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  • 01 : Goose4291 : Operation Sicarius

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  • 2 : Frank : One Way Trip

    5 20.00%
  • 3 : Philip Coutts : The Hunter

    3 12.00%
  • 4 : Darkoba : An Horrific Hobby

    3 12.00%
  • 5 : Ian Phillips : Scared of The Not Dark

    9 36.00%
  • 6 : Azdour : Journeys End

    1 4.00%
  • 7 : @_JustinPinner : Real Hunters

    3 12.00%
  • 8 : Bleke : Drabble Noir

    1 4.00%
  • 9 : CdrTwisted : Witchspace City

    7 28.00%
  • 10 : KalRyper : Inheritance Tax

    4 16.00%
  • 11 : Galactic Midden : Road To Retribution

    2 8.00%
  • 12 : Winterwalker : A Proper Charlie

    2 8.00%
  • 13 : pauuggie : Neon Tyrant

    5 20.00%
  • 14 : Erik Marcaigh : Save The Brandy

    3 12.00%
  • 15 : T.J. : Beneath The Cities Phosphorous night

    4 16.00%
  • 16 : MrMogadon : No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    3 12.00%
  • 17 : Psykokow : Stage Dive

    3 12.00%
  • 18 : Scorpio : The Lights of London

    1 4.00%
  • 19 : Simoof : Bill Of Defiance

    10 40.00%
  • 20 : Splendour : Left In The Dark

    5 20.00%
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Thread: Abraka Drabble Vote : Theme "City Lights"

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    Abraka Drabble Vote : Theme "City Lights"

    ITs time again, fire up the fanfarts... fanfare!! sorry.. force of habbit.. AND BEHOLD the sparkly onesie
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    And Of course the prize we are all PLAYING FOR!!! IS the now slightly moist
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    *artist impression of how it now looks*
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    But we have a FULL Compliment of Drabbles, and a LIVE Reading on Friday night 7pm GMT *BE THERE* or join us on teamspeak .
    IF you want to record your own drabble or perform it live, PM me and I'll see what I can do... We have a special EXCLUSIVE special special thing as well....Sneak peek at something Startling! From our special Guest!!

    or Direct MP3 here :


    Drabble Number : 01
    Author : Goose4291
    Link :
    Title: Operation Sicarius
    Drabble : Fourier Retreat's city lights twinkled brightly, the outpost providing the only indication of civilisation within the Durius system

    Four cold masses drifted unobserved through the security cordon.

    Oligirio transmitted the order: “Execute.”

    The four Gladius fighters powered up, launching their ordinance into the outpost’s exposed reactor, plunging the station into darkness. As they withdrew, Oligirio noted a few emergency lights straining to come online.

    “Fretensis, this is Arcani flight. Code-word Prostrate. Over.”
    “Solid copy Arcani flight. Fretensis Actual Out.”

    The Imperial Interdictor Fretensis screamed from super-cruise above the now defenceless platform, her landing craft deploying and moving towards their objective.


    Drabble Number : 2
    Author : Frank
    Link :
    Title: One Way Trip
    Drabble : "You killed Cedendo! He only had 8 months left before he was free."

    Ambulates looked at the floating mushy mess. "That might explain why when I told him our plan, he got... argumentative"

    "He was our pilot!"

    "Relax! Docking is difficult but I can handle the rest. We've got just enough fuel to make it to the Alliance. We radio them when we get there, throw ourselves at their mercy". He looked at the corpse. "They'll understand."

    Their borrowed ship supercruised its way to a planet's shadowed crescent. They were horrified to see the tell-tale pattern of Imperial settlements' lights.


    Drabble Number : 3
    Author : Philip Coutts
    Link :
    Title: The Hunter
    Drabble : The hunter crouched exhausted, nervously scanning the area. Another death on his hands another handful of credits in the bank. He slumped to the pavement, gasping for breath, the laser hanging loosely in his hand.

    He was getting too old for this. He could feel his reactions slowing with every bounty, worse still he could feel the guilt gnawing at his bones.
    He stared at the corpse in front of him as he waited for the clean-up crew. She was beautiful; he could see the city lights reflecting in her eyes. A teardrop fell, mixing with the androids cooling fluids.


    Drabble Number : 4
    Author : Darkoba
    Link :
    Title: An Horrific Hobby
    Drabble : In the comforting darkness of the power-cut, I seek my victim. My sabotage won't last long, my time in this city is limited.

    My plan? Find a victim, do what I must, return to my Sidewinder and launch before discovery. Paid assassination has its rewards, but these spontaneous, random jaunts are my favourites.

    Footsteps approach. "Ah! Come meet your fate, friend."
    My blades unsheath, I ready my attack.

    A whistling workman turns the corner, apparently carefree and satisfied.

    I pounce.

    The city lights all flash on simultaneously! Pain rents my optic-nerves. Ice cream in blinded agony.

    My jaunts are over.


    Drabble Number : 5
    Author : Ian Phillips
    Link :
    Title: Scared of The Not Dark
    Drabble : I'm 15,000 light years from anywhere important, scanning systems for valuable planets and adding to my collection of 'strange and wonderous sights seen'. Pink suns and green skies, all the colour combinations you can think of, I've got pictures of them all, but this is the craziest thing I have ever seen.

    And it's got me scared. It's not your normal space fugue, I'm used to being alone!

    This is the kind of scared that has got me scuttling for home as fast as I can go.

    I've found an earth-like planet.

    But this one has city lights on it.


    Drabble Number : 6
    Author : Azdour
    Link :
    Title: Journeys End
    Drabble : The journey had been long, too long.

    The pilots mind struggled with the sight before him.

    Were his eyes telling him the truth?

    Or was this a trick conjured up by years of isolation?

    The pilot sat transfixed in awe at the multitude of eyes before him.

    They weaved strange patterns and ebbed a warmth his soul was yearning for.

    They lured the pilot towards them, exuding seductive imagery.

    His face wore a smile as long as his journey, his cheeks wet with emotion.

    The city lights flickered and welcomed back its lost explorer son.

    For this was his home...


    Drabble Number : 7
    Author : @_JustinPinner
    Link :
    Title: Real Hunters
    Drabble : The bounty hunter stood over his fallen mark, slowly removed a cigarette from a pack and lit up, eyes glowing in the matchlight flare.
    Crouching, he turned the blooded, grimy face to the light. Surprised to find female features, he scanned her. The scanner pinged: target identified.
    An uneven smile broke through the gore.
    “Something amuses you?” asked the hunter.
    A metallic “shinnng” preceded the hidden blade’s deployment. The hunter’s eyes saucered as he toppled.
    The mark rose painfully to stand.
    “Real bounty hunters don’t smoke City Lights” she growled as she brushed herself down and slipped into the shadows.


    Drabble Number : 8
    Author : Bleke
    Link :
    Title: Drabble Noir
    Drabble : [drizzling rain] [slow, moody bassline]
    Once the city lights would have been reflected in the wet pavement, but that was a long time ago. Now it was covered in trash which had fallen from the wealthy levels above. Just like my client.

    I entered the bar [bar sounds] where we were supposed to meet and ordered a beer. It looked like leachate, but what else could expect from an establishment called 'The Dead Dog'? At least there was foam on it.

    There was commotion in a corner. [scream for help] Some thugs were browbeating what could only be my client. I decided to put my lacklustre beverage to good use.


    Drabble Number : 9
    Author : CdrTwisted
    Link :
    Title: Witchspace City
    Drabble : Old man Mackay never liked hyperspace -- a problem for a trader.

    "It ain't called witchspace for no good reason."

    We were talking in the bar at Lave Station.

    "You know what you see?"

    It was the day before his last jump.

    "Witchspace city, that's what it is. Worse than goddamn thargs. Spend too much time in witchspace, they see you looking, and they take you."

    He jumped to Diso, never arrived. A glitch, they said. Just bad luck.

    "Never look, son. Never look at the lights. Witchspace City. Don't forget."

    I won't, Mac.

    Even though they sparkle like lovers' eyes.


    Drabble Number : 10
    Author : KalRyper
    Link :
    Title: Inheritance Tax
    Drabble : The weary father struggles to shepherd his boy, "C'mon lad, it's getting late."
    The boy resists, transfixed by the sight of the planet and sparkling spectacle of the nearest city below.
    Sticky handprints denote the boy's daily pilgrimage, accompanied by his unrelenting question, "I will get to visit there one day, won't I Dad?"

    Avoiding the innocent, questioning eyes he responds as always, "One day son. One day."

    Two soldiers watch them move off.
    "Poor kid. He'll probably be crawling over our bones."
    "Assuming those plasma fires have died down by then."

    Their silent contemplation of the flickering lights resumes.


    Drabble Number : 11
    Author : Galactic Midden
    Link :
    Title: Road To Retribution
    Drabble : Descending across the terminator into daytime my transport approaches it's destination, sickly points of light dying on the surface below as a bloody dawn smears past. Once magnificent like the Decadents' homeworld, Reflection had become a dustbowl planet of toxic corruption and villainy; a fitting backdrop to my doom.

    My source was Shadow-man, genetic weapons dealer and enemy of the Mal dynasty. "Remember, get away before detonation, these cloned-divines have enough Nuetroxin taint to light up a city".

    Staring into eyes of innocence my heart falters, nodding, a tear breaks away as acceptance of the path I travel sets in.


    Drabble Number : 12
    Author : Winterwalker
    Link :
    Title: A Proper Charlie
    Drabble : You've seen that hapless Commander. So determined to make the life, struggling through that striving.
    And so I advise; Commodities, Routes, pre flight your checks, stay core. And make it you will.
    Big Universe, out here, space for each trader.
    No luck though, no.

    So true in a Sidewinder, there's little room for error.
    Until that Anaconda rewarded me handsome, for the help of my guns to save half his cargo.
    The other half gave, to me for assisting.
    'Til I pass it on. Buying the helpless, "A Flower Girl."
    A Cobra, to trade in.
    Now look at her, grow.


    Drabble Number : 13
    Author : pauuggie
    Link :
    Title: Neon Tyrant
    Drabble : Orthios Bigboy Sr. pointed a quivering hand towards the sky,
    -I’ve done it, I’ve finally done it!
    -Done what?
    -Those beautiful Federales have finally given me the power to transform that planet into my own creation. At last! I shall fill the heavens with commerce; light will pour forth from a million new cities, the surface will shake under the thunder of my enterprise...

    -Ah! There you are Mr Orthios dear, I’ve been looking for you. Let’s wheel you back inside now shall we. Sorry if he’s been bothering you… Oh dear, it look’s like you’ve had another little accident...


    Drabble Number : 14
    Author : Erik Marcaigh
    Link :
    Title: Save The Brandy
    Drabble : Counselor Hargathen was sitting at his desk sipping a drink, having just finished a video call. Rose timed the shot so it entered the back of his head at the same time he set the glass on the table. Not a drop of the Lavian Brandy was spilled. Blood and brains splattered forward, then continued to pool on the desk and drip off.

    An hour later, she was sitting in a high-rise rotating restaurant with Seamus, eating, drinking and enjoying the city lights twinkle below them.

    Miles away, the faint flickering of GalCop lights lay scattered around the Counselor's house.


    Drabble Number : 15
    Author : T.J.
    Link :
    Title: Beneath The Cities Phosphorous night
    Drabble : The cities lights entices you with a false electric glow, promising unearthly delights for the excited reveller.

    Anything is available for the right price...

    One figure scurries through the thronged crowds, heading with a alcoholic, unsteady gait towards a illuminated neon sign.

    Thargoid & Fer-De-lance

    The door bursts as he strides inside triumphantly.

    Silence descends...

    "Get out you porridge stained kilted buffoon, There's Haggis still welded to the ceiling from last time."

    "You're barred"

    "Jings an' crivvens" comes the despondent reply

    The forlorn figure turns and leaves into the now harsh inhospitable night.

    "My round"" Frank cries."

    The revelling returns.


    Drabble Number : 16
    Author : MrMogadon
    Link :
    Title: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
    Drabble : At the neon-lit spaceport, a sweating, panting youth bursts through a group of miners and runs to the gate-guard frantically waving a ticket for the already boarded off-world shuttle.
    Nervously glancing backwards, the youth exclaims “Gotta get on this shuttle, pleeeasse Sergeant”
    Keen to avoid trouble with the already murmuring miners and amused by the mistaken rank, the guard acceded.
    Gaining his seat as the shuttle lifts off, the youth watches the impotent arrival of the local police. The flashing blue of their lights mingling with the receding city lights as he leaves Reorte and his cold, dead parents forever.


    Drabble Number : 17
    Author : Psykokow
    Link :
    Title: Stage Dive
    Drabble : The planets gravitational pull tightens its grip around my crippled cobra, squeezing more air out with a painful whistling hiss.
    The battle for my cargo was fierce and I won… the pirates left empty handed.
    Then the power distributer blew, one by one my systems failed.
    The remlok counter lights the cockpit.
    No alarms squeal into life as the planet’s atmosphere burns around me.
    Then a strange roar as I break through subsiding to a loud whooshing.
    They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway, its true.
    They are stunning at night.
    I only hope they can rebuild.


    Drabble Number : 18
    Author : Scorpio
    Link :
    Title: The Lights of London
    Drabble : Beneath the shuttle, the lights of London disapear rapidly through the thinning cloud. In the dark between those lights, Commander Bell's father lays newly entombed. Bell's heart lightens as the lights of heaven above begin to appear; there grandeur seems to silence all human concerns. A particular star he can rapidly identify; A sprawling anarchy thrives on a cold rock orbiting that star, breeding pirates like flies. He will return there soon. In the light of stars, white, blue, orange, yellow, and red, Bell the bounty hunter has send many to a fiery grave without a thought, and he will send many more.


    Drabble Number : 19
    Author : Simoof
    Link :
    Title: Bill Of Defiance
    Drabble : With a teary eye, Mayor Dansa Poosy watched from the rear window of his personal shuttle. His planet, a failed colonisation project, disappeared into the distant darkness .

    He had been the first human to set foot on the new world, and today he had been the last. He slammed his fists into the ships console. How could the bureucracy take away the homes of 3,000 hard working families.

    "Financially unviable?". He knew his career was over but he gained a kind warmth thinking about his last act of defiance.

    Against explicit orders, he had left the city lights on.


    Drabble Number : 20
    Author : Splendour
    Link :
    Title: Left In The Dark
    Drabble : "We've been stranded on this forsaken backwater for weeks." the gunner grumbled, staring out of the cabin window at the lurid lights of Sailor Town. "If they can't source a replacement power plant for an Anaconda, how do they keep all that Neon glowing?”
    “You might just be onto something, Beams.” the engineer replied. “I wonder…. I've heard of frontier settlements running off the systems of old settler ships..."
    “Now you’re talking!” the gunner grinned savagely.
    “Round up the lads, I’ll go and warm up the salvage truck.”

    Later that night, a battered Anaconda lifted from a strangely dark spaceport.

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    Well, I've just been blinded by the light....

    I won't be around for the drabble reading, but I just recorded a bit and uploaded it for 'Kow to use. Now.... Who in the world to vote for? Where's my 20-sided die?

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    Originally Posted by Erik Marcaigh View Post (Source)
    Now.... Who in the world to vote for? Where's my 20-sided die?
    I had one (20-sided die), but I gave it to an ancient Chinese sage in payment for a fortune-telling... now I wish I hadn't, because, like your good self, I need it to make my three choices.

    I think I'll sleep on it... not the die, the choices!

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Added my votey votes.

    Good luck everyone.

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    I've exercised my constitutional right and cast my votes. Looks like there is an early favourite but plenty of time for all that to change. Some cracking drabbles and a couple of dribbles as well! Good luck everyone.

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    Anyone who is new to this thread please avert your eyes from our esteemed host's sparkly onesie. This thread is for you. We want to see how you feel about the twenty choices above. Please vote!

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    A fine selection of entries from all with our new and nearly new Drabblizers (or Drabbleteers or Drabblerousers, do we have a collective noun yet?) putting in some excellent work.

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    Originally Posted by MrMogadon View Post (Source)
    A fine selection of entries from all with our new and nearly new Drabblizers (or Drabbleteers or Drabblerousers, do we have a collective noun yet?) putting in some excellent work.
    Drabblerousers is very good. Seems apt somehow

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    Drabblerousers gets my vote. Very good.

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    Some time ago, we were using 'rabble' as the collective noun for drabbles. 'Drabblerousers' as the collective noun for the writers thereof seems fitting, so we have a rabble of drabbles written by drabblerousers. Sounds good to me.

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    Originally Posted by MrMogadon View Post (Source)
    A fine selection of entries from all with our new and nearly new Drabblizers (or Drabbleteers or Drabblerousers, do we have a collective noun yet?) putting in some excellent work.
    There is a collective noun for us Drabblers, but I can't say what it is. You know how strict the profanity filter is here.

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    Voted - not any easier.

    Collection of drabbles = a publishing contract?
    TV contract? When does 'Kow get to be a (dairy) Anchor-man ?

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    Voted, some seriously talented writers here - the last book I read didn't come close to the quality in here!

    Oh, and I thought we would be called Dribblers. Dribblers drabble

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    Originally Posted by DocStone View Post (Source)
    Oh, and I thought we would be called Dribblers. Dribblers drabble
    Dribbling is what happens when 'Kow goes to the loo. We've tried sending him to the doctor to have a look-see, but he's a rather private person in the privates around pirate privies with purple poodle pictures.

    So, yeah, we don't go near the dribbling.

    PS- Midden, we really need to come up some tongue-twisting Drabbles to confound the 'Kow like we were commiserating about a few weeks back.

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    Originally Posted by Erik Marcaigh View Post (Source)
    PS- Midden, we really need to come up some tongue-twisting Drabbles to confound the 'Kow like we were commiserating about a few weeks back.
    Erik, seriously. You really think 'Kow needs us writing a tongue twister drabble to get him muddled up? I think he's doing quite alright on his own Besides his strategy of not reading the drabbles beforehand is paying off quite nicely
    As Dennis Norden used to say "It'll Be Alright On The Night"

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