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  • 1 : Psykokow : Lets Go Nova

    1 4.17%
  • 2 : Yaffle : Not Racing

    1 4.17%
  • 3 : The Lone Gunman : 15minutes of Fame

    6 25.00%
  • 4 : Frank : (It) Does not go

    2 8.33%
  • 5 : Musashi : Out With a Bang

    8 33.33%
  • 6 : W4rSkull : The Bar For A Brawl

    1 4.17%
  • 7 : Daddy Hoggy : Rudimentary Spanish

    2 8.33%
  • 8 : Iain M Norman : Tipping Point

    7 29.17%
  • 9 : Philip Coutts : The Cost of Cheap Repairs

    2 8.33%
  • 10 : Darren Grey : Thoughts of Sol

    13 54.17%
  • 11 : Ian Phillips : How To Name Planets

    1 4.17%
  • 12 : Bikky : Old In Vogue

    1 4.17%
  • 13 : Phoenix Dfire : Boom Today, no tomorrow

    4 16.67%
  • 14 : Darkoba : "Hanging Five" Nova Style

    5 20.83%
  • 15 : TJ : Just Hanging About

    2 8.33%
  • 16 : Gimi : The Storm

    7 29.17%
  • 17 : Gibbonici : Mission Failed

    1 4.17%
  • 18 : Insanephoton : Come fly with me

    4 16.67%
  • 19 : Zieman : Scoop-de-doop

    1 4.17%
  • 20 : Luniticisi : Georges plan

    1 4.17%
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Thread: [Drabble Poll] Going Nova

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    [Drabble Poll] Going Nova

    Abraka Drabble WEEKLY Vote!

    Welcome to the VOTE for the best drabble of the week.. This weeks topic was GOING NOVA..

    EVERYONE is welcome to vote following these simple rules..
    1. 3 votes each ONLY
    2. No Voting for your own drabble
    3. You don't need to enter the competition to vote.. all voters are welcome.

    Right I need to hang up my sparkly onesie and voting will end in 3 days!! Get voting...

    Drabble Number : 1
    Author : Psykokow
    Link :
    Title: Lets Go Nova
    Drabble :
    The couples swirled around the floor as gracefull as asteroids spinning into black holes.
    The Imperial Ballroom dance off was an annual event of some magnitude with celebrities from all over the systems competing to take the trophy and title of ‘Masters of the Ballroom’
    The competition was fierce and favourite couple Hans Shandy and Sue Yahassof stormed into an almost unsailable lead. Noone could match their amazing Cha Cha all night.
    The last couple took the floor, Frank and Cathy. The music started with a nice Latin beat and Frank whispered in her ear.
    “Time to go Bossa Nova”


    Drabble Number : 2
    Author : Yaffle
    Link :
    Title: Not Racing
    Drabble :
    “Hurry, hurry, ve must hurry.”
    “I’m trying, I’m trying” he looked at the mess of wiring and damaged fuel lines. Any time now the Blue Racing’s pit team would be over to taunt him again. Seven races, two starts, no finishes. The team was a laughing stock. Here he was again, covered in oil trying to coax an ungrateful machine back to life.
    To make matters worse Trenter was headed their way, full of himself and his last five victories. Leaning on the side panels he asked “So, how are you guys looking?”
    “Looks like ve are going no va”


    Drabble Number : 3
    Author : The Lone Gunman
    Link :
    Title: 15minutes of Fame
    Drabble : "Dad! hurry, the countdown has begun"

    Dad got to the ship quickly

    Their star was going Supernova "here dad cant believe you forgot it!"

    "Goodbye dad" they hugged, minutes later the ship was out the atmosphere and at a safe viewing distance

    Dad stood alone, the last man on Dying Earth

    solar flares began breaking down the atmosphere

    Dad began pressed buttons on the device he had forgotten, then held it high as the end came

    "Flash" then he sent it out

    "Checking in with FB, selfie pic last man on earth"

    Twitter #Supernovadad

    he was gonna be dead famous!


    Drabble Number : 4
    Author : Frank
    Link :
    Title: (It) Does not go
    Drabble : Jake was worried. He could see the dark brooding star outside his cockpit view. There was something threatening about how it looked. But maybe it was his imagination. He knew there were only a few hours left.

    His Cobra was rather crowded. He gingerly stepped over legs and ignored the screaming infants as he made his way to engineering.

    He wasn't concerned about how mobbed engineering was. His main worry was his Spanish engineer who had the Jump Drive in pieces, frantically checking injectors and shunts.

    "How's it going Juan?"

    A panicked sweat-ridden face whipped around to reply "No va!"


    Drabble Number : 5
    Author : Musashi
    Link :
    Title: Out With a Bang
    Drabble :
    The searing light brings me round. There is a hellish clattering as I heave myself upright. Through pain-blurred eyes, I can just make out two empty Janx bottles on the bridge's floor.

    For a few blissful moments my pounding head denies the memories - then it all crashes in. The attack that killed Gemma, the shattered fuel scoops, that desperate jump on now empty tanks . . . to this cataclysm's embrace.

    My shaking hand closes around an unopened bottle. It gleams golden in the nova's light like the Elixir of Life. I have time enough for one last drink.

    Time enough to forget.


    Drabble Number : 6
    Author : W4rSkull
    Link :
    Title: The Bar For A Brawl
    Drabble :
    Nova, a dreaded bar on Asteroid 234. A hole for pirates, smugglers and other low life criminals.

    A place to seek out trouble.

    Jim knew that this was the location to visit right now. He needed to crush some skulls.

    Arriving at Nova he could see there was a hell of a brawl.

    A man came flying out of the window. Jim delivered a blow. The man became toothless.

    While kicking in the door, guns started going of, and some lazer weapons.

    He ducked, grabbed a chair and smashed it into the barkeepers head.

    "Adrenaline", good being back at Nova.


    Drabble Number : 7
    Author : Daddy Hoggy
    Link :
    Title: Rudimentary Spanish
    Drabble :
    He made the exchange in the bar known as Trece Afortunados. Sergio seemed pleased, puffing on one of the hand rolled cigars immediately. It would be some time before he realised only the top two layers were genuine old Earth Cuban’s.

    He heard shouting and suddenly found his route cut off. He headed deeper into the Latin quarter, coming out on an abandoned dock, jumping into an old Adder with her designation Nova hand painted on her side.

    The fusion injector refused to initiate and, as Sergio’s men pulled him from the ship, he remembered: No va meant Doesn’t go.


    Drabble Number : 8
    Author : Iain M Norman
    Link :
    Title: Tipping Point
    Drabble :
    The sombre federal investigator regarded the shattered remnants of the bar, and turned to his young assistant, “What happened?”

    “A nutter sir.”

    “One man did all this!?” he shook his head, scanned the wreckage of broken furniture, the dead bodies, blood and eviscerated remains.

    “Yes sir, something pushed him over the edge I guess.”

    “You don’t say. Where’s the whack-job in question?”

    His assistant gestured around, “A grenade sir, he could be anywhere, and everywhere.”

    “Any idea what made him go nova?”

    "A mystery sir, didn’t make sense to me. Witnesses say he was ranting something about, ‘No guild support’"


    Drabble Number : 9
    Author : Philip Coutts
    Link :
    Title: The Cost of Cheap Repairs
    Drabble : The Orca class liner shuddered through space approaching the star. This contract would finally finance the repair the ageing hulk.

    He checked the sensor array, the star would be going nova at any minute, cautiously he feathered the thrusters, pushing closer. You never know one of the rich travellers might give him a bonus.

    He deployed the shields, it would catastrophic to blind any of his cash cows. Cold, harsh, panic gripped him….

    The cockpit’s shielding had jammed, curse those “economical” repairs. Frantically he jabbed the manual override.

    The final vision he witnessed was a blinding, searing explosion of pain.


    Drabble Number : 10
    Author : Darren Grey
    Link :
    Title: Thoughts of Sol
    Drabble : She wept tears of plasma, gushing radiation from every pore. She could feel her own weight crushing down. She could not stand much longer.

    She had lived long, providing radiance to her family of planets. Yet it seemed not long enough.

    Her strength failed, her surface collapsed, and the shocking force of gravity compressed until she exploded with a cataclysmic flash of light.

    Eons passed...

    The dead star's dust coalesced.

    Thoughts returned, visions of a new family, of heavier elements interacting in novel, incredible ways.

    As gravity forged a new core she whispered through the cosmos, "Let there be light."


    Drabble Number : 11
    Author : Ian Phillips
    Link :
    Title: How To Name Planets
    Drabble :
    Naming new planets is a challenge for an explorer.

    Lots of old timers make a game out of it. Make a funny name that has a connection to your background, for that personal touch. They collect information about their ancestors and then use it to make up names for planets.

    One guy wanted to get one up over the Scots and named a whole planet ‘Nova Cymru’, because it’s bigger than an island!

    And this little gem harks back to a village in the Terrran country of Austria. The planet is called ‘Going Nova’. It means ‘New Going’. Funny, right?


    Drabble Number : 12
    Author : Bikky
    Link :
    Title: Old In Vogue
    Drabble :
    'I don’t know why you bother with this crap.’ Sally flounced into a workshed chair.

    ‘It’s history, it’s ancient, it’s the beginnings of that lovely customised yacht of your dads.’ Replies Fred.

    ‘It’s a wreck, how old is it? A thou?’ She asks.

    ‘One Thousand Three hundred and Twenty Eight years old.’ Fred says.

    ‘It’ll never look right, it’ll never run, there’s no manual for something that old.’ Sally says.

    ‘Of course it will. I’ll get this thing going.’ Fred states wielding a spanner.

    ‘What is it anyway?’ Asks Sally.

    ‘It was known as a Vauxhall Nova.’ Replies Fred Proudly.


    Drabble Number : 13
    Author : Phoenix Dfire
    Link :
    Title: Boom Today, no tomorrow
    Drabble : “The A-Star’s going critical.” called Davie into the intercom.
    “So’s our hyperdrive!” replied Mac from the engine room.
    Mooka was flying the Sanctimonious, while Davie monitored and Mac tried to fix the engines, which should have been overhauled a month ago. The ship felt sluggish with the extra weight of refugees crammed into the cargo hold.
    “There is goes!” Davie panicked, as the star exploded.
    The shockwave hit, throwing the Asp around then subsided.
    “We’re alive?” asked Mac, “How come?”
    “Oh, I put the ship in the blast shadow of the B-Star.” replied Mooka smugly. “We weren’t really in danger.”


    Drabble Number : 14
    Author : Darkoba
    Link :
    Title: "Hanging Five" Nova Style
    Drabble :
    "You're here already?"


    "But it takes seven jumps and three ship's days from Barnard's.You left early?"

    "No, today, ship's time. Two jumps via Eta-Carinae." I grinned, still buzzing.

    "But there's no population or refueling there; the star exploded last year..."

    "I know. We skipped in. The expanding shock-wave was approaching at almost 800 kilometres-per-second. We turned stern-to and accelerated. As it caught us we matched velocity, powered down and RODE the wave. Exhilarating!!"

    "Crazy! What about fuel?"

    "Oh, we scooped some wave. After an exciting four-hour ride we dived back behind the wave and jumped out to here."


    Continued in next post....

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    The Rest of the Drabbles..

    Drabble Number : 15
    Author : TJ
    Link :
    Title: Just Hanging About
    Drabble : Every time I listen to him, this happens, he thought.

    The ship was a speck now, as he floated next to the pair of white dwarf stars.

    I shouldna listened. 'Go and fill a cannister the sassanach said, It'll be a laugh at the launch party; Imagine everyone's faces when you introduce yourself to David Braben with a squeaky voice.'

    The swine had flown off, laughter echoing in his helmet.

    Helium Nova my hairy sporran!

    The dejected Scotsman accidentally knocked the cannister's valve flooding his suit with Helium.

    "Damn you Brookes!" He trilled as the laughter exploded over the comms.


    Drabble Number : 16
    Author : Gimi
    Link :
    Title: The Storm
    Drabble : Seven years had gone by and their work had just begun.

    The distant star was still a peaceful twinkle in the sky, but they knew that was just an illusion.

    The scientists said it was safe, unstable but safe. There were only severe solar flares to worry about, but that was nothing special. But they had been wrong.

    Now they were evacuating systems, billions of people, as fast as they could, trying to stay in front of the oncoming storm bearing down on them at the speed of light.

    'How many more systems' he though as his Anaconda jumped out.


    Drabble Number : 17
    Author : Gibbonici
    Link :
    Title: Mission Failed
    Drabble : "Vega Space Traffic Control to Solar Breeze, please hold position."

    "Copy, Vega. Standing by," Dinas sighed and checked the contract tracker again. Thirteen minutes.

    "Dinas," Callie's voice came over the shipcomm. "Why are we not moving?"

    "Sorry, C. Station's backed up."


    "You know we're down to twelve minutes to complete?" Callie said at last.

    "Yeah. Noth-"

    Callie cut the comm.

    "-ing I can do."

    Several minutes later Eldris came onto the bridge.

    "Don't go into the hold," he said. "Callie's going nova down there."

    "Yeah," Dinas said. "She really, really doesn't want to get stuck with those Poketrumble onesies."


    Drabble Number : 18
    Author : Insanephoton
    Link :
    Title: Come fly with me
    Drabble : Come fly with Nova Spaceways.

    Our fleet is made up of state of the art, luxury spaceliners. The cabins in our Orca and Dolphin ships have been designed with passenger comfort in mind. They offer panoramic views of the wonders of the galaxy and are fitted to the finest standard.

    Our award winning crews are acknowledged as the best in the business. The supreme skills of our flight crews will ensure that your flight is smooth, punctual and trouble free, whilst our friendly cabin staff look after your comfort.

    When you have to travel, go with the best. Go Nova.


    Drabble Number : 19
    Author : Zieman
    Link :
    Title: Scoop-de-doop
    Drabble : Jumping in Usvequus. FUEL LEAK starts flashing on main systems console. Oh no, not again.

    “Wake up, Harry! We’ve got a rupture in one of the hyperspace fuel conduits, go fix it while I try to keep this old scow in one part.” Harry clambers out of his hammock, dons his radiation suit and disappears in the bowels of the ship.

    “Ok, I got it, bottle of fix-o-matic spray plus a roll of duct tape was enough. No use going to the station, let’s just scoop some fuel and hyper out.”

    Only if they knew the star was going nova…


    Drabble Number : 20
    Author : Luniticisi
    Link :
    Title: Georges plan
    Drabble : Commander George strongly believed that a new trade run had to be planned to perfection.
    You had to plan for every eventuality, Shifts in market prices, faster routes for faster profits.. There was a lot to take into account, not forgetting avoiding the pirates.

    George's second in command new this well, he personally thought the commander took things a little far, but it was his ship and the commander expected the crew to be well drilled.

    The intercom crackled
    "Have you informed the crew about the new trade run's details?" the Commander asked.

    "Not yet Sir, We're goinova it now"

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    Just a question ... how are there 16 votes in total for 5 voters? ... 3x5=15 or am I wrong ???

    I guess when I vote I will only vote for 2 drabbles to even it out ...

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    Reading them all - I now realise that myself and Frank basically had the same idea, although clearly our choice of implementation was different!

    I'm glad I picked this title. The range of (styles of) entries has been impressive and we got 20 different drabbles - hoorah!

    Having voted I seem to have voted for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (and thus changing nothing, other than increasing their respective gapping of the rest of us!)

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    Once again a great collection, and difficult choices to make. Fun reading

    BTW. there's still an odd vote floating about in zero-g.
    (46 / 3 = 15 r1)

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    OO OOO OOO I gotta vote

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Just voted, and as I have 2 votes I'm just happy not to have the dreaded Nil Pois.


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    Voted, balanced, and also nice to see no-one has ""Nil Pois"

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    I lie awake at nights, until that '0' has gone.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Ian Phillips View Post (Source)
    I lie awake at nights, until that '0' has gone.

    Not this week anyway.

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    Originally Posted by DaddyHoggy View Post (Source)
    Reading them all - I now realise that myself and Frank basically had the same idea, although clearly our choice of implementation was different!
    The first person to make that pun was the bloke who named the Vauxhall No va <grin>.

    I liked your Drabble. It reminded me a bit of door to Moria. "Speak, friend, and enter". The intention was not a riddle. The idea was a sign to make things easier. It shows the preconceptions we carry with us when we read text.

    Congratulations for leading the pack so far Darren. That's a majestic Drabble which reminds us of the vital role of novae.

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    I needed 5 votes this time.
    I was good, only voted for three, but that's the hardest cut so far, I think.

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    Wow, last I looked it was a 3-way tie... Still time for others to catch up though! Otherwise I'll have to think up anova topic :-/

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    Originally Posted by Darren Grey View Post (Source)
    Wow, last I looked it was a 3-way tie... Still time for others to catch up though! Otherwise I'll have to think up anova topic :-/
    Don't think you need anova one, Darren :smilie:
    Correction: I think you WILL have to think up another topic... What I meant after misreading your comment was 'I don't think you need to enter a different drabble - don't worry, I'm having a few senior moments.

    Your Drabble brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye (Thank the gods I got that the right way round!). I'll be very surprised if you don't romp home with this one. Very moving.

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