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Thread: Your Elite Questions

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    Your Elite Questions

    Hi folks,

    As you may have heard, we're proud to be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Elite with a brand new Elite website: - where you can find peoples memories (I expect some of your own to be appearing there!) of Elite, new wallpapers and some original screenshots.

    As well as this, we're running various contests for the Forums, Twitter and Facebook - so I'm opening this thread for you to submit your questions to David Braben - who will answer them through the forums.

    Alternatively you can submit them through Frontier's Twitter for the Twitter Q&A on Wednesday 23rd.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Apart from the obvious one.......

    Did you have any idea just how big Elite would become, and, if you could change anything about the original Elite would you?


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    1) How long did it take to write the algorythm which created all the planetary details of the original Elite? Is it true that the routine was only 800 bytes in size?

    2) Did you ever make it to Elite status in any of the games?!

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    Mr Braben,

    Did your university support you at the time of creating the original elite or was it done to the possible detriment of your other studies, once you started on elite did it take over your entire life untill completed?

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    1. How close to/far away was the end product of Frontier Elite 2 to your initial imagining?

    2. The game design and art direction in Frontier First Encounters was drastically different and in some ways more organic (almost alien in a way) than Elite and FE2. The thing I enjoyed about Elite and FE2 was a feeling of realism and utility of ship design which, in my opinion, was somwhat lost in FFE. I'm curious as to the reasoning behind the changes and whether there is going to be a return to the original feel in E4 or if it's going to be a further development to FFE?

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    If you were doing FE2/FFE today, how different would it be from the original?

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    Actually I have one more - Who is responsible for the original Elite logo artwork - it's extremely cool.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Although this isn't a question I would expect to be added to the list for the Q&A I've always wondered what FFE would have been like if it had been allowed to be completed.

    Would there have been more Missions?
    Would there have been additional ships leter in the game?
    Would the Thargoids returned?


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    My question is...

    Assuming Elite IV follows the same open-ended route of its predecessors, do you think publishers etc. will be more understanding and receptive of that concept than they were when you were trying to find a publisher for the original Elite? Have games like Grand Theft Auto helped in that regard?

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    Im 43 now and when i was 25yrs younger i bought Elite for the C64 and loved every minute of it.
    I still have the original C64 Elite game in the original box..

    All I ask is, is there a new Elite being made?
    Thanks Blue Flames for that, I forgot to mention:
    Also when are we gonna see new a screen shot of this new Elite or Preview?
    Ive only for another 30-50yrs left

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    Originally Posted by SCi-Fi View Post (Source)
    All I ask is, is there a new Elite being made?
    No need to wait for that to be answered Sci-Fi, Braben: "It would be mad for us not to work on Elite IV", and my question is related too.

    Q. Back when The Outsider was revealed in Edge a couple of years back there was a quote from Mr B. saying there would be separate Elite IV single player offline and MMO games, I just wondered if that was still the plan?

    Also - DS version of Elite I? Pretty please ...

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    Have you and Ian Bell finally buryed the hatchet (not in each other?)

    Were there any influnences on the ship design or was it driven by what could be fitted into the
    computers menory.

    Are Thargoids related to 2000AD editor Tharg

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    My couple of questions..

    First off, thank you so much for many years of gaming fun and history... I still own Elite for the C64, Amiga, and PC.. (As well as Frontier and First Encounters for both Amiga and PC)..

    I've been patiently waiting for many years for what Elite IV would or could be..

    With that, here's my questions:

    In the past, I've heard/read rumors that Elite IV might be a two part game system.. a single player (offline) game and a multi-player (online) game. Somehow these two would be developed with overlapping schedules and they would be released as stand-alone entities. Is this still the plan, or will Elite IV be a single release? With the way today's Consoles/Games are being developed, that may make the concept of Downloadable Content (DLC) a perfect fit for things like additional ships, mission packs, etc. Has that been considered as a means of either extending the game, the 'life-cycle' of the game, or as a planned rollout of functionality that may not be ready at launch?

    Secondly, there has been a growth in the 'elite' experience over time.. from the original 'star and planet' to a whole galaxy with planets and cities... The big question would be .. can we finally LEAVE the ship and explore the planet on foot? And not as a gimmick for entering a shop or something that could be done easier and quicker via a UI, but as an integral part of the game.. for taking place in combat situations 'hand to hand' or doing mining for gems or gold in mountains and creeks? With the power of today's graphics engines, combined with the seeded generation of planets and landscapes, this seems possible in a single player environment (unlike the impact of shared resources in a mutli-user environment)... is this on the table as possible, or will we still be restricted to ship-board life forever?

    Third, (this is a major crystal ball question) if there are multi-platform releases (PS3/360/PC), could they be interoperable or will there be fundamental differences between them preventing that? One example I see is that the PC platform is easier to extend from both a programming space perspective as well as a hardware platform. If I need 8gb of ram to play, I can go get more. With a console, the limit is set to be what it is. I'm concerned that by aiming at consoles, that may limit what Elite IV 'could be'... Difficulties with extra controls (not enough buttons without a keyboard or some sort of chatpad), memory limitations, graphics throughput, etc.. all could play a factor in limiting either size, performance, or multi-player. I'd rather be 'forced' to play it on a PC rather than get a watered down experience on a console. However, there is the opportunity to reverse this and use this to an advantage. Still consider interoperability, but limit 'sections' of the game to the console version. I would be happy to fly around and 'shoot stuff' on my 360, maybe wander about the virtual worlds on the PS3, and then come back to the PC to tie it all together and manage my virtual empire.

    Fourth and final question... There have been other titles which have attempted to do some 'Elite Style' games.. The X series (X-Beyond the Frontier, X-Tension, X2, X3, etc.), EVE Online, and many others have introduce the idea of building stations, owning planets, fleets, and resources, and other things that 'fit' with the idea of what I feel Elite represents as a game. Any chance of incorporating some of these ideas into the 'final' design of the game?

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    Imagine computing power wasn't an issue, what would be your perfect version of Elite, even down to controller type?

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    One thing I, and I think a lot of others, loved about the Elite and Frontier games were their sense of wonder. I think this was partly evoked by the artwork, the way the manual was written (like a cobra flight manual) and the novella.

    All these things helped the Elite universe seem more that the sum of its parts and fired our imaginations (like the rumors of Space Dredgers), how important do you feel these things were in cementing the 'mystique' of Elite and were you conscious of their importance at the time?

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