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Thread: Rare goods tool

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    Rare goods tool


    i want let you know my tool for rare goods but i can't write hyperlink

    what i can do?

    Sorry for my bad english

    Cmdr. Mamurra

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    I found a link to your Rare Goods Route planner on another thread. Don't worry about your English as it is better than some native English speakers anyway.

    The tool is here:

    This I think is going to be really useful and rep for this is well deserved. Thank you.

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    Found out your tool yesterday, wanted to post but it was already snowed under in the forums on page 4. Had to search for it. Ive added your tool as a post in the thread "Complete list of all third party tools, spreadsheets, manuals and other data sources". Hopefully it now get the exposure it deserves, fingers crossed. Ive NOT added it to the OP because of the following: Copy/paste from a post in another (very nice thread) thread:

    The thread will hopefully be changed in a few weeks/month or so. Its getting to long and the spoiler tags are leaking, updating becomes suboptimal etc. The info in it will be put on a website for easier access, provides much more funcitonality. All data will be accessible in the end with the aid of an API and/or readonly access to the database. So commanders who want to use the data in an iphone/android/windows phone app, automatically import it in a wiki, create a different website which is better/different can do so - sharing resources is key. The thread can/will then be used to post new entries/changes/updates etc.

    This is all thanks to the great help of commander Biobob who is going to build it. Not to forget the hosting service which is providing the EDDN with free hosting (see the EDDN wiki for details) as the website/tool probably will be put on the EDDN server. Nice to see how the community is helping each other. Cool.

    Note: A list of threads which do not belong to a certain tool would also fit nicely in the 3rd party tools tool.

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    In the past your excellent tool, thread has been added to EDCodex. Before EDCodex was released on the 17th of August you have received in the period 5th - 10th of August a PM with an invitation and a special link. After registering and logging in you would automatically become owner of your entry. According to the admin tool(s) you haven't used the special link (yet). Perhaps you have missed the PM or have been (temporarily) away from ED. Its also possible you choose not to claim your entry. Note: Its also possible to assign another commander editing rights for your entry. In either case please send us a PM. You can find your EDCodex entry here.

    Alternative way to get ownership
    The special link will cease to function in the (near) future, for security reasons. Should you after that point want to become owner of your entry you can use the "Claim ownership" button. In that case please send biobob or myself a PM with the email addressed you used for registration - for verification. You can also use this procedure if you no longer have the PM.

    What is EDCodex:
    Its a website with a database of currently approx 215+ tools,threads,websites,videos for ED. Any one can and is encouraged to add entries there. EDCodex is and should be community-driven. EDCodex companion thread. Its equally suited for PC's, tablets and smartphones and has RSS feeds.

    With kind regards,

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    Hey Mamurra.

    Since you redirect the service to another site, i coud'nt use it any more. Is not working here.
    But there is no error message. Just nothing happen anymore when i type a system on the field...

    Edit: Mamurra fixed it.
    I found him on email and he was superB.
    Good job Mamurra!