for there are no more stars to jump to (except those in the Magellanic Cloud, but they'll have to wait until the intergalactic jump drive is added! ).

    Setting off from the frontier worlds on December 16th, this journey took me through some of the wondrous places of the galaxy.

    • The Coalsack
    • The Lagoon Nebula
    • NGC 6357
    • The Norma Arm - 3kpc Arm Expanse
    • The Greae Phio Stellar Forge
    • The Eor Auscs Supernova Remnant (1,200 LYs above the Galactic Core)
    • Sagittarius A*
    • The Phipoea Nebula
    • The Dryao Chrea Stellar Remnant
    • The Far 3kpc Arm
    • Crossed the Scutum-Centaurus Arm
    • The Outer Arm Rim
    • The fringe of intergalactic space on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Along the way I passed by three large areas of unreachable sectors, two of which are larger than human colonized space. I suspect these could be the eventual home-worlds of soon-to-be-added alien civilizations. One is on the far side of the outer core, the other two are on the far fringe of the Scutum-Centaurus Arm.

    My ship was badly damaged when hyperspacing into a Red Giant binary pair (the first and only time I've seen such a system). 30% hull was burned off in seconds as I exited hyperspace in the corona of one of the giants. Wear and tear took its toll.

    Altogether I visited 2,765 star systems along the way and traveled around 72,000 light years in total.

    On the galactic rim there is nothing but inky blackness outside your cockpit window giving you a real sense of remoteness. The Milky Way looks so distant, just a band of distant bright stars with little colour or structure. Outwards looking there are a handful of stars still further out but they're beyond the jump range of a long-ranged Asp, so may never be visited.

    I chronicled this journey in a 12-series video blog which can be viewed here : Distant Suns

    Accompanying maps...

    Its lonely out here...

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    "Epic" doesn't quite cover it...

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    +rep, simply amazing.

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    ... simply wordless. That is a Grand Journey if anything!

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    Did you find God?

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    Epic journey, nice vids.. will never have the time to do it myself, so spoilers are fine ;-)

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    I'm totally jealous of your adventure, as much as I enjoy exploration, I don't know if I have the patience for a 75k ly trip, I always get nervous and think to myself that I have to high tail it back to base and cash in that earth like world I just found!

    Kudos and rep for the effort bro.

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    Wow!!! That giant binary pair sounds pretty intense! Glad you made it back CMDR!

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    Much kudos. Brilliant effort +rep

    Any sign of my other sock?

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    Tracing one warm line through a space so wide and savage...

    Great inspiration for other explorers! +rep

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    Well done +1 rep point for the posting. I am still wandering around a 20LY area of space I started in...but I now consider it home

    Did you come all the way back because you forgot to check your door was locked ???

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    I hope you can make it back to sell that data ^^;

    This is certainly a marathon undertaking. Done in just a little over a month post release. Bravo!

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    Excuse me for profanities, but <snip> ME!!!
    Wow, that is brilliant, well done CMDR.
    Safe journey home.

    edit: I noticed you've missed a bit

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    Respect! What ship did you do it in?

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