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  • 01 - DocStone - A Sharp Dressed Man

    5 21.74%
  • 02 - azdour - Revenge is best served fashion

    4 17.39%
  • 03 - Darren Grey - Killer Outfit

    10 43.48%
  • 04 - Simoof - Jessica's Dress to Die For

    2 8.70%
  • 05 - KalRyper - In need of relief

    2 8.70%
  • 06 - Telakin - Crimes of Fashion

    5 21.74%
  • 07 - Galactic Midden - Search and Rescue

    2 8.70%
  • 08 - T.j - A question of taste

    3 13.04%
  • 09 - CdrTwisted - The Suit Tester

    2 8.70%
  • 10 - Clef_Hanger - The Sad Story of Couture Edward

    7 30.43%
  • 11 - Frank - Design Classics are Never Out of Style

    5 21.74%
  • 12 - Listeri69 - Fashion This....

    1 4.35%
  • 13 - Goose4291 - A Fashionable Waste of Assets

    3 13.04%
  • 14 - Darkoba - Dedicated Follower of... or... Fashionably Late is Unacceptable

    2 8.70%
  • 15 - Ian Phillips - Fashionable complaints

    2 8.70%
  • 16 - MrMogadon - From Riches to Rags at the Barnard Station B.S.F.P.

    3 13.04%
  • 17 - Micky - suits you

    4 17.39%
  • 18 - insanephoton - Fashion Victim

    2 8.70%
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Thread: Drabble Writing Contest: The F Word, Fashion

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    Drabble Writing Contest: The F Word, Fashion

    Welcome to the 91st Drabble Show. 18 of the most attractive Drabbles will now walk down the thread, pirouette, and walk back up. Each of these Drabbles weigh in at a super-slim 100 words. This week's topic of "THE F WORD, FASHION" was brought to you by the always up-to-the-minute psykokow.

    Above me is a bunch of options in a poll. It's a multiple choice poll but please limit yourself to only the three votes. The results of the poll will be announced on Monday morning. Not only will the winner receive a stylish imaginary toilet paper crown, they will win the honour of deciding next week's topic. Because last week's contest was about what people found up Winnard's Hole, and it was psykokow that had the crown, I am having nothing to do with the transfer of the imaginary toilet paper crown. I wash my hands of it... literally.

    DON'T VOTE FOR YOURSELVES! Anyone caught voting for themselves will be forced to wear something that some people may consider a little passť.

    direct here:
    And VIDEO

    01 - DocStone - A Sharp Dressed Man

    They had him corned. “Get the weirdly dressed ponce!”

    “Weirdly dressed indeed!” he tutted disdainfully “One would like to inform you that this suit cost more than your quaint little station, this is an original Lock & Co bowler hat and my shoes are made from genuine Martian leather. You three however look like you were dressed in the dark, for a bet. Oh, and one more thing, my fashionably challenged chums, about this cane of mine.”

    Three sharp “cracks” echoed in the alley, followed by three softer thumps.

    “It’s not just a cane, it’s also a bloody marvellous gun!”

    02 - azdour - Revenge is best served fashion

    Jessica was eager to unwrap her new morphic dress. The current height of fashion and price, an outfit promoted to be a once in a lifetime purchase.

    Hours later she swirled and glitzed into the Imperial banquet eager to show off.

    But much to her displeasure, there where others in attendance wanting to show off their morphic prowess.

    A shadowy figure, hiding in one of the balconies, tried to stifle their laughter.

    With remote in hand, a flip of a switch, and seconds later all the morphic clothes changed, until everyone in the room was wearing the same.

    How humiliating...

    03 - Darren Grey - Killer Outfit

    Velius dressed carefully in preparation for the Emperor's Ball. Tucked into his velvet sleeves were plasteel vibro-daggers, springlocks ready to deploy them with ease. The high heels of his fine Baruvian leather boots were detachable, stowing explosive charges. And as a last resort the exotic rheabird feather decorating his puce trilby contained an utterly lethal poison.

    For years he'd ingratiated himself to the Imperial nobility, waiting for his chance to claim revenge. Tonight he would make the Emperor pay...

    When he arrived Senator Horsum greeted him with gusto. 'What-ho, Velius. Killer outfit, m'boy!'

    'Killer indeed!' Velius grinned. 'After a fashion...'

    04 - Simoof - Jessica's Dress to Die For

    "Does this morphic dress make my look big?"

    A simple yes or no question.

    Sorbach sighed, staring resignedly at the dozen surrounding ships... well not so much the ships, more the recently emptied hardpoints pointing directly at him.

    One slap to head > One accidental boost to engines > One ship with Imperial Senator > One nudge to toast rack > One over the top explosion.

    "Why did you do that?" quizzed his fat- whining wife.

    Sorbach pushed back into his seat, feet comfortably resting on the ships console. At least now he would not need to answer anymore of her stupid questions.

    05 - KalRyper - In need of relief

    "C'mon Doc, don't revoke my licence. Long hauls are my life."
    "You got the 'Sparkles' lad. Too much staring at the stars. Your retinas will look like a sieve soon. I'm sorry."

    The pilot's head bowed with defeat.
    "Please! I'll try anything. Even the experimental stuff."

    The doctor paused, "Well ... there is Orlando."

    The eager pilot was soon in the plaza
    The sign read, 'Orlando's Night Equalizing Star Inhibiting Equipment'.
    Indeed, there were a lot of people leaving, wearing the item; it was clearly the 'to have' item.

    Attached and switched on, the big red nose nullified the sparkling effect.

    06 - Telakin - Crimes of Fashion

    "Dad, you're going to be so proud of me. My design work covers all the latest fashions - multi-tinted canopy, reinforced exhaust with wider openings for improved boost performance, extended winglets, senso-o-matic pilot seat, audio-activated paint job, external surround-sound system for hangar parties."

    Frank followed his son down to the workshop bays. He recognized the distinct shape, but not much more. A tear ran down his face and he swallowed hard as he was presented with a hideous creation in pulsing neon colors, booming away the latest hyper techno track, where once his Cobra Mk. I had stood in mint condition.

    07 - Galactic Midden - Search and Rescue

    The senator was panicking, "adverts on Bulletin Boards will be extortionate Kinksy, we simply can't finance operatives all over the sector to find the senile old fool. What if the press found him in full-on flamboyance mode!"

    "Then we'll seek him here," Ambassador Kink said stabbing a chunky forefinger at the old chart "and we''ll seek him there."

    "But we've no idea where he's gone." the senator wailed.

    "Oh I don't know," Kink smirked, "my daughters tell me the feathered suncrests of Puerrillia are all the rage right now... and given your uncle's fame as a dedicated follower of fashion..."

    08 - T.j - A question of taste

    Psykokow stood and admired the garment with unadulterated pride.

    The 'Kow clan tartan was a sight to behold.

    Others commented from behind welders masks that fluorescent sludge green didn't go with violent puke yellow, putrescent orange and garish neon purple.

    But, he didn't care. tradition was after all tradition.

    He know he'd got it right when passing commanders instantly vomited blood or their head went all scanners.

    One passing commander tried to attack, but his eyeballs melted before he could.

    How he would manage to carry the full sized Cobra Cosy down to the docking bay was another matter altogether.

    09 - CdrTwisted - The Suit Tester

    Senator Feed was on a Very Special Mission. Torval said so.
    "Buzz, we need you to courier the most important cargo in Imperial history."
    As Silver Stick-in-waiting, Feed was to be the Emperor's bodyguard at the wedding.
    A great honour. But this journey, to the secret venue away from the 'official' ceremony, was a greater honour - delivering the Emperor's outfit.
    He even tried on the gossamer-thin suit in hyperspace. Torval's suggestion. "In case it's poisoned."
    Was it gold? Or blue? Feed couldn't quite tell.
    He set the cockpit to mirror-mode. In case someone saw him wearing the Emperor's New Clothes.

    10 - Clef_Hanger - The Sad Story of Couture Edward

    The scar on my face
    The gun on my waist
    Are extensions of just who I am.
    The clothes that I wear,
    My colour of hair
    All show I'm a "Dangerous" man

    My "sidey" is green
    If you know what I mean
    In a scrapped and a scratched sort of way
    I know it's a green
    But it has to be seen
    By a star, in the cold light of day

    My crimes are creations
    Of great expectations,
    In systems of millions, I'm wanted!
    For in style and in grace
    I have not a trace.
    I am, completely, fa-shun-Ted

    11 - Frank - Design Classics are Never Out of Style

    The prison guards had a common room. One sat reading in his chair "Mick's given us the details of that new prisoner number 28." He put the sheet down to bellow a laugh, "Says we should watch out fer him coz he's a fashion expert."

    He got out of his chair and picked up a lead pipe. "The colours this season are black and blue."

    He opened door 28 to be met by a weedy man pointing a gun in his face. "Where did you get that pistol!?"

    The man answered meekly "I just fashioned it from stuff to hand."

    12 - Listeri69 - Fashion This....

    It was fashion week on Barnard's Star dignitaries from all over the galaxy had come to check out all the latest styles.
    True the Federation wasn't as flamboyant as the empire but the large corporations liked to shift their wares
    Wan Kin had taken on a challenge pulling out a tape measure and beginning to measure up his latest charge....

    Wan Kin rattled off to his assistant, he shook his head maybe he had bitten off more than he could chew this time

    'I give up' he sighed 'I'm never going to be able to make Psykokow look good naked'

    13 - Goose4291 - A Fashionable Waste of Assets

    Senator Torval and her entourage, bedecked in the latest Capitol fashions, strode onto the Fretensis with purpose. The ships Legionnaires, resplendent in Imperial red, snapped to attention in salute to her arrival.

    Standard greetings were formally exchanged, ending with the bored Senator retiring to the more luxurious surroundings of the ships gravity ring.

    Trierarchus Marcellus, Fretensis’ commander, reflected on the pomp and circumstance with disdain, regarding his ship being withdrawn from the warzone just so a Senator could arrive at Capitol aboard a fashionable display of power as wasteful.

    Begrudgingly, he gave the order to set a course for Achenar.

    14 - Darkoba - Dedicated Follower of... or... Fashionably Late is Unacceptable

    The Commander nervously paced the compact bridge of his cruise-ship.

    "But WHY can't we get full acceleration? This won't do! We CAN'T be late for the Achenar Cultural Gathering! We just can't!" he wailed.

    Patiently, the Engineer tried to calm the somewhat hysterical Commander. He placed his hand on the brocaded sleeve of the Commander's uniform.

    "Sir, it's nobbut a 'new-ship' glitch. I'll have it..."

    The Commander pulled away from the Engineer and continued his rant.

    "Get it fixed! Get it fixed NOW! We mustn't be late!"

    "Aye, Sir," the Engineer sighed, "Dinna be fashin' yersel'. I'll fix it the noo."

    15 - Ian Phillips - Fashionable complaints

    "I don't like this"

    "The Pilots jacket clashes with my eyes. Who chose this colour?"

    "Noone would be seen dead in a onesie"

    "My handbag is made from the wrong material. It isn't strong enough, and won't hold up to what I expect to use it for"

    "This show is doomed. Everything on offer is just crap"

    The fashion designer clapped his hands for attention.

    "Ladies, we're about to begin"

    The 150th Elite pilots fashion show started. Stirring music swelled though the auditorium and the traditional flounce down the catwalk began, handbags swirling, forced grins plastered on the models faces.

    16 - MrMogadon - From Riches to Rags at the Barnard Station B.S.F.P.

    With a Swarvian Mountain Jarg’s easy grace, Franquicento Faradiablameri stalked from his limousine into The Fleeced Goose
    (Barnard Station’s most exclusive restaurant) to celebrate his inevitable upcoming triumph at the Barnard’s Star Fashion Palooza.
    His ensemble, his own design obviously, bore his hallmark overtones of languid opulence.

    Eduardo Polloblanco, in his faded orange spacesuit and scuffed mag-boots, watched Franquicento enter the restaurant, remembering when he had looked equally resplendent.
    Eduardo had been lauded at last year’s show, heaped with awards and accolades.
    How things had changed in a year.

    Eduardo correctly predicted: Shabby Space Chic would be huge this year.

    17 - Micky - suits you

    "Illegal, .... illegal, .... highly illegal, ..... pathetic, ..... illegal, ..... and Oooooh dear!. Custom team disembark, Mr Num Par and I need to chat."

    Num Par gives a deep sigh.

    "You do know what this is Par?"

    Num Par shrugs, and gestures, while looking down at the officers federation issue customs creepers.

    "You know what fashions like officer,... supply and demand and all that, .... big wig parties, ...... where REAL POLITICS happens. Its how we even have an Empire!, .......... So, ....................... Whats the fine?"

    "No fine Par,........... this is made from Riedquat Citizen, ......... I'm from ...... Riedquat ................. and your just the right size for a new suit."

    18 - insanephoton - Fashion Victim

    It was an outfit to die for. Felicia studied it with an expert eye while her holo-cam recorded every detail. The styling and colour were perfectly on trend. Hardly surprising considering it was a bespoke outfit from the famous Imperial designer Kowoffski. To own something like that you didn't just need money. You had to have the right connections, be part of the Imperial elite. Everything about it screamed wealth and power, but not anymore. Now it was evidence. It was perhaps the only clue to the identity of it's owner whose body had just been found in Akashi Repairs.

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    All the best to the all entrants this week, and remember:

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    You are missing BLEKES... poor Bleke: Ahh... it was too long. silly Bleke. Hmm.. that was way too long but I tried to edit it as best I could for him:

    TITlE: Blekes an who is either too late or too long to get entered in to the drabble contest of recent. By Bleke

    A new experience: he didn't like it. He was used to raised eyebrows and stifled whispering as he passed. It was even understandable. Overall, humans seemed to be tolerant. But at Winnard's Hole, nobody even acknowledged him.

    Maybe the people at this station were over-sensitive. Then he saw an apparition, his eyes retracted to the safety of his flapping nether-regions. The probeulator? No nastier-looking rayguns were prevalent.

    Finally a cleaning robot talked to Rog; "Are you blind?, It says 'No tie, no service' over the puckered anus at the entrance. Do you think this is some unfashionable backwater of space?"

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    A good bit of liposuction to slim down the story to Drabble proportions, but alas too late for the show. Maybe Psykokow could accommodate him during his readings?

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    A good bit of liposuction to slim down the story to Drabble proportions, but alas too late for the show. Maybe Psykokow could accommodate him during his readings?
    I tried for you Bleke. I am sure it will get an honourable mention lol...

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    I'mma vote for Listeri again. Gotta keep the topics entertaining!

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    If you keep rewarding him for negative behaviour you'll just end up with a more and more misbehaved Listeri69. If you come back from work and find your Listeri69 had deposited a dubious comment on the thread, you have to grab him by the scruff of the collar drag him to the comment and rub his nose in it saying "Bad Listeri69!"

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    Tough choices! Finally voted, but could have used five or six votes. I remember when it was tough to use all three votes, now three're not enough. Times, like fashions, change.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Added my 3 votes, it does get tougher and tougher each week.

    Good luck folks.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    If you keep rewarding him for negative behaviour you'll just end up with a more and more misbehaved Listeri69. If you come back from work and find your Listeri69 had deposited a dubious comment on the thread, you have to grab him by the scruff of the collar drag him to the comment and rub his nose in it saying "Bad Listeri69!"
    Oh, no. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and rub him and caress him and...

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    Remember to join us for the LIVE show tonight 7pm GMT and Live on Lave Radio station too..

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    I have update the OP with Video and Audio...

    thanks everyone for taking part!!

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    Thanks for those kind words about my Drabble. My twitch connection decided to drop just at the point where you were reading it out. The timing of it looked too perfect for it to be coincidence.

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    Thanks Simoof. Good job on the edit.

    It's not that I like to live dangerous. It's just that when you've got a ringing tone in your ears from lack of sleep and are about to head out on another double shift at work, then you'll have to submit whatever drabble-ish you can. Word count and submission deadlines be damned.

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