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Thread: - A new ship builder and comparison tool

  1. #1 - Ship builder and comparison tool is ship building and comparison tool. It is an open source project released under the MIT license and is available here.

    Features include:
    • Save-able Builds (using Local Storage)
    • Import / Export of builds
    • Interactive Comparisons (Sortable, selectable facets)
    • Interactive Charts / D3 Visualisations
    • Tablet and Mobile Friendly
    • Share comparisons and builds through permalinks
    • Automated URL Shortening for long URLs
    • Embeddable ED Forum comparison table
    • Power and Priority Management
    • Retrofitting costs against stock/previous builds
    • Completely open source

    An example build: Anaconda - Billion Credit Build

    Previous Releases

    Current Release
    06/06/2016 - Release 2.0.0

    2.0.0 is now live, 1.X is now inactive
    You can transfer your old data by taking the following steps:

    Known issues

    • Translations need improving (Particularly Russian, Spanish). You can help here
    • Speed modelling is inaccurate (especially for Enhanced Thrusters)
    • No drag-and-drop for touch devices (will be fixed before version 2.1)

    There is a list of tasks for anyone wanting to contribute. In Particular these tasks don't necessarily require coding contributions, but rather modeling game logic / data gathering, etc.

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

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    feedback ? It is bloody marvellous after just 2 mins of use

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    this was made with angularjs? looks like labor of love, well done

    the export feature outputs some json (i guess for reference to what's saved on the storage), but i thought it would do a flat snapshot of the ship's data.
    maybe display the multiple saved profiles as a dropdown?

    my 2 cents

    btw. really cool domain name

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    Quite nice. Missing the Cargo hatch power requirement of 0.60 MW, and the possibility to disable it.

    Update: No, it was there as Cargo scoop. Okay.

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    Wow. That's well designed and is incredibly easy to use.

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    Originally Posted by ozrix84 View Post (Source)
    this was made with angularjs? looks like labor of love, well done
    Yup, AngularJS, I figured it would probably be the best framework to get others involved.

    And Thanks

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    I like this a lot!

    ...doesn't appear to work on my iPhone though...

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    Originally Posted by FalconFly View Post (Source)
    Quick Test with FireFox 38.0.1 -> No worky, clicking any Ship results in an Error Message (Jameson we got a problem).
    Well that's not good. I've tested it with PC Firefox 38.0 and OSX 38.0.1.

    When an error occurs you can expand the error with 'Add these details'. Might help figure out whats' going.

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    Really like the comparsion section. Only took the time to put in my "War Python" and "Trade Anaconda" now, but I'll configure my whole fleet for sure to be able to use the comparsion feature.

    Great job!

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    Interesting - ED SHipyard has some competition with a capital "C"!

    Edit: I'm using Firefox 38.0.1 and its looking fine but haven't dug deep yet.

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    Fantastic! Thank you!

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    Thumbs up, beautifully made

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    Originally Posted by Elan View Post (Source)
    I like this a lot!

    ...doesn't appear to work on my iPhone though...
    I used an AngularJS touch plugin (ngTouch), and you have to hold/press for a second for the 'touch' to work. It's bloody annoying and it's on my to-do list! It kinda works..

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    In the build section Armour is updated if you add Hull reinforcements modules, but in the comparsion screen only the base armour is displayed. I would like to have the total also there (as for shields).

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