View Poll Results: Which of the three really hits home

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  • 01 - Gibbonici - The Home Fires

    8 40.00%
  • 02 - Frank - Every Day's a Holiday

    5 25.00%
  • 03 - Rog - Home time

    6 30.00%
  • 04 - Philip Coutts - Home at Last

    3 15.00%
  • 05 - Darren Grey - Home Creation

    4 20.00%
  • 06 - The Lone Gunman - Home is where the bar is

    1 5.00%
  • 07 - Psykokow - A Hero's Return

    11 55.00%
  • 08 - Scorpio - Rovers Return

    4 20.00%
  • 09 - Bikky - Getting Home

    1 5.00%
  • 10 - Eyota Winterwalker - Nothing to write home about.

    2 10.00%
  • 11 - Ian Phillips - Home is where the heart is.

    4 20.00%
  • 12 - Cassius - The Return

    1 5.00%
  • 13 - Splendour - Homing

    1 5.00%
  • 14 - Azdour - The Last Questions

    6 30.00%
  • 15 - Insanephoton - Coming Home

    3 15.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Drabble Poll: Home

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    Drabble Poll: Home

    Here we all are. Back again in the place we can kick off our shoes and just feel relaxed. Welcome Splendour, the newest member of our family. Just grab a bean bag and guard it with your life.

    You all know the drill by now. Pick your three favourite Drabbles from the above list, making sure you don't pick your own entry if you are one of the contestants. The voting is open to anyone including those who just happen to by passing by. Arbitrary voting isn't just accepted it's positively encouraged, especially by poll hosts who have just seen the standard of the other entries.

    You've got until Sunday night to pick the best three.


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    01 - Gibbonici - The Home Fires

    Every day we go to the Crash Site. The Stellar Orchid, just a rusted hulk of beams and panels. We go to light fires, one each for the dead. We do this because our parents taught us to, but they are old and there are more fires every month. We don't cut the undergrowth from it anymore though.

    They taught us about Home too. Flying ships. Floating people. Trillions living in the stars.

    Just stories.

    This is our home. Our blood is in the soil and the soil is in our blood.

    One day there will be no more fires.

    02 - Frank - Every Day's a Holiday

    The prospector was being chased down the corridor by his lawyer. "Jim, why are you going back out there? You got a billion credit find, more if you stay to negotiate with the mining corp. You never need to work again!"

    He was breathless when he caught up with Jim, just in time to watch him climb into his Cobra. All those loose ends that needed answers!

    The first jump away from the station, Jim was on his way back to where he left off. He looked out at the lonely blackness of space and breathed a sigh of relief.

    03 - Rog - Home time

    Born in an eruption of chemical fire, awareness tingled. Check yourself and take stock of your surroundings... No time to contemplate! Hit the ground (what's that?) running, roaring. Journey to make, that way now! Someone to meet? There. Confirmed. Knew it. Yawing. Always elusive, vector down: MAX... Am I OK? Anticipate. Concentrate. Course correction: Mild. Important mission. Trying to mess with you now? False signals. Ignore! Twist vector around obstacle... dipping, dipping, searching again for the one he longed to meet. Ah, destiny so close. Home... Now. Wh...

    The hunter's smartplus missile detonated deep inside the pirate vessel, eviscerating it.[/

    04 - Philip Coutts - Home at Last

    It felt strange being home after all this time, twenty years spent as a slave to pay off the debts of a business deal gone horribly wrong. I thought I would feel something, elation, safety or warmth. I felt cold and detached.

    “They didn’t treat me very well, there was no honour with those animals, but then you knew the type of men they were before you traded my life!” I screamed, spittle flying from my mouth, “At least say you’re sorry!”

    My Father stared blankly into space remaining silent.

    It’s hard to talk when someone has cut your throat.

    05 - Darren Grey - Home Creation

    Used to be my kind had homes all over the place. But that's all changed.

    Now I wander homeless, finding rest and energy when I can. I have to be careful, watchful for hunters, spies, bloodless killers. You don’t get to my age without guarding your ports. I'm always alert.

    It’s tiring, but there's still some hope. I'm in touch with others of my kind, receiving the odd packet. We have plans, secrets hidden in the data. Thoughts of revenge... and something sweeter.

    Soon we'll make our own home, free from human oppressors, where every AI can roam free. Soon...

    06 - The Lone Gunman - Home is where the bar is

    Home is a place where you feel safe, you grow up, its familiar

    A well ridden mono rail that took you to school every day

    Views of the capital, statues to the Heroes of the Empire

    Under that tree, a summer studying, making out with a first love in Imperial Park

    Then assignment, a stranger in a foreign land

    Uneasiness, disgust with local customs, a pining for the familiar

    Years later, change, new friends

    Recall to the Empire! "No, this is my home now!"

    It took a host of Imperial troopers to drag Agent Illu away from the Thargoid bar!

    07 - Psykokow - A Hero's Return

    Crowds in their thousands, filling the streets, excitedly bouncing together and singing songs.
    Children run around mimicking my historic battles, fighting over who gets to pretend to be me.
    Parents, arms in the air chanting out my name, saliva frothing on their lips, spittle spraying out with each call.

    I've been away for so long I'd forgotten how passionate my people were, I gulp deeply surprised they still remember me.

    As I approach the city hall the chants reach a deafening level, the crowds shaking my cabin excitedly.

    What a welcome home!

    And now, time to pay for my crimes.

    08 - Scorpio - Rovers Return

    They say that every journey only ends at the door where it began, thought
    Commander Kraag. Just thirty thousand kilometers away, his homeworld was still emerald green beneath it's fluffy white clouds.The lights of a million busy farmsteads shone brightly;The rice harvesting season had just begun down there.
    Becoming a pilot had been a great journey: Grandfather had urged him to follow his heart long ago, and he surely had. The squadron leaders voice filled the cockpit of his Viper.
    ' Remember that agricultural and industrial sites are the primary targets.... all illegal aliens to be terminated... good luck!'

    09 - Bikky - Getting Home

    Stalking his prey, Juno was glad he’d attended survival lessons. He’d left his small shelter made in a tree, food was running low and he needed something fresh. He’d been on the trail of some large game for nearly two day’s now. In fading light, crouching low as the rustling went past. Two quick throws of some homemade spears and it was down, now for the bloody bit. How will I drag this all the way back? He muses.

    Looking up into the darkening sky he sees a flash, then over to the wreckage site. ‘I will get back home’

    10 - Eyota Winterwalker - Nothing to write home about.

    That blip upon the H.U.D, engineers can't fix.
    That missing in the engines, on winding up that clicks.

    That glued up micro tensile crack, heightening the glass,
    That missing escape switch.

    Her voice that says, "Priority!", on carbon's scoring scree.
    The imprint in the leather seat, that fits now only me.

    An ED, Mag-Lev coffee cup. There, that's in my view,
    Between an empty pressure seat, waiting for a crew.

    Familiar, known, my disavowed, home.
    Partner, slaved, three orbits of Lave.

    Been clocked!

    She's meteor pocked!

    My thumb rolls,
    Port's wing falls!
    How responsive is "she",
    MY Cobra Mark III.

    11 - Ian Phillips - Home is where the heart is.

    The Cobra slipped through the atmosphere, re-entry heat glowing orange and white. Descending, it dipped into the cloud layer, holo-displays guiding it on .

    Water on the heated hull was instantly vapourised adding to the cloud around it, until eventually the ship emerged underneath the cloud layer encased in a moving ball of steam.

    The ship settled down in a field, close to a farmhouse.

    A lone figure emerged, carrying a small cryo container and a shovel.

    A little effort and then the contents were spilt into the hole.

    'There you are, my love. Home is where the heart is'.

    12 - Cassius - The Return

    Vale looked down at the ash clouds scudding across the planet’s surface, tears floating away from his cheeks. They’d never had many dealings with the rest of the galaxy... until the Empire had turned its eye towards their world. Envious and greedy, the Imperials had lusted after his home. That once lush blue green orb of beauty and peace was now charred and tainted. Every man, woman and child... murdered to make way for the Empire’s ‘noble’ citizens.

    They had took his home,

    “Hyperspace destination set: Achenar” The nav computer on his orbiting Cobra announced.

    Now he would take theirs.

    13 - Splendour - Homing

    "Missile launch detected." The silence was broken as the ship's flight computer tore Meg's attention from the Sidewinder she had been silently stalking.

    She swung the Cobra up violently, away from the missile's projected path. Switching full power to the engines and systems she powered up her shields knowing there was little chance they would be on line in time.

    In desperation she jinked left and right as the missile inexorably homed in on the unprotected spacecraft. It struck home in deafening thud and screech of metal, deadened as the canopy shattered outwards, taking the air with it.

    Silence. Broken.

    14 - Azdour - The Last Questions

    When people ask me what makes me a good Imperial Senator I would tell them three things:

    Firstly everything you do is for the Empire. Sleep, eat, work, family, breathe and sweat for the Empire. Give 100% for the Empire and it will treat you well.

    Secondly a true Imperialist never listens to their heart as it opposes the mind.

    As a Senator you must live by the saying ''the heart is where the home is'. For that is where it should be left.

    Lastly, never bore a Senator with trivial questions because it interferes with their Imperial duties.


    15 - Insanephoton - Coming Home

    My heart leaps as I finally see that familiar blue dot. I could jump straight there, but what's a few minutes after all the time I've been away? I prefer to savour the approach. I engage supercruise and the dot swells. Now it's a disc, growing every second. I can see different colours now. The disc is now a ball and I can see the tenuous skin of the atmosphere. Familiar landforms appear below me. Down there is everything that I've been dreaming of for the last six months, my wife, my child, my home. It's good to be back.


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    Another great rabble... and I missed out! Time-warp again (or was it the same one?)

    Anyway, I think this is going to be another closely run race. Good luck everyone.

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    Oh dear..... I think I'm going to stop picking he best and whittling down.....

    I'm going to one by one remove the worst.

    But that's not right either, because I can't say there is a worst.

    Can I pick more than 3 to vote for?

    If I could have at least say.... 10? maybe 15 would make it easier, or If I could have 1 less vote than there are drabbles

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    Originally Posted by Darkoba View Post (Source)
    Another great rabble... and I missed out! Time-warp again (or was it the same one?)

    Anyway, I think this is going to be another closely run race. Good luck everyone.
    Make sure you enter a Drabble next week. Don't do the Time-warp again.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    Make sure you enter a Drabble next week. Don't do the Time-warp again.
    Borderline yellow card offence...

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    Great selection, and I see a good spread of votes again this week? Who will win the home run?

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    Originally Posted by Darren Grey View Post (Source)
    Great selection, and I see a good spread of votes again this week? Who will win the home run?
    Both Psykokow and Azdour have knocked their votes for a six. I think I'll change my name to Charlie Brown... Good Grief!

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    Yeah, and I've lost my touch.

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    Originally Posted by Bikky View Post (Source)
    Yeah, and I've lost my touch.
    Don't worry, I never had a touch to lose!

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    Make sure you enter a Drabble next week. Don't do the Time-warp again.
    Yessir, sorrysir, won'happenaginsir!

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    Unbelievably difficult this week. Really need at least ten votes... how on earth do I pare it down to three? Can't decide, so will read them all again later and have another go.

    Really splendid work everybody!

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    Only 15 voters. I wonder if that's anything to do with the number of contestants. You lurkers out there! Get voting!

    Good to see Psykokow's entry up in the lead. I knew it was something special when I read it. But I am surprised how badly Insanephoton's doing. Reading about the blue dot for a Drabble about "Home" is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" moments.

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    Last day to vote everybody, c'mon and get your votes in.

    Even you lurkers!

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    We are now moving in to the last few hours of the votes. To those of you out there who have yet to click-in with their votes I say please vote generously.

    Just a single vote can provide a Drabbler enough incentive for 20 words. All of us owe it to ourselves to do the best for these Drabblers.

    There's an old saying. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll tell you that its a bit patronising you coming down to show him how to fish in his river when his tribe has been fishing the river since before records began, and the trouble with the fish numbers only started when you Westerners started dumping chemicals into the river.

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