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Thread: [TUTORIAL] How to avoid griefers or base campers - a quide how to survive

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    [TUTORIAL] How to avoid griefers or base campers - a quide how to survive

    Greetings Commanders!

    I would like to share my over a three years long experience in ED with you.
    In a single sentence, this tutorial will be about how to survive, how to make good habits and how to make your game easier, quicker, more pleasant and less frustrating.

    Understanding this tutorial will make you almost untouchable.

    The golden rules

    First you need to understand when to fight and when to run. This knowledge can help you not only in Elite, but in real life too, even when driving a car.

    The four rules of Krav Maga that are extremely helpful:
    1. Avoid dangerous places and situations.
    2. If you are in dangerous place or situation, leave area immediately
    3. If you are in dangerous place or situation and you cannot leave, fight with using all items that can help you.
    4. If you are in dangerous place or situation, you cannot leave, and there is no any items which you may use, fight at your maximum capabilities, without any limitations.

    As you see the first rule simply means: "RUN".

    Okay, enough of boring theory, let’s get to the point. I will show you how to run away efficiently.
    Running away it is not being a coward. Running away is a strategic retreat in a sketchy situation, because dying when you have possibility to RUN AWAY (and maintain your valuable life and resources) in military language is called "stupidity".


    You need to realize and make decision, this is the first and most important thing: stay and fight or RUN. It will be a life and death fight. Your decision should be based on a few questions you should ask yourself:
    1. Are you combat orientated player? (do you have combat experience) (yes/no)
    2. Are you playing with a good joystick or hotas? (yes/no)
    3. Is your ship combat outfitted? (I.e.: do you have armour, largest possible shield, cellbanks, shield boosters and strong weapons set) (yes/no)
    4. Is your ship more powerful or equal than the enemy ship? (yes/no)
    5. Are you in a 1-on-1 situation or are you outnumbered? (yes/no)
    6. Is your ship in a good condition, meaning 100% hull and shields? (yes/no)
    7. Are you focused, is this "your day", do you feel good and ready? (yes/no)

    If all of the answers are YES, you can stay and fight and maybe you will be able to show your enemy where his place is. Or maybe not. You have 50/50 chance now. I am not saying you will win, but you have a good chance to do so. You are on your own from this moment. This tutorial is not about combat, this one is about keeping you alive.

    If one of answers is NO, then your decision should be RUN as fast as possible, and I am 100% sure about that.

    Remember, the decision about staying and fighting or RUNNING can be only made once. After that there will be no retreat, so your decision should be quick and you need to be 100% sure about wanting to fight. If it is 99%, you need to RUN.
    Game mechanics allows to run away in almost every ship and every situation; it is easy when you know how, and I will show you that.

    If you disagree with my opinion you should stop reading now, because this tutorial is not for you

    Your ship

    Before we start, we need to say a few words about your shiny ship. Yes, there are a few rules you need to know.
    1) You always have to have maxed Thrusters and maxed Capacitor. This will allow you to boost almost instantly. I highly recommend to do at least 3 Grade dirty drive upgrade in the Felicity Farseer workshop.
    2) You need to have shields at all times. And you need good shields. I don't mean maxed out, because you'll also need space for your cargo racks, but they need to be strong enough.
    Well, on small ships they should be maxed out, because they are cheap, but on a larger vessels like ASP etc., a 5D/C shields will be enough.
    3) You always need to have some shield boosters and it will be good to have some cellbanks, the best choice of course is A grade, both in cellbanks and boosters. You don't need as many shots in cellbanks - how strong they are is much more important.
    4) Always have Heatsink or Chaff. Some of folks will be trying to unlock the target (you), some of them will have fixed weapons or rails, but the most important thing is that they will have reduced firepower.
    5) It's also good to have a point defence turret installed. They're cheap as dirt, consume little energy, and weight almost nothing. This will give you immunity to guided missiles.

    Remember: GREED KILLS. So you need to pay for thrusters, get good shields and you need to deal with a loss of some cargo racks for shields. That’s how it works.
    I earned almost 400 millions Credits and I'm still alive thanks to these rules. Without a single loss. In fact, nobody got me so far.
    And as you I've started with a basic ship with no cash.

    Griefers, the people who attack you without any reason, want you dead only because they can.

    You need to understand who griefer is. Griefer is a person with one goal - to kill you because they can.
    How to avoid them and run away? It's really easy.

    Important thing when dealing with a griefer is the element of surprise. You do not have it, but the griefer does.

    How does a griefer's attack look like in most cases? It is an interdiction. Why do you think you are interdicted? To talk? That somebody would say 'hello!'?
    I will tell you. NO. If somebody is interdicting you, their intention is to kill you. He can talk to you in supercruise, so there is a place where he can say "hello" to you.

    A griefer is ready for a fight. He is focused on his goal and he has his ship outfitted for combat. He has hull and shields upgrades and he knows his way around the weapons.
    Luckily griefers almost always fly cheap combat ships such as Viper or Cobra. They are fast, but they have not enough punch to destroy you before you flee.
    Of course you can be interdicted by an NPC, police, bounty hunter, however you should always be ready for the worst case scenario.

    What should you do? You can evade interdiction, it is good solution, but if you can’t (because it is hard for you) or in a first few seconds you see you are not able to evade the best you can do is to SUBMIT to the interdiction.

    You also should check who is interdicting you (NPC, Police, or Player) by utilising that 'highest threat' button in your key binding options. It will help you to make a decision about running or fighting. We will again focus on running.

    1. Submit, because if you do, your FSD cooldown time will be very short and your ship won't take additional damage. Remember to have 4 PIP's on SYS (shields) to reduce ramming interdiction, 2 to ENG.
    2. After submitting to the interdiction you need to deal with the element of surprise of your attacker. Hit boost and boost again. It is very likely the griefer will attack you soon as possible, so don’t wait for it!
    In meantime you should check your scanner ASAP to confirm who has interdicted you, maybe there is more than one ship. You need to make the run/fight decision in a split second.
    You are not a fighter I assume, so we better choose to RUN.
    3. We will stay a bit longer at this point.
    If Your ship is faster than enemy ship, all you need to do is to have a 4 pips in engines, 2 pips in shields, 0 in weapons and boost and boost... before your FSD will be able to jump. Remember, the weapon range of your enemy is about 3 - 3.5 km, so you need to have chaffs and point defence turret installed on your ship. Your enemy will be forced to have 4 pips in engines to pursuit you, so he will only have 2 pips in weapons, and with that he will have a problem with maintaining continuous fire.
    IF Your ship is slower than attacking ship, the better solution will be 4 PIP's in shields, 2 in ENG and 0 in WEP. It will let you to stay a bit longer. Remember: on 4 PIPs in SHIELDS, Your shields are over 2,5 times stronger than on 1,2,3 PIP's. Thats how it works.
    4. The enemy will probably try to masslock your ship. Remember that jumping to supercruise without a masslock takes 5 seconds. Jumping to another system takes 15 seconds.
    So what should you do? It depends on your ship. If it's faster and heavier than the enemy ship, you can jump to supercruise, because the masslock factor will not slow you down much or you will be able to quickly leave the masslock zone of the enemy ship.
    If your ships is smaller/slower the better solution is jumping to another system, because Hyperjump charge time is not affected by masslock, so you just need to select a random system from left panel (or be prepared and have one pre-selected in the map before - then you can bring destination from a "Next Waypoint" bindable button), and you will be safe in 15 seconds.
    5. When you are running on boost keep dodging enemy fire with your lateral thrusters (left,right,top,bottom) to make you a harder aim for fixed weapons and rails.
    6. Be aware of your ship temperature. If the enemy is using heat weapons then use HeatSinks to lower Your temperature. High temperature may cause your FSD failure.

    This is almost 100% guarantee method for getting away from griefers, pirates, bounty hunters etc. You can safely flee this way from 2-3 enemies.

    Station campers.

    It is hard to me to imagine how station campers can be a real treat, because it is incredibly easy to avoid them.
    Knowledge about that will help you not only to avoid campers, but will also make your game better and avoiding campers is just a set of good practices.

    When arriving at a station....

    1. When still in supercruise, approach the station from the planet's side. This will ensure you drop from the SC in front of station entrance rather then at it's backside.
    2. Look out for small ships like Sideys, Eagles, drones, without shields.
    3. When you are near the station then SLOW DOWN below 100m/s, 4 PIP's to shields. If you are under 100m/s then nothing will happen
    4. dock&land.

    When departing...
    1. Set your destination before launching.
    2. Get 4 pips to shields, 2 to engines, 0 to weapons and select "Launch".
    3. Look out for small ships like Sideys, Eagles, drones, without shields.
    4. Go to the station exit, be sure you have free way and when you will be going through the grill hit the boost and transfer energy from shields to engine (wait until your OUT of the station to do that!). FLY BELOW 100m/s
    4. If you are in very fast ship, or with a ship with very strong shields, Boost, boost and jump. Again, watch for small ships.
    5. if you are in slow and weak ship then AVOID SPEEDING. You may be a victim of stattion rammer and station may destroy you.

    As you can see it is a piece of cake. No griefer will ever get you because they will not have time to do it.

    WARNING. In anarchy systems Griefer may be waiting just after behind the station. Only one good method is 4 PIP's to engines, quick run and high wake just after station mass-lock.

    They still trying to hit me or they trying to interdict me

    Okay, now what you should do when you successfully left and they try to kill you over and over?
    1. Just leave them alone in their own hell. Go and play in another system. You have 400 billion of them. And there are a lot of good trade routes to be found.
    Griefers and campers are there where they have best chance to meet weaker player than they are.
    My grandfather used to say: "Don't argue with a stupid, because someone else can mistake you for one'.
    2. If you have other ships, cash, and you are a combat pilot, and you want to have some fun, take your combat ship and show them where they belong. But remember, even if you have upgraded FDL or Python you will be lost in 1 vs 2 situation.
    3. Get some friends, and repeat point 2, however it may cost you some time. If you are peaceful trader or explorer just go to point 1.

    That’s all, Commanders, Fly safe.... and remember: greed may kill you, do not hesitate a second and get the best thrusters!
    Enjoy playing in Open Play, meet new fantastic people around the galaxy. Griefers and station campers are perhaps less than 0.01% of all the player base, but it is good to know how to avoid them.
    This tutorial could be an underground galaxy death sentence for me, but I don't care, let them try to get me!

    Thanx for CMDR Baton and CMDR rootsrat for grammar and style correction.

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    Nice guide - have some rep !! I will clip this and mention it in my next Blog update!

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    Sad that this guide is needed, but you get trolls in most games.

    Have some rep.

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    Originally Posted by Kyokushin View Post (Source)
    Running away it is not being a coward. Running away is a strategic retreat in a sketchy situation, because dying when you have possibility to RUN AWAY (and maintain your valuable life and resources) in military language is called "stupidity".
    Agree. Two weeks ago, I dropped to an high conflict zone in Lugh, chose my faction and then I saw that the ~10 CMDRS were all RED. AND there was one or two green npc. I ran and while I was doing that, one of them said "You p**sy.
    No, I'm just not stupid, what's the point of fighting if I know I will die in a matter of seconds before having the possibility to fight back ?
    It's actually pretty clever to know when to run, to know when to avoid useless loss that would be useful on a next battle.
    I'm not going to die for the pleasure of my opponent, or for "honor".

    QUOTE: "I don't like warriors. Too narrow-minded, no subtlety. And worse, they fight for hopeless causes. Honor? Huh! Honor's killed millions of people, it hasn't saved a single one"

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    Yes. And when enemy have advantage he will be luring you to break running and doubtless die.
    Insulting, engaging to discussion, everything what wil stop or slow pressing a boost button.

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    To gain intelligence on what might be happening in the galaxy, consider scanning who is broadcasting on twitch. Especially those known to partake in PvP. And then don't go where they are or risk dying on a live stream...

    Also check the Galnet RSS feed as community goals (and hence often pirate rich systems) are announced there, so you can go prepared..

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    Very thorough guide. Nice work.

    Fly safe Commander.

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    +1 for the effort at keeping players in open.

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    well done
    rep at ya

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    Good guide. + rep.
    Personally I would put 4 pips to systems when boosting as pips to engines only affect your top speed. Boost speed is unaffected by engine pips. Better to have max strength to your shields while running.
    Be aware that after v1.3 launches if you have a collision in a station and your speed is over 100m/s you will be fined. Keep below this and you'll avoid collision fines.
    Best thing to do before approaching station is to do a quick scan of all the CMDRs ships in there. If anyone looks suspicious to you, go elsewhere or wait.

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    Couldn't help but laugh at your definition of *Griefing* though. How is attacking/interdicting another player IN A PVP GAME called "Griefing"

    It's funny how people keep throwing this word around without even knowing what it means....

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    Very nice guide!

    And as for griefing, just because you can kill other commanders doesn't make it ok to do so just for your own messed up enjoyment. I mean a sane person doesn't go around killing people or ruining their lives in rl just because it's possible. Ill leave it at that in fear of becoming the latter part of OP's grandfathers wisdom quote.

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    Have all the rep in the world!

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    Great words to start your post there, espically dont be in dangerous places. That will save you more then anything else. Any commander or gentelbeing of any rank should always begin any player interaction with a o7 salute or another appropriate moniker. If combat is the desired then negotiations should keep most from being overmatched. Unless it is a declared warzone or conflict then have at em. Also I believe that in strict piracy the comms can be your best weapon espically if your clean. Pirates of old usually decived rather then overpowered. I digress, my last point is to add to become as familar as possible with assist-off. Most all combat is in flight mode and thats what combat commander s expect. Also three axis vectors are nih impossibe to hit with anything but lasers in a few second timeframe and if you boost/change vector, at least 45deg they prolly cant touch you

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