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Thread: Lost Winds 3 please!!

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    Lost Winds 3 please!!

    ok so i have yet to buy lost winds 2 but i will very soon. and i know how these things go because i just read that it took you guys 6 months to complete this game being that you had to wait to start on because of things that came before this. but please will you make another? it should be very simple sence you already have the engine and there are so many other places to explore maybe the forest or a jungle. i love lost winds please keep this title going.

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    While I can't confirm another game, we are of course investigating what we could do next with LostWinds.


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    I would love it if you guys released both games on a disc. It would be even better if there was a part 3 and it was included in a trilogy disc. I love the games.

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    Yeah I would like another one and it be good if you made one for the DSi.

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    I just finished Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias, and I have to say, that I never played such a wonderful wiiware game like this before. The music was just amazing and the story made me cry on several moments.

    You did a great job and I would love to spend my money on a third game. Keep up the good work. You are awesome, Team Frontier!

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    We definitely need another Lost Winds.

    Actually, I'd go so far to say that we need six more of them; one for every spirit. xD

    Oh, and I'd just like to say that one of my favorite things to do in Winter of the Melodias was dive underwater. I actually enjoyed it alot. And I'd love to see you elaborate on it more in the future- maybe even have an entire game based beneath the ocean. And of course, I'd want to see that stereotypical volcano level sometime in the series.

    But I also want to see something unexpected. Something so odd, so different, that I'd never think of it myself.

    Oh, and one last thought. I'd like to be able to use more than one Spirit. Using the power of Deo to make rock pillars, form boulders out of dust, and create massive earthquakes? Yes please.

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    please make another lost winds add new spirits like create water or fire or earth and new bosses new stages i d love to spend my money for the lost winds 3 plaese make another lostwinds!

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    Can't wait for some news on this, the 9 or so hours i spent finishing the first two have been among the most enjoyable i have spent on any video game in the past couple years. So many possibilities still with the wind mechanic, Winter expanded it a lot but still tons of room to make some cool stuff.

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    bonjour, je viens de finir lostwind winter of melodia après avoir terminé le premier épisode. J'avoue que j'ai passé un excellent moment sur ces deux jeux, et j'espère que les développeurs ont bien un troisième épisode dans leur carton. Je vous félicite pour ce travail magnifique, que ce soit en terme de graphisme, de level design, de musique et finalement d'expérience de jeu. Rares sont les développeurs qui mettent autant d'efforts sur wii. Continuez sur cette voie!

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    Yes please make LostWinds 3, where Enril has gone mad and its up to Toki to restore him with the help of the other elements...??