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  • 01 - T.j - So close and yet so far.

    3 10.34%
  • 02 - DocStone - Saturday Night Live

    4 13.79%
  • 03 - Telakin - Balloon animals

    9 31.03%
  • 04 - azdour - Forever Enemies

    3 10.34%
  • 05 - CdrTwisted - Station security.

    3 10.34%
  • 06 - Micky - NEVER SURRENDER

    1 3.45%
  • 07 - Galactic Midden - A deal is struck. A trap is set...

    1 3.45%
  • 08 - KalRyper - The sum of our part(ner)s

    11 37.93%
  • 09 - Innigo - QUICK FINISHER

    2 6.90%
  • 10 - Listeri69 - A Game of Roughball

    2 6.90%
  • 11 - Simoof - The Ring of No Return.

    2 6.90%
  • 12 - Erik Marcaigh - Awakening

    2 6.90%
  • 13 - MrMogadon - Adele

    2 6.90%
  • 14 - paauggie - Caught Offside

    5 17.24%
  • 15 - @_JustinPinner - No Second Place

    2 6.90%
  • 16 - Frank - Seconds Out. Round One

    11 37.93%
  • 17 - Crystal K - (Dis)integration

    9 31.03%
  • 18 - insanephoton - Countdown to change

    6 20.69%
  • 19 - Darkoba - A Wise Choice

    2 6.90%
  • 20- Goose4291 - In the Shadows of Conquest

    3 10.34%
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Thread: Drabble Story Contest: 2-1

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    Drabble Story Contest: 2-1

    Welcome to our 88th weekly Drabble contest and we want your votes! Yes your votes. Just pick your favourite three drabbles and click them happy.
    We'd like as many people voting as possible, it's 2 to 1 and 50:50 whether or not we'll get more voters than last week
    [Remember if you've submitted a drabble, don't vote for your own or I'll get very cross]

    The wonderful topic set by last weeks winners CdrTwisted and DocStone was "2-1". Now that may be a football score, a mathematics equation or betting odds but it doesn't really matter because all we asked for was 100 words on this topic set in the Elite universe and our drabblers have done a fantastic job.

    All we ask now is that you choose your favourite three drabbles and vote for them above before the poll closes on Sunday night. The winner will be announced on Monday morning with the winner receiving a wonderful imaginary toilet paper crown and the honour of deciding next week's topic.

    Lots of competitors in again and it's great to see such high quality in these stories. The entries came in thick and fast this week and some of you missed out. If you missed the call for entries don't forget to vote and remember... you can still submit a drabble over on the main drabble thread and Psykokow will do his best to read them all out on his livestream this Friday.

    AUDIO Version here
    or direct

    Right, without further ado here are your 20 drabbles for your consideration...

    01 - T.j- So close and yet so far.

    I watched the timer as the numbers slowly etched their way to their terminal deadline.

    My forehead beaded with nervous tension as I checked the numbers again.

    A stiff belt of Janx did nothing to calm my tremors.

    Would I do it... would I? Just this once I silently pleaded to any passing deity.

    My fevered mind raced as the time-limit expired.

    Unadulterated exultation burst through my overjoyed soul! "Finally!!!" I screamed with unfettered passion.

    Suddenly I realised that I'd occidentally voted for myself I checked on my shaking fingers 2-1........ that's 1 then.

    1 vote again.

    Damn you Drabbles.

    02 - DocStone - Saturday Night Live

    Nearly time to go on air. Don’t panic, don’t stand out, just breathe and act naturally.

    The pistol felt cold against his side.

    Looking up from his clipboard he glanced around the studio. The Congressman was having some last minute make-up applied before the show went live, before he “apologised” for the lives lost in the “War against Onionhead”.

    His wife. His children. Everything.

    A voice in his ear came to life “Going live in 5, 4, 3….” Silently finishing “2, 1” in his head, he stepped forward.

    He drew his gun, hand steady.

    “Congressman, this is for the innocents”

    03 - Telakin - Balloon animals

    “You know the drill, 20 t of your cargo and you’re free to go”.

    It was Commander Madeleine’s third interdiction on her new trading route. And it was getting on her nerves. Greedy pirates, she was lucky if she didn’t end up totally empty.

    It was time for her new strategy. She counted down the last canisters being scooped.

    “2 – 1 – and go”, firmly pressing the newly installed red button.

    A short beep confirmed the signal sent and she had to admit that the pirate's cobra - inflated to nearly half-spherical proportions from the decompressed gases - was a sight to behold.

    04 - Azdour - Forever Enemies

    The sidewinders with different Imperial crests floated head to head in space a few metres apart.

    Two families, steeped in history, ready to settle their current dispute.

    The ships spun around and flew 100 meters away.

    As the count-down reached zero the ships spun to face each other.

    The faster ship fired two shots, both at the opponents cockpit.

    The first breached the canopy. The second killed the pilot.

    Seething with gloating rights, the victorious family noted the score. 2-1 to them.

    The families departed, knowing they would return here sooner or later.

    You see..... some family feuds never die.

    05 - CdrTwisted - Station security.

    I'm the guy -- yeah, THAT guy.

    The one who shoots you down at the letterbox at Hart Station if you loiter. If you don't leave quick enough. If you open fire "accidentally". If I don't like the look of your Asp.

    My buddy, he's the OTHER guy.

    The one who puts up signs tellin' you which pad to land at. Then turns them off as you're figurin' out if it was 21 or 12. Then switches to another pad.

    That's why it pays to take out insurance. Leave the credits in the Alioth bank account. You know -- ends with 2-1.

    06 - Micky - NEVER SURRENDER

    If you find yourself on LA SOEUR DU DAN HAM, in a room known only as the Snug, then your probably dealing with the Riedquat Mob.

    "Look here, theres a Mega fraking Outbreak of 'Everyones Fraked', Double Price or your wife can grow a Parasite dick."

    Theres Silence, then through the wall from an adjacent room... " 2-1".

    They both Look at the wall then each other. The Boss nods at two goons.

    ... "2-1".

    Breaking through the door they see an infected Riedquat couple pulling each others teeth out.

    Bang Bang Bang!!!

    The goons return with a wide eyed shrug.

    ................ "3000."

    07 - Galactic Midden - A deal is struck. A trap is set...

    We approach Alioth-2a, a remote rock far from Wicca's World. I'd expected proposals, our Alliance discussions proved successful, but a secretive communiqué...?

    {"...Alioth 2-1, must meet, urgent!"}

    "2-1? Something's wrong, Carr return us to Bears Bay!"

    Were these high stakes too dangerous? I thought about my daughters, my wife back on Decadencia. "Curse those 'Mals and their egomania" I growled.

    "You will secure this deal De'Gal, won't you?" Carr responds.

    "Wrong name Carr" I admonish absentmindedly, but he's right, I will see the De'cadents shine once again.

    Engaging supercruise Carr relaxes... neither of us noticing the scanner blip tailing behind.

    08 - KalRyper - The sum of our part(ner)s

    We've been trading partners for close to fifteen years.
    "To the end," we agreed and we stuck to it.
    My ex-partner lies at a funny angle, against the bulkhead.
    The fall broke his neck - after my blaster killed him.

    His shot may have missed me but the controls are ruined.
    Sparks perform their own acts of death.

    The environmental systems are dead. The view now fogged and frosting over.
    We always said we'd split everything equal but the maths are wrong.

    I write the sum on the cockpit glass, for the finders to debate over.
    Two minus one equals zero.

    09 - Innigo - QUICK FINISHER

    HUSBAND: “Did you put the bet on?”

    WIFE: “Yes, a hundred credits to win, like you said. This tip of yours had better be good or it's food cartridges for us for the rest of the month.”

    HUSBAND: “It's a solid tip. Trust me. Have I ever let you down?”

    WIFE: “Not this week so far, but it's only Tuesday.”

    HUSBAND: “What odds did you get?”

    WIFE: “Two to one.”

    HUSBAND: “Damn, it was three to one this morning, but okay.”

    Word count: 84.

    HUSBAND: “Hmmm, that's not good. It seems I've finished early.”

    WIFE: “So what else is new?”

    10 - Listeri69 - A Game of Roughball

    You join us here at the grand final of roughball 3301 and what a Game,
    Barry McCociner is leading in points after a wondrous run of form he actually swallowed Andy-Jay Magooe
    this maneuver however has led to the ruling authorities to ban cannibalism on the pitch.
    There is 10 mins left in this game; Colin Forsecs and lou burrup have taken one too many hits here and they are looking for some penetration.
    Maya Tutchem and Ophelia Cuming on the ball now. not much happening and thats the whistle final score here 2-1
    Now Mike Coxmells in the studio

    11 - Simoof - The Ring of No Return.

    "2... 1.... coming ready or ...."
    Tox quickly realised his momentous mistake.
    He stared apologetically at his traumatised boss.
    "I was just trying to teach the ambassadors kids a human game"
    His boss blinked twice, and a small bloody tear ran down his leg.
    Tox eyed the exit door.
    "Don't you dare leave!"
    But Tox parted.
    "then you hide where I can't see you, in any dark corner or crevice" blinked on the universal translators screen.
    "GET YOUR BACK HERE" screamed his boss.
    "return with your crevice" blinked the translator confirming the closest English equivalent of the transmission. Damn autocorrect.

    12 - Erik Marcaigh - Awakening

    Kalran woke. He didn't remember falling asleep in his bunk. He looked around, his thoughts muddled and tried to remember the last things he did. Docked planetside, wished a farewell to his passengers, and had planned to go see the Harlem Galaxytrotters at Lave Stadium.

    Emerging from his room, he spotted Rose and Seamus watching a movie on the Orca's projector.

    "Morning, Kalran," Rose smiled. "We finished our trip and were surprised to find you still docked!"

    "Oh, yes. Just catching up on sleep." He sat in his captain's chair and brought up GalNet news to find out who won.

    13 - MrMogadon - Adele

    To my left: the bridge officers. Starched to attention. Caps firmly fixed; peaks pulled low. Creases honed. Buttons burnished to molten gold.

    On my right, by contrast, the minister. Small and faded in a dark suit, yellowing dog-collar and scruffed, brown brogues. Nervously mops the sheen from his face with a grimy, chequered flannel.

    All here for Adele. My betrothed.
    The minister speaks and I turn to look for my beautiful bride.
    No radiant vision appears, only fleeting memory.
    An argument. A fight. A punch. Now she sleeps, as soon must I.

    A single shot. Together!!

    14 - paauggie - Caught Offside

    Hair…slick. Moustache…neatly trimmed. Dangerously, ravishingly irresistible look about me...Check!

    Right…off to meet my date. Usual MO… source a rich debutante from Two Become One… help myself to her worldly goods… then it’s toodle-pip and chocks away…

    Ah... there she is…

    - Well hello my dear, you must be Miss Moir?
    - Federal Officer Moir, actually... nasty business what you’ve been up to with those girls…

    Her booted foot kicks me SO hard between the legs… she’s completely crushed one of the most important pieces of my equipment… you probably heard my screams from where you were sitting as two became one.

    15 - @_JustinPinner - No Second Place

    It’s brutal. Two caged contestants, a “ball”, a crowd of bloodthirsty outworlders braying for a fatality.

    Two in. One out. Maybe.

    Whenever there’s an argument that won’t be settled, this is how we do it. It’s harsh, but life out here on the frontier isn’t a place for the faint of heart. Or the law.

    So next time you find that you may not get your own way, just spare a moment to reflect on the unfortunate souls who never made it out again. Regardless of whether they were right or wrong.

    In this game there is no second place.

    16 - Frank - Seconds Out. Round One

    Jake found it easy to pick bar fights with Imperials. He Just had to insult their Emperor. Federals were much harder, but tonight he managed to net himself two Federal soldiers with the phrase "Jingoistic Warmongers."

    They were clearing a space. The barman didn't tell them to take it outside because he knew that would result in asphyxiation. The soldiers looked at Jake and then themselves, saying "It doesn't seem a fair fight, two against one."

    Jake smiled as he shifted back a table "If you want it fairer, I can wait until you find another soldier to help you."

    17 - Crystal K - (Dis)integration

    She’d heard about the process at length – the mixture of searing pain and unimaginable pleasure as circuit meets circuit and electrical impulses find new synaptic relays. She’d heard the scare stories too and seen alarming demonstrations; cyberpsychosis they called it, ‘fusions’ flying into station walls, stuck in a loop, endlessly nudging the walls until station guns open fire.

    She braced herself in her seat and leaned forward, shaking with adrenaline she pressed the button to begin the integration process.

    Commander Karrington no longer flew the ship, she was the ship. She gently thought the thrusters upwards as two became one.

    18 - insanephoton - Countdown to change

    The guards were so captivated by the callipygian charms of the Achenar Angels cheerleaders that they failed to notice a lone figure sneak into the studio. Belinda hurried to the server room to install the relay. This would allow her friends in the Anti Slavery League to take over the output of the Imperial Broadcast Network. Billions of people would be tuning in to watch the cup final. They would be in for a surprise. Belinda listened to the countdown as she left the building.
    "Two, One, Go!"
    The galaxy would now hear the truth about Senator Torvald and slavery.

    19 - Darkoba - A Wise Choice

    The Cobra settled. The Asian pilot checked instruments for the last time. Satisfied, he allowed himself a brief smile.

    This last run had been most risky AND most productive. Repair costs would be mere dust-motes in the cosmos, compared to the profits.

    The usual customs officer, by now almost a friend, arrived.

    "Hello again. Open up for the usual routine, please."

    The canisters were superficially inspected, boxes on the screen ticked.

    "Everything checks." he winked. removing the thick envelope from behind the last canister. "Any more trips?"

    "This was the last."

    The officer turned to leave. "That's very wise, Tuan."

    20 - Goose4291 - In the Shadows of Conquest

    The cohort of Imperial legionnaires had been patrolling the mines below Harrier’s Claim for well over a week now, hunting the few remaining guerrilla fighters.

    The Principale’s radio crackled in his ear. “2-1 this is 2-0. Send Sitrep. Over.”
    Wearily, he responded “2-0, passing first waypoint. AMCAS state green. Negative contacts. Over.”
    “Received 2-1, Out.”

    They continued to advance, weak light from their rifles torches illuminating the tunnels rough cut edges.

    Suddenly, the Legionnaire on point raised his hand, giving the signal to stop “Principale, I think I’ve found...”
    An incandescent fireball erupted and engulfed the soldier, initiating the ambush.

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    Lol, looks like we are going to have an early winner this week

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    6 x 3 = 14?

    Somebody's not using all their votes... What a shame, they could have gone to a deserving cause (hint, hint).

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    Originally Posted by Darkoba View Post (Source)
    6 x 3 = 14?

    Somebody's not using all their votes... What a shame, they could have gone to a deserving cause (hint, hint).
    Nicely spotted, and I agree.....


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    I'm partly to blame. Didn't realise I got three votes. That's what happens when you don't read the instructions

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    Voted, good luck everyone.

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    Originally Posted by Innigo View Post (Source)
    I'm partly to blame. Didn't realise I got three votes. That's what happens when you don't read the instructions
    If you want to pm me your other 2 votes I can add them manually.

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    Even though I was too slow and some might say lazy to write a drabble this week, I have cast my votes. Good luck everyone this was a tough old topic.

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    Glad to see people agree with my vote on the best entries this week.

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    Originally Posted by CdrTwisted View Post (Source)
    Glad to see people agree with my vote on the best entries this week.
    Looks at number of votes for drabble.......sees no change......makes note of forum username.....polishes banhammer with a pointed look.....

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    Ah, fudge.... I gotta vote for all the moderator's drabbles now. It's the only thing that'll save me from that post I just made in the general forum........

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    Originally Posted by T.j View Post (Source)
    Looks at number of votes for drabble.......sees no change......makes note of forum username.....polishes banhammer with a pointed look.....
    Hey I voted second so you wouldn't see a change.

    Although I didn't vote for yours.

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    Originally Posted by CdrTwisted View Post (Source)
    Hey I voted second so you wouldn't see a change.

    Although I didn't vote for yours.
    Don't tell T.j that! Now you better run before he warms that arm up.

    Anyway, I just want to add that pro drabblers always vote on a Sunday... usually late evening.... quite close to poll closing.... always in a rush because they nearly forget to vote

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    Originally Posted by Galactic Midden View Post (Source)
    Don't tell T.j that! Now you better run before he warms that arm up.

    Anyway, I just want to add that pro drabblers always vote on a Sunday... usually late evening.... quite close to poll closing.... always in a rush because they nearly forget to vote
    Psykokow's readings always put a fresh complexion on a drabble.

    Edit: there's no appropriate smiley to go with that sentence. Imagine something like this:
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    I'm hosting a secondary poll this week, about which drabbles I should vote for.

    You vote by placing an amount of credits in my bank account (9526.7447.3563.5446.9538-666).

    No more agony over which drabbles I should choose!

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