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  • 01 - Goose4291 - Fleet Action

    2 5.88%
  • 02 - Telakin - FLEETing Excitement

    4 11.76%
  • 03 - DocStone - A Blanket of Stars

    12 35.29%
  • 04 - azdour - Who's hunting who?

    4 11.76%
  • 05 - Simoof - Fleeting Stupidity

    5 14.71%
  • 06 - Listeri69 - Listen Carefully.......

    15 44.12%
  • 07 - Micky - Waking Blind

    2 5.88%
  • 08 - Frobac - A Fleet Escape

    1 2.94%
  • 09 - Darkoba - Improved weaponry

    2 5.88%
  • 10 - MrMogadon - Baby was Born to Run

    7 20.59%
  • 11 - Ian Phillips - The correct reference

    4 11.76%
  • 12 - CdrTwisted - Those traders can eat

    1 2.94%
  • 13 - Frank - Proportional Response

    8 23.53%
  • 14 - Bleke - No Escape

    2 5.88%
  • 15 - Darren Grey - Balance of Power

    8 23.53%
  • 16 - Splendour - Hazy

    2 5.88%
  • 17 - Philip Coutts - For Evil to Triumph

    3 8.82%
  • 18 - Galactic Midden - Old Regrets

    7 20.59%
  • 19 - MikeSnos - Fleet...? I'm lost...

    3 8.82%
  • 20 - insanephoton - Awaiting the fleet

    6 17.65%
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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest: Fleet

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    Drabble Short Story Contest: Fleet

    Here we are at Drabble contest number 89. The subject for this week is FLEET which was chosen by KalRyper.
    It was a good solid subject but it seemed to cause the contestants a bit of consternation. We only got the full 20 Drabble entries just before the close of the deadline. I guess all that suffering paid off because we have a fabulous flotilla of Drabbles for you.

    Above me is a bunch of options in a poll. It's a multiple choice poll but please limit yourself to only the three votes. The results of the poll will be announced on Monday morning. Not only will the winner receive a wonderful imaginary toilet paper crown, they will win the honour of deciding next week's topic. I kept the crown for myself last week. I thought it was only fair as Kal got to choose the topic.

    Ok The feed is now updated for this weeks Audio and Video versions
    or direct
    VIDEO VERSION of the Drabbles

    Please voters feel free to take advantage of the generosity of the contestants' bribes. I've decided this week to forgo my usual bribery tactics and try winning through backstabbing and sniping instead.

    No voting for yourselves! Any of the contestants lagging behind the others and trying to catch up by voting for themselves, will be torpedoed.

    01 - Goose4291 - Fleet Action
    “Jump complete. All stations report.”
    “Command, Nav. GPS fix confirms position correct.”
    “Command, Manuvering. FSD cooling down, reactor operating within normal parameters.”
    “Command, Flight Deck: CAP deployed.”

    “Command, LADAR. Multiple contacts, Green 25, True bearing 165, Range 23 light seconds and closing. No IFF transmissions.”
    “Roger LADAR. Confirm numbers?”
    “Negative Command. Too much magnetic interference.”

    “Helm, Command. Put us starboard broadside to the contacts.”
    “Received Command. Fifteen degree Port wheel on. All ahead one-third.”

    “Command, Optics. Visually confirmed eighteen contacts, all small fighters.”
    “Beat to quarters, Mr Pullings.”
    Excerpt taken from Bridge audio-log, ICS Ferentis, Sorbago Slave Rebellion, first day.

    02 - Telakin - FLEETing Excitement

    "Priority message from FLEET" voices the kitchen terminal. Frank freezes, just as he grabs his morning coffee. Months ago he’d agreed to be part of the on-call team for "Finding, Logging and Evaluating Evidence on Thargoids". Had they finally found a ship or derelict station?
    The compartment’s door swooshes and his daughter comes in from last night's tour. With a bored glance at him she pours herself some juice. She reads the display - "Yay - more parties!"
    Confused, Frank now reads as well. "Congratulations! Your FriendBook Local Entertainment Event Team names you their ambassador!! Back stage access to all concerts included!"

    03 - DocStone - A Blanket of Stars

    The Fleet held orbit around Pil 0-W, the largest collection of ships the galaxy had ever seen. They waited; a rag tag bunch, from pristine Capitol Class ships to battered old Cobras. Even what looked like a refuse skimmer had joined the throng, its hull bristling with jury rigged weapons.
    Time was running out, humanity’s existence rested in the fickle hands of fate. It was now or never.
    Prepare to ju….

    Reality shifted.

    “AW MUM!!! FIVE MORE MINUTES!!!” Tommy cried.

    Tommy jumped off his bed, scattering his toys. Saving Humanity could wait, tonight was burger night.

    04 - azdour - Who's hunting who?

    The bounty hunter entered his quarries sidewinder.

    Pay day drew closer. His bank account drooling in anticipation.

    Entering the cockpit he knew his presence had been noted.

    The pilot was desperately trying to lock down the ship and escape.

    The cockpit door closed behind him, the ship launched quickly.

    The chair turned...

    A robot ,with a visual screen of the targets face, smiled and said goodbye.

    The ship came to a stop at the stations exit.

    Back at the pad, the fleet of foot pirate laughed. The trap had worked.

    Moments later the station guns disposed of this pirate's stalker.

    05 - Simoof - Fleeting Stupidity

    Stretcher slumped out the cobras cockpit and into the station.
    "Tell me there was no trouble this time!" pleaded Dr Ted, "You took forever"
    "Aye, Just far Ted" Stretcher yawned. "They've really limited my ships speed"
    "Remember your last cargo, you wrecked em Stretcher"
    "You told me to rush"
    "Those organs could only be used for mince meat. Half the Fleet's stuck in Cryogenics awaiting these fresh ones."
    "I diverted all power to the engines to get here... oh-oh, the fridge"
    The reddish warmish water dripped from the ships cargo hold.
    Ted sighed "Tommy will be happy, burger night again."

    06 - Listeri69 - Listen Carefully.......

    The problem Toby had was space wasn't quiet, it was full of noise, radio noise. Messages sent between Earth and Mars in the 24th century contaminated the silence forever more.
    Toby was part of the Federal Ancient Radio Transmissions, and its rather unfortunate acronym.
    His mission, record the first human transmissions, 1300ly from civilization.
    Successive world wars had destroyed all historical records before the 25th century.

    What Toby was recording was the history of Earth itself....

    Except what Toby was recording right now wasn't ancient or human..

    He made out the word 'Fleet' and a stream of 'Clicks'

    'They're Coming........'

    07 - Micky - Waking Blind

    "Falcon 1 to Quasar; Fleet spotted; designating as Echo three niner."............

    A few hours later the Empire Fleet sensor boards pick up 20 sidewinders dropping in from Supercruise .
    "What!?, they must be outbreak infected .... a suicide mission."
    The Federation sidewinders suddenly jump leaving behind them a, blazing, scar like wake and
    Emerging as a swarm of vengeful hornets, 40 cooled Vipers, hardpoints deploying.

    "Viper Team One this is Quasar Actual, you've got a green Light for a go go go."

    But they already knew it was time...
    'Like a Bat out of Hell' was roaring through the Wing Commanders Comms.

    08 - Frobac - A Fleet Escape

    Mindful of the likely damage to hull integrity, Jack quickly submitted to the interdiction. Emerging into normal drive, he hit the boost. Not a moment too soon - the Eagle pilot attacking his Cobra was doing a remarkably efficient job of dismantling his shield. Clearly he deserved his "Deadly" combat rating. Jack didn't fancy his chances against this enemy, so whenever the capacitor charge allowed, he kept boosting to put as much distance between himself and his pursuer as possible.

    Just as he was about to re-enter supercruise, the Eagle disappeared from his radar. Realising he'd escaped, Jack smiled with relief.

    09 - Darkoba - Improved weaponry

    "There they are. Let's hit them."
    "What? They've just entered system, way out of range."
    "Try the 'C+E2' missile."
    "You mean the one we sto-"
    "The one we appropriated from the pirate who stole it from the Fed ship which 'borrowed' it from the Empire armoury on Alcyon-4. Yes, that one!"
    "If you insist. Target acquired. Missile armed and ready."

    The missile left its pylon and promptly disappeared from view. Three minutes later, long-range scanners showed an explosion at 120Ls distance.

    "A hit! What a weapon! What did the letters along its side mean?"

    "Faster than Light Enhanced Energy Torpedo."

    10 - MrMogadon - Baby was Born to Run

    Two hours ago, an unresponsive ship drops near the station. Stopping one click out.

    “Commander!! This is Recon-1. IDENT confirmed.
    Ship is sidewinder Titanya, of the 5 year deep space exploration Enterprise Mission”

    “Report, Klaus”

    “Commander, ship shows extensive modifications.
    Extra hull plating and fuel tanks.
    Also jury-rigged thrusters and possibly, a Cobra power plant too.
    No weapons.
    Hull shows extensive damage.
    It’s been designed to escape quickly. Very, very quickly”

    “Clear the docking bay! Full containment protocols!
    Get it on board.
    Let's crack it open and try finding out what it’s fleeing from and what's happened to its fleet”

    11 - Ian Phillips - The correct reference

    OK. Who named this system?

    Ahhh, that was me sir.

    These names have a common theme I assume?

    Yes Sir. Rivers from an old Terran city.

    Well lets go through them.

    Two metal rich planets. Chelsea and Peck.
    Two gas giants Effra and Tyburn.
    A wandering Ice planet called Wandle, very fitting name that. Good choice.

    However this last name for the Earthlike planet, Holbourne, will have to be changed.

    Strategic command have decided that this will be the base for our allied system's navy.

    If you want to use obscure historic references, do your homework properly. Call it Fleet.

    12 - CdrTwisted - Those traders can eat

    The Freagle, as everyone knows, is the star
    of the show. It's a hit at the bar
    with the Lave Station coves who drink dreadfully slow
    while they blow all their cash on cigars.

    The pilots who fly cargo ships like the Asp
    might reply "That's just planetary gas."
    But from Eaglish eyes, this bird has the thighs
    of a call girl from Riedquat or Bast.

    So let's toast the Eagle, the Fleet's most petite ship.
    Those traders can eat s***,
    while we swoop in regally
    pirating greedily,
    quite extralegally,
    in what is, vis-a-vis,
    the sweetest of treats in Elite.

    13 - Frank - Proportional Response

    Reynolds invited General Sternut to view the holo-display. The sheer numbers involved shocked him. He could see a fleet of battledroids so vast they just blurred into a sea of indistinguishable ships. The ships in the foreground had massive spiked pincers, literally to crush their enemy.

    "No beam weapons?"

    "I doubt if the invaders have beam weapons, and even if they did," Reynolds made a sweeping gesture with his arm, "it wouldn't really affect the outcome."

    Sternut sneezed, "Okay. I'm happy. Let's begin this operation."

    Dr Reynolds smiled. He'd managed to explain nanobots in terms that the general could understand.

    14 - Bleke - No Escape

    "Viper SKA-469, this is squadron A3 of the fifth federal fleet. Shut down your power supply and stand by to be boarded."

    T.j raised an eyebrow. "A squadron! That's unusual. Well, I'm no sitting duck. Ta ta, twerps!", he thought and witchspaced to another star.

    "Viper SKA-469, this is squadron D5 of the fifth federal fleet. Shut down your power supply and stand by to be boarded."

    "Well how about that!" T.j witchspaced again.

    "Viper SKA-469, this is squadron C4..."

    "An entire fleet! They must have spread an entire fleet all over the sector, just because of little ol' me."

    15 - Darren Grey - Balance of Power

    'Enemy fleet incoming,' announced the scout.

    'Roger,' responded Celia. 'Everyone get in formation.'

    She watched their ships assemble, a motley collection of old Cobras, battered Vipers and underpowered Sidewinders, her Anaconda the only real firepower. Some defence fleet... but it was all they had.

    Space ruptured, stygian hyperclouds spewing forth, and storms of fighters emerged around the colossal hulk of the Imperial Inmanis. Before the majesty, the awe, the power of their enemy Celia shuddered. Yet she would not hold back.

    'Attack!' she ordered. The fleet advanced, one tiny fight for freedom in an uncaring galaxy.

    16 - Splendour - Hazy

    Finally Galnet were willing to listen.

    "Ms Zarniwoop will see you now" the autosec intoned. There was a faint click and the office doors swung open.

    I stepped into the office and was brought up short by the view from the glass wall behind the desk. The smog had parted for a moment and I could see across Fleet Street, past the Embankment wall and dimly make out the shape of a ship landing at Waterloo Terminal. As its thrusters fired the pea-souper glowed a lurid blue for a moment until the mists closed again, swallowing that glimpse of freedom.

    17 - Philip Coutts - For Evil to Triumph

    The Admiral looked on as the fleet assembled. He sighed sadly, he was too old for this and they were far too young.
    He looked on sadly at the rag tag armada. Sidewinders, Cobra’s the odd Asp all piloted by people determined to succeed and risking everything.
    Was it worth it he thought? Yes of course it was, it had to be. This evil could not be allowed to go unchecked any longer, it was time for good men to stand up and be counted.
    They would make the ultimate sacrifice, so that others could live peacefully.

    18 - Galactic Midden - Old Regrets

    The sombre old captain watches from his chair as birds of prey hover over a sun washed vista, their ducking and diving scattering the distant flock in panic. Warm sunlight caresses his wrinkled bronze skin but fails to penetrate his cold weary bones.

    The hunt triggers old memories... eagles swoop into the fray, a trading fleet torn to shreds by ruthless pirates, lasers stream, dancing between asteroids, explosions flash images of death beneath a dying star.

    "Can I engage captain!?" a voice from the past pleads, "they're being slaughtered out there".

    "No son... this isn't our fight"

    The light fades...

    19 - MikeSnos - Fleet...? I'm lost...

    Tj an avid, certifiable, Norwich fan decided he'd like to follow the Budgies on an away trip for once and venture far from Norfolk Station. Our 'hero' had heard so much about the Toxic Wastes of Slough he thought he'd watch them at their match and then gaze in awe at the famed wastes after the deathmatch.

    Off our 'hero' sets in his trusty Ford Anglia Sidewinder with a mud spattered and careworn appearance (our 'hero' not the Sidey).

    After much meandering our hapless 'hero' finds himself... lost... Near M3 (Canes Venatici) at Fleet Services...

    'Fleet? I'm lost' said he!

    20 - insanephoton - Awaiting the fleet

    Selena thought she might be onto a big story. Something strange was going on, there had been a big increase in traffic and she'd heard rumours that the police had cancelled leave. She went to the bar to look for some leads
    The bartender smiled. "You haven't been here long have you?"
    "I've been here a month."
    "No wonder you're puzzled. You see the Fleet is coming in tomorrow for a refit"
    "That explains all the traffic but what about the police cancelling leave?"
    "You've obviously never been in port when the Fleet arrives or you wouldn't have to ask"

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    Wow, that's a strong field of Drabbles. Good luck everyone!

    And remember.....

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    This time I felt really torn apart and started reading up on historical execution methods, which didn't help at all. Now I was feeling torn apart and nauseated.

    The coin I got from Commander Twisted decided on Galactic Midden over Darren Grey, who gets an honorable mention instead.

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    Originally Posted by Bleke View Post (Source)
    This time I felt really torn apart and started reading up on historical execution methods, which didn't help at all. Now I was feeling torn apart and nauseated.

    The coin I got from Commander Twisted decided on Galactic Midden over Darren Grey, who gets an honorable mention instead.
    Wait a minute! Has my coin been delayed again???? Bloomin' Dutch postal services!

    I have to admit, this is one of the most difficult polls ever, or, to put it another way, this is one of the most closely matched dribble of good drabbles I've seen...
    Serious meditation (I know, an oxymoron) is called for.

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    Originally Posted by Darkoba View Post (Source)
    Serious meditation (I know, an oxymoron)...
    I disagree - qualification more than justified

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    Originally Posted by Darkoba View Post (Source)
    Wait a minute! Has my coin been delayed again????
    So sorry!

    That's what I get for skipping on the grey matter maintenance.

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    Ask a nice Mod, nicely

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    Please dear mods, let us manage our own attachments.

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    Originally Posted by Bleke View Post (Source)
    How the heck do I remove an attachment?
    Back in the 21st century they had these quaint little bits of kit called scissors... ?

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    Please dear mods, let us manage our own attachments.
    It's something to do with the vBulletin forum software and is a pain, even for us Mods

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    Ok, I thought it was phpbb. No wonder I didn't understand the instructions I googled.

    Apparently it's possible to do it on your own under settings/attachments

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    Please dear mods, let us manage our own attachments.
    You'll go blind you know.

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    You'll go blind you know.
    Who said that? Who's there?

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