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  • 01 - Simoof - A guide to your Mods: This week - Frank. A semi-hard lesson.

    3 12.50%
  • 02 - Erik Marcaigh - Oculus Rift v.3301

    5 20.83%
  • 03 - DocStone - Meanwhile, elsewhere, Tammy smiled

    2 8.33%
  • 04 - Corinthian - First Time User Guide

    7 29.17%
  • 05 - {SAS}Stalker - -untitled-

    3 12.50%
  • 06 - azdour - It's not who you know but what they know

    1 4.17%
  • 07 - Listeri69 - A spoon of less burgers helps the tommy go down.....

    2 8.33%
  • 08 - Splendour - DON'T PANIC

    6 25.00%
  • 09 - Clef_Hanger - Guided by the hand of God

    4 16.67%
  • 10 - Steed - An unhealthy imagination.

    3 12.50%
  • 11 - Yaffle - Thirst

    5 20.83%
  • 12 - Frank - Lost for Words

    2 8.33%
  • 13 - Goose4291 - Policing Action

    1 4.17%
  • 14 - T.j - A humble guide to maximum doltage

    3 12.50%
  • 15 - MrMogadon - Vomit: An Unexpected Visual Aid

    2 8.33%
  • 16 - CdrTwisted - Framespotting

    4 16.67%
  • 17 - Telakin - Misguided

    6 25.00%
  • 18 - Ian Phillips - Guidance given.

    2 8.33%
  • 19 - Darkoba - When the Student is Ready the Guide Will Appear

    1 4.17%
  • 20 - Psykokow - Reality Guide

    6 25.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Abraka-Drabble Poll ~ This week's theme: Guide

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    Abraka-Drabble Poll ~ This week's theme: Guide

    I'm back from a heck of a lot of work, and I'm helping host again. And you know what? I forgot just how diligent you have to be putting the poll together and how much work is involved. Thank you to the others who have been hosting: Psykokow, Frank, and Galactic Midden (Ok, I think Midden did it ONCE, but still, he gets a sliver of respect for that, eh?). If I missed anyone else, my apologies.

    What we have here is a set of our finest (ok, first 20) drabbles that have been entered this week. It's YOUR job to read through them, find the ones you most enjoy and feel they lend to our Elite: Dangerous experience, and vote for them! Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and comedy hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only, if you want only your ears to bleed)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual, should you wish to spout blood from both your eyes & ears!)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can infect the world with our drabblings!

    So pick the best three (3) drabbles that you feel most guided towards.

    Voting will end Sunday evening ~9:30pm BST. The winner(s) of this week's Drabble Contest get to choose next week's topic.

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    01 - Simoof - A guide to your Mods: This week - Frank. A semi-hard lesson.

    Pontas is the main producer of Ammaphat H-Ore,(the densest H-Ore, even denser than Psykokow),
    Ammaphat-H was exclusively mined by Amazonional type women.
    Frank had faked his credentials for his big expose on men not being allowed on Pontas.
    "We scatter this sand and it will pool in the Ammaphat-H rich areas due to it's immense Gravitational pull."
    The guide motioned them forward.
    As 'Francine' was mid-step over a large blob of sand he suddenly realised why he had seen no men.
    "oh... balls!" he screamed.
    An Amazonial "woman" lifted her skirt at Francine and smiled knowingly.
    Elsewhere, Tammy sharted.

    02 - Erik Marcaigh - Oculus Rift v.3301

    Kalran felt the ship lift off and gravity quickly melt away. He activated his ocular implant and waited those precious seconds while it booted up. It read his thoughts as he instructed it not to connect to the ship's computers. That would alert the criminals. Instead he interfaced with the station and scanned the ships within vicinity. There were four mobile and one lifting off within a few minutes. Three system authority... No, they'll be as crooked as Winnard's Hole. A Fer-de-Lance... no information. Cobra... trade manifest.

    He sent an encrypted message to the Cobra, "Guide the hunters to me."

    03 - DocStone - Meanwhile, elsewhere, Tammy smiled

    Still suffering from the after-effects of whatever designer-virus Dr Ted had managed to dose her with, Tammy gingerly stepped into the debriefing room.

    “Please, have a seat” said Cmdr Thrawn, motioning to the plasteel chair on her left.

    “I’d rather stand sir” replied Tammy, wincing inwardly at the thought.

    “As you wish. I did hear you had an “incident”, most unfortunate. How is Mr Onion?”

    “Extended leave sir”

    “Harrumph! Hate to see a good man indisposed. Now, about Dr Ted. Was he aware of the surveillance?”

    “No sir, he has guided us right to them”

    “Ready your ships”

    Tammy smiled

    04 - Corinthian - First Time User Guide

    Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the Sidewinder user guide.

    Firstly, if you press the blue button on the left of your console (presses button) you will eject your cargo.


    Don’t press this button.

    If you now press the green square button (pushes button, alarms sound) you will fire your weapons.


    Don’t under any circumstance press this button in a space station, you have been warned.

    Most importantly though is the Big Red button to your left, if you press this button (carefully presses) you’ll engage the self destruct mechanism on your ship.


    On the… Boom.

    05 - {SAS}Stalker - -untitled-

    Sunday morning arrived and Murray was out in his usual spot on the porch so he could feel the sun on his face again.

    Every morning for the last twenty years he had sat out here come rain or shine, just Murray and the only friend in the world he had left.

    How he missed the sight of the sun, the many suns that he had seen as a high ranked Empire trader before his shattered canopy had robbed him of his eyes.

    To his right a wet nose nuzzled his hand and he knew it was time for breakfast.

    06 - azdour - It's not who you know but what they know

    This year we took a gamble with a trip of a lifetime with a cruise company I had never heard of.

    But as it turned out, I had nothing to worry about.

    The years space cruise passed quickly.

    The sights were magnificent. The banquets and entertainment, first class. An excellent guide and host.

    My best moment?

    Easy... The intersecting of the five stars of Wenjar that bathed the planet with a dancing mirage of colours that induced its own form of a hypnotic high on us.

    Definitely a once in a lifetime trip.

    The name of the company?

    The Guide.

    07 - Listeri69 - A spoon of less burgers helps the tommy go down.....

    'Ok Boil's Song for Tommy take one'
    The producer sighed how had music got this way, it's for a charitable cause he thought.
    'Guide the burgers from Tommy' had been a huge success and his weight was no longer pulling in small sidewinders into his orbit.
    The music welled to fever pitch in the space studio and Susan Boils began to sing

    'Before Tommy was a planet he was uncharted
    but the effort you gave was so kind hearted
    and now his weight has slowly departed
    he no longer needs a wheelchair to be carted
    But meanwhile elsewhere Tammy Sharted'

    08 - Splendour - DON'T PANIC

    "Why is the subether radio dead? Why does Bernard Star look wrong? Where did the hyperspace junction go?"

    A wedge shaped ship screamed past the bridge. Two more ships followed spewing antiquated projectiles after the first.

    "Holy Zarquon's singing fish! Marvin, what’s going on out there?"

    "You won’t like the answer.”

    "Just tell us."

    "I’m afraid it will only depress you."

    "Spit it out metal-mouth, before I find a way to short your pain receptors with this towel!"

    "Have it your way. We've ended up in a parallel dimension, one in which only the Earthmen developed sentience."

    "Belgium, man. Belgium!"

    09 - Clef_Hanger - Guided by the hand of God


    Now that's acceleration.

    That's what I call speed. What a rush!

    Phew, I haven't gone that fast...well......ever!

    So, where am I going?

    Lets see, Cobra on the left firing cannons, eagle about to explode, Python, beam lazers, Asp, shields down.

    I'm in a war zone!

    Swerve to avoid the Clipper debris and, is that?

    It is.

    A capitol ship, over by the planet.

    Lets take a look at that!

    It's huge, look at the size of those engines.

    Wonder how close I can get?


    In his cockpit, Godfrey armed another missile and selected his next target.

    10 - Steed - An unhealthy imagination.

    'Use the force Luke!'
    He focused, target closing, steady, steady ...

    Something made Killian slam his head into the console. Hard.
    Lifting it brought terror. Staring at the closing Coriolis he gently released the trigger as he felt blood well and run. These 'daydreams' in his beloved holos weren't fun any more.


    The operator stared from Killian's eyes as he docked, the implant's calibration complete. Using the antique holos was inspired, they gave so many hooks to pull into his fragile mind and ... guide its path.
    The client would be pleased, the boy's father would soon learn the price for betrayal.

    11 - Yaffle - Thirst

    Seventeen days. Arlot looked around the fox-hole. Shemba sleeping against the door, quivering in some nightmare, clutching white-knuckled the dwindling water supply.

    Returning to sentry duty he watched the searing sun scorching the sand, nothing living, nothing moving. He blinked. He stared, there was, yes, a figure, but who? He lifted the sniper rifle to use the scope to see. The dust rose from the movement, dancing in the shaft of light, in his eyes and his nose. He sneezed, convulsed, the noise waking Shemba.

    “What’s up?”

    Dry throated and wanting to cry he said “I just shot the guide”.

    12 - Frank - Lost For Words

    Sammy screamed "I don't want to sell astro-cookies!"

    Her mother replied sternly "You're a girl guide, Samantha. You need to earn your badge."

    Her father was more understanding, "If she doesn't want to do it, well then.. she doesn't have to."

    "Yes she does need to do it! We Germans have a strong work ethic."

    "You say you're German but you don't have a German accent. It sounds more Californian than anything else."

    "Yeah? Well that deep, echoing voice of yours? What's that all about?"

    Sammy ran out of the room. Both parents yelled after her "Stay away from Tammy!"

    13 - Goose4291 - Policing Action

    The cohort of Gladius fighters nimbly darted between the thick pell-mell of asteroids.
    Decurio Oligirio checked his scanner for contacts whilst listening to the instructions of their guide, Mr Onion, a smuggler who had been ‘convinced’ to lead them to his comrades.
    Suddenly the intensity of the asteroids lessened, revealing the profile of a decrepit bulk transport, a hulk the pirates had been using as their base of operations in the Synteni system.
    “Fretensis Actual, this is Arcani Flight. Target acquired.” He opened the throttle, signalling to the rest of the cohort to do likewise. There would be no survivors.

    14 - T.j - A humble guide to maximum doltage

    The Star's billowing mass of billion, trillion hydrogen explosions filled the Cobra's Cockpit with a ominous orangey certainty.

    'I gunnae dee!!!' Kow screamed in terror.

    Sparks flew from the ships controls welded solid under a thick gloopy oaty crust.

    Temperature alarms screamed louder.

    Desperately grabbing the pilots manual from where he'd used it to wedge the multiple boxes of porridge in place, the pink letters on the front were not a lot of help.


    'Dinna Panac!! Hoot's Mon!!! He wailed.

    Porridge stained fingers opened the manual.

    "Panic may be a viable option you dolt." The words inside read.

    15 - MrMogadon - Vomit: An Unexpected Visual Aid

    The ship landed automatically at the beacon.

    Scunner disembarked. Immediately seeing nothing which concerned him.

    Absolutely nothing!
    Not an absence of something, like an empty room. No room!
    Not even a hole where a missing room wasn’t. Just a soul sucking void.

    Overwhelmed by vertigo he threw up. Vomit splattered; giving shape to previously unseeable plants and rocks.

    His comms link crackled into life:
    “Scunner. Stay put. We’re sending a dog for you. Hold its collar in your left hand. Walk slowly. Keep it close. He’ll bring you in.
    Otherwise, keep puking and head stellar north
    Welcome to Vanta Prime!”



    16 - CdrTwisted - Framespotting

    Choose life, that wee bawfaced radge telt us. Aye, whit about life? Ah'm choosing Onionhead.

    Amazonionhead as you'll get. Ah can feel it in mah gizzard, boilin up out ay mah guts as if ah huvnaeshat fir weeks an a braw wee man is trynascape from my erse the wrong way. Ah'm melting inside. Oan a planet, you feel like crap. In freefaw, it's fantastic.

    Onionhead is mah guide to life. If ah didnae huv fifteen tonnes ay the stuff, ah wouldnae've got tae the Pipestem. Now ah'm almost spitting at the core. Put that in your tam'o'sharter, Mr Bawface.

    17 - Telakin - Misguided

    "Oh it's beautiful", she smiled, pressing his hand as they watched the explosions. "There - another one and what a cracker!

    "Just the best for our anniversary!" he answered.

    They'd been together now for 10 years, jumping from system to system, causing mayhem and extorting money. The occasion deserved a display like this.

    "I guess we have another 5 min before system authority shows up." He smiled back at her.

    "How did you manage to do it?"

    "Not to spoil the fun, but I just hacked the Nav-Beacon and moved it into the critical heat zone. Ships jump in and - instant fireworks!"

    18 - Ian Phillips - Guidance given.

    Are you lost my son? Perhaaps you search for something to fill your existence with light and satisfaction?
    Do your prayers to Lady Chance and Ifni the Uncaring Universe not get answered?

    You will find all you need down on the planets surface. We came here centuries ago to await the return of the Guide.

    You just provide an open and receptive heart, and of course a permit to land. You can obtain one from our permits office, here behind me.

    The planet is closed to all but those who are genuinly seeking guidance in this rough and indifferent galaxy.

    19 - Darkoba - When the Student is Ready the Guide Will Appear.

    "Dammit! That board's shot too!" Dan almost screamed at himself as he realised the fourth spare navcalc. board was SNAFU.

    "I'll kill that electronics trader!" he snarled, then "If I ever get back." he reflected.

    Ironically, he realised the anger-management course had been a waste of time and money, as he imagined what he'd do to the trader.

    Finally, somehow, he managed to calm himself down and start constructive thought on how to solve his predicament. At that moment a blip appeared on the scanner. Eventually, a ship arrived.

    "Hello? Lost? Follow me." a friendly voice spoke from his communicator.

    20 - Psykokow - Reality Guide

    Psykokow scratched his head “I don’t see it”
    Listeri69 grabbed the map “She definitely said it was there… we paid good money for that asteroid data”
    “High Painite yields, we find it, we’ll be rich for sure” Psykokow cheered, then remembering they hadn’t found it on the map yet returned to concentrating on the picture of what looks like burning vomit in front of them..
    “She said it was near Achenar”
    “U2-A, U2-B, U2-C…. this is taking forever!!!” complained Simon “U2-D, U2-E”
    “IT must be somewhere around there, what was the name of the system she sold us?”
    “U2-P Soff”

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    Cast my votes.

    Good luck you lovely lot.

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    I shall leave my votes until after hearing them read out in Kow's dulcet tones.

    However, we have had 6 voters and only 17 votes. Come on, admit it, who cocked it up?

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    Too many excellent drabbles, not enough votes!

    If I'd messed up it would have been voting for too many not too few.

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    Dammit, I have a really inactive social life but I always seem to be out or otherwise engaged at 7pm on a Friday. Why is that? Bah.

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    Audio is a big bit messed up, sorry....... technical issues continue to kick my !

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)

    Audio is a big bit messed up, sorry....... technical issues continue to kick my !
    Good show again. :thumbsup:

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    Hm, I seem to have misplaced my guide, so I'm stuck here, in the emptiness of space, with just one vote (for which I am undyingly grateful), and I don't know which way to go...

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    OOOH voting closes tonight and its very much a 4-way race still..... who will steal it? Will anyone come from the rear and explode into pole position???

    OOOH Sooo exciting

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    Nobody getting zero points. All in all I'd say it was a pretty good choice of topic... <looks around>... even if I says so myself <hrrmph> which it looks like I'll have to.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    Nobody getting zero points. All in all I'd say it was a pretty good choice of topic... <looks around>... even if I says so myself <hrrmph> which it looks like I'll have to.
    Well, I would have said it was a good choice of topic if it had earned me more votes, but, by definition, seein' as how I have only the one point (as do several others of us), I'd have to say, speaking personally in a subjective way, that it was not the best choice of topic. Of course I might be a little biased.

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    It appears that at least one of the drabblers hasn't voted yet. With a little over 7 hours until the close of play, may I politely request that you get a move on. If nothing changes we will have a 3 way tie and we know how much people 'love' triple topic testers.

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    Corinthian in the lead, by a nose. An aquiline nose, if I'm not mistaken.

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    There was a photo finish and Corinthian's nose wins it for him. Congratulations that was a great Drabble!

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