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Thread: Elite: Dangerous Powerplay 1.3 Beta Incoming (changelog)

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    Elite: Dangerous Powerplay 1.3 Beta Incoming (changelog)

    Hi everyone,

    EDIT: the beta is now available to download!

    The Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Beta will be available for download for those players with beta access, from approximately 4PM BST today (26/05/2015).

    The bug reporting forum can be found here:

    Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part, and for all the feedback we get from you playing! We can't wait to see what you think.

    Here's the full change-log:

    New Content/Features:

    • Powerplay added
      • Power map views added to galaxy map
      • Added power information and action screens
      • Power specific ship modules added
      • Power specific ambient traffic added
      • Spawn AI to hunt player if they defect
      • Power specific goods and actions added

    • Playable ship Imperial Courier added
    • Playable ship Diamondback added
    • Cargo/Mining chunk collection drones added
    • Fuel transfer drones added
    • Prospector drones added
    • Mission system overhaul
      • Inbox integration for branching missions
      • Missions scaling up based on rank
      • Missions scaling up based on reputation with mission giver
      • Mission targets can be generated in supercruise rather than USSs
      • Spawned AI difficulty determined by mission (if spawned by mission)
      • Missions requiring only mineable materials added
      • Revamped military progression missions
      • Added Founders and Elite ranked missions
      • More mission variants added
      • Chatter tables updated

    • Updated bounty system
      • Bounties cannot be paid off (Pilot's Fed contact is gone!), but expire after 7 days.
      • Major factions don't record crimes anymore, only minor factions. (You may have major faction stuff in your saves left over from the previous system).
      • Fines now take 7 days to expire, but never coexist with bounties (bounties absorb fines and dormant bounties with the same faction).
      • Expiry only actually happens when you login, hyperspace or resurrect. (This stops cases of "I attacked a wanted ship that had no bounty a few seconds ago")
      • Friendly fire values relaxed

    • Add select nav target functionality to system map
    • Add mining bonus for mining operations within extraction sites
    • Added Painite as a minable commodity
    • Added osmium as a minable commodity
    • Added low and high intensity resource extraction site scenarios
    • Loan ceiling scales based on player's highest Elite rank
    • Founder decal now gold
    • Added crimes for reckless flying (collisions) within starport no fire zones:
      • Shields only collisions above speed limit is a fine
      • Hull damage only above speed limit is a larger fine
      • Ship destruction within short window after collision above speed limit is a bounty
      • Respects 'Report crimes against me' setting

    • Allow any general purpose slot on any ship to contain a fuel tank module
    • Show progress to next PF rank
    • NPC chatter works in supercruise
    • Added rank up messages and animations to inbox

    Stability Fixes:

    • Fix crash when entering icy rings as they have no possible minerals
    • Fix possible stability issue with AI entering resource extraction sites
    • Fix access violation when interdicting NPCs
    • Fix crash when taking high res screen shots with super sampling turned on
    • Don't try and transfer group leadership for player-owned groups
    • Fix a crash in keyboard helper when it is unable to find a keyboard locale
    • Fix for skybox render crash on exit
    • Fix for memory crash in system map
    • Fix a crash in the system generation
    • Fix rank-restricted ships being purchasable and causing server errors
    • Fix for streaming crash on shut down
    • Fix server error entering some empty systems
    • Prevent Module Data Gather crashing when setting modules while looking at the fire groups tab
    • Fix for invalid shield value in network traffic
    • Fix ships setting their faction to the non-existent "Anarchy" faction when there aren't any factions around
    • Fix AI crash in combat zone
    • [OSX] Fix memory allocation crash
    • Don't kill the server if we have a hash collision on system name
    • Fix issue with low level maths during ship docking
    • OSX: Don't crash if an attached joystick has an invalid product ID
    • OSX: Fix crash if memory allocation fails
    • OSX: Fix for various crashes on launch associated with some keyboards and locales

    General Tweaks/Fixes

    • Fix ring scaling on stars in system map
    • Made the streaks on the Cobra windscreen less noticeable, but more balanced
    • When we're clearing bounties and resetting hostility states, make sure we do it on remote authorities as well.
    • Searching for 'PAND' in the galaxy map brings up 'PANDAMONIUM' as the first result fixed
    • Galaxy map camera now caches its current position for retrieval on returning to the galaxy map
    • Fix planet popping on approach
    • Replaced the mute button mode (toggle/hold) with a bespoke option which allows for toggle, push to talk and push to mute modes
    • Enabling wing beacon enables voice comms fixed
    • Stop the system info popup preventing clicking the system itself
    • The minimum value of the lighting curves for stars has been altered so that it scales from a universal base value with star temperature
    • Moved the UI camera lock on option to the input options screen, to hopefully make it more visible
    • Updated all resource extraction scenario CSM's to heavily reduce the number of NPC's
    • Fix missing black hole effect in certain systems - such as Phua Aub SO-Z
    • Make trade voucher redemption menu options consistent with bounty vouchers - separate menu items for each, and local factions only
    • Fix police ships spawning at lawless mining scenarios
    • Reset current target contact when pressing the "select next route system" key
    • Fix Shield Bank Module not filling properly; this lead to a missing cell when using "reload all" option in station services
    • Fix to Render order problem with section of Adder cockpit
    • Changed WING RANGE to EXCEEDS WING for nav panel system buttons
    • Fix some new modules the wrong amount of ammo (e.g. Shield Cell Banks)
    • Rebalanced mass lock values across all ships to fix various inconsistencies and also ensured ships overheat when self destructing
    • Population data inconsistencies between galaxy and system map fixed Belt information are now displayed for stars in the system map
    • Fix surprise non-zero throttle after pre-flight checks (unless you're using the throttle axis binding)
    • Toxic corrosive damage from carried cargo now ignores broken modules
    • Fixed the Fer-de-Lance clipped inside landing pad
    • Prevent sleeping cargo canisters from penetrating asteroids
    • One suspected cause for driver micro-stutters addressed
    • Weapon lighting optimisations
    • Lighting overdraw optimisations to ship exteriors
    • Lighting overdraw optimisations to ship cockpits
    • Lighting overdraw optimisations to landing pads
    • Fix radiators being damaged and broken by corrosive cargo when nothing else could touch them
    • Self destruct and Reboot/repair are not shown in the functions tab when in supercruise
    • Headlook disabled during panel focus fixed
    • Transaction pane now matches entries using both the id and the type, so the focus no longer jumps to a different section when it updates
    • When nav lock auto jump fails and suppresses a warning, also suppress the audio for the notification
    • Default ships to not being full-members of factions - only police/military should be full members. Escorts/wingmen will get the full-member status of their lead
    • Give escorts/wingmen a default generic escort chatter table rather than the same as their lead
    • Make AIs respect the FSD cooldown timer, the same as the long timer for players (as NPCs never submit)
    • Fix incorrect orbital period for Pluto
    • Move Castellan Station away from Lave 2 to prevent people not being able to supercruise away
    • AI not subject to heat targeting mechanic in same way as players fixed
    • Make SSAO respond to being toggled in the options menu
    • Docking computer not working at outposts fixed
    • AI ships experiencing difficulty leaving Orbis starport interior fixed
    • Docking computer gives wrong setting fixed
    • Removed extra radius added to the 'am I close enough to dock' maths so the distance on the GUI matches the distance required to allow a successful docking request
    • Fix problem of Outfitting showing the incorrect maximum ammo for Shield Cell Banks
    • Disable vignette effect for debug fly camera
    • Fix typos in Leestian Evil Juice description
    • Update to pirate scanning behaviour. Always scan, whatever the threat value, but potentially block attacking because of threat
    • Updated station ad screens
    • NPC bounty hunter scanning update: New chatter triggers added. Added new behaviour: if target is scanned, found to have a bounty below the minimum (but non-zero), warned, then later scanned again, it will then be attacked
    • Make sure we spend fuel when we hyperspace, even if disconnect before the save-on-arrival
    • Adjusted military archetypes in war zones, to distinguish them a bit more from lockdowns and the subsequent blockade. Won't interdict clean ships in war, as they are too busy fighting a war to do that
    • Made the stars and planets wait until they are ready to render, this will fix planets showing up as white for a short time after entering the game
    • When police scans a wanted target that has a very high threat score, previously it would ignore it; now it starts attacking, says a chatter line, and calls reinforcements
    • Wing beacon is turning off or timing out and not updating the GUI fixed
    • When the player equips a module and their ship has insufficient power - we should warn them about power management
    • Fix no distinction between dormant and active bounties in the transactions panel
    • Fix throttle going to full when hyperspacing from normal space with FAOff and without using the throttle axis
    • Interdictions do 10% of the damage of a normal emergency drop
    • Chance that NPC escorts won't flee but stay and fight
    • Fix for Commuters having a crazy high chance to flee when their hull got to about 50%
    • Improved and highly optimised Hangar lighting
    • Visual improvements, rebalancing and optimisation to hangar particle effects
    • Fixed typo in basic discovery scanner description
    • Fix typos in water giant description
    • Fix spelling for Luyten 347-14 system permit
    • Remove extraneous space in class M star description
    • Fix incorrect starting explorer description
    • Remove unneeded secondary economy from Auta Isuang
    • Jovian texture replaced wrong default terrestrial texture, schematic height params for this planet type slightly raised for better definition
    • Fix turrets set to Target Only deciding to fire when you're in the hangar
    • Adjusted the height of the flood lights around the large landing pad (raised them up by 5 metres) so that they interfere less with the Chat panel in the GUI
    • Give turret mounts the ability to track 5 degrees down past horizontal, to help ships like the python be able to actually hit small ships in front of it
    • Friendly fire rules should apply to player Vs player, not just AI
    • Fix NPCs not giving themselves local bounties
    • Added ampersand character to text rendering on starports
    • Don't allow NPC's to jump if they have 0% hull
    • Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted. This is the same reaction with committing a violent crime near the station
    • The contents of an asteroid are now deterministic again, and will be the same every time a players logs in and for every player
    • A history of mined asteroids is stored per player on the web server. If a player tries to mine a previously mined asteroid, they get nothing
    • Asteroids can now contain up to 3 minerals, chunks still contain 2 minerals
    • Fix typo in star class L description
    • Don't go through the process of choosing a new group leader if when the leader dies we aren't the authority, as this will be an authority transfer rather than the leader dying
    • When a ship is dying and we're setting its behaviour to "Just hit me", we only need to set this as the current behaviour, not the default state
    • Fix repeat exploration scans cancelling previous scans
    • Outpost hangars now have new and improved lighting
    • Rich hangars and inner dock now have new and improved lighting
    • Fix underside of flood light poking through a hangar and a texture issue on a LOD in the Rich Station interior
    • Fix police defending wanted ships in their own faction
    • Thickened up the fine strut detail on the Solar Array LODs which was causing a lot of aliasing as much of the geometry could become sub-pixel at distance. This seems to have improved render quality somewhat, especially in the mid-range LODs
    • Fix the test that zeroed throttle when docked to only zero when docking state *changes* - allows the throttle to work when using accumulated controls during a pre-flight check
    • Don't show a ship's health bar if the schematic is showing a subsystem/module
    • Fixed the decal cameras for the Imperial Clipper
    • Make sure that an NPC appears after an interdiction if it has been interdicted by more than one player
    • Make sure that the lead ship wouldn't always head for the wake to drop out into the interdiction
    • Fix alignment issues with tiny and medium hardpoints, and also splits the doors into separate CSM files so that they can open independently
    • Fix rings becoming invisible when entering or exiting supercruise
    • Docking computer resets timer back to 10:00 fixed
    • Docking computer cannot land the ship if the player resumes control after the docking computer has piloted the ship inside the station fixed
    • Eagle interior cockpit now has texture
    • Fix for Asp landing gear not locking down
    • Improve Vulture LODs
    • Fix landing gear for Type 6
    • Fix landing gear for Type 7
    • Fixed shadow sharpness on cockpits
    • Fed Dropship Lowest LOD fix
    • Add a 'Hostile' sign in the same place as the 'Wanted' sign to indicate when the police will attack the player due to bad reputation
    • Add a missing check that meant mines were being targeted even if there was a better target around
    • Added rank progress bars
    • Decal pass for Mercenary paintjobs
    • Chaff now affects turrets and gimbals by the same amount
    • Improvements to engine effects overhaul
    • Improved the appearance of the Hauler drive effects
    • Stop Spinning AI Ships in Supercruise
    • AI will try to avoid crossing a player's firing line
    • Optimisation for partial name search in galaxy map
    • Fixed hole in Adder cockpit geometry
    • Pilot and chair added to external cockpits
    • Reduced range of Medium Empire thrusters light so it doesn't illuminate the Empire Courier's cockpit
    • Cap bounties to 10 million per jurisdiction - fines remain unlimited
    • Fixed Asp Gun Barrel Clipping in Outfitting
    • Inconsistency in the Class Y dwarf stars description fixed
    • Minor Typos in the Lakon Type-9 Heavy ship text description fixed
    • Fixed some mixed up commodity labels in French
    • Fix broken non-breaking spaces in French
    • Make sure that the gunsights system has sensible start values to prevent odd jumping
    • Fix a few cases of people with old weapon loadouts being unable to fire
    • On the galaxy map, "Plan Route" should be "Route Planen" in German
    • FSD cool-down timer should read "FSA-ABKÜHLZEIT" in German
    • When receiving machine details in response to wing/invite, try to connect to the machine - fix for some invites not getting through
    • Various translation fixes
    • Altered flicker on light to be more subtle in Fer-de-Lance cockpit
    • Shields persist in supercruise
    • Fixed not being able to supercruise through a completely invisible ring
    • Steadily loosen rank limits on supercruise interdiction as security decreases
    • Allow players to adjust their power pips in Supercruise
    • Make every capacitor recharge at max rate while docked, since station UI can steal the power controls, leaving players without any sys energy to bring their shield back up
    • Station entrance VFX optimisations
    • Don't skip the long shield recharge delay on location transition if your shield were at 0 health
    • Fix 2.5s hyperspace transition time when jumping from Supercruise
    • Don't duplicate ships when following a wake
    • Landing gears are initialised 'down' if you start docked, instead of starting 'up' and immediately deploying
    • New take on chaff effect, visible from greater distances
    • Encourage mining chunks to float away from asteroids, not inside them. Also push them out along that direction a little when spawning to help prevent fast moving asteroids from rotating through the new chunks
    • When weapons have a shot blocked and fail to fire, no longer drain weapon power spuriously
    • Adjusted some hitcheck were it may be possible to ram your way through a wall in the Coriolis station due to an acute angle in the mesh
    • Transactions panel will now update the vouchers if they change while it's open
    • When firing at a moving target turrets confusion is affected by distance so that turrets are more easily confused by sharp manoeuvres at short range than long
    • Confusion is based on the acceleration of the target in both absolute space and relative to the firer
    • Rather than Wobbling when the gun gets confused, turrets now tend to lag behind their target instead.
    • Fix for cartography data being fetched but requested in the previous page refresh
    • Shipyard now accounts for fitted modules in the Shields and Armour values
    • Prevent cap ship fighters spawning on top of each other
    • Only apply capital ship exclusion zone to player ships
    • Don't say "Warning! Landing gear" when approaching a landing pad if your gears are currently deploying
    • Class 2 Seeker missiles sometimes fire backwards in a Python fixed
    • Tweaked ammo amounts for multicannon and rail gun.
    • When targeting a Point of Interest, show the second detail as the name of the body it's around rather than the type of body. Also show minor faction names instead of major faction
    • Fix for weapons that fire atomic bursts - rather than draining energy per shot, the energy for the whole burst is drained up-front to prevent the burst getting oddly straddled over time if you're low on power
    • Added support for warming up shaders - a likely issue causing the big stalls approaching planets
    • Added better description to highlight the technical limitation of the kill warrant scanner
    • Fix clothing and consumer technology being the wrong way round in Russian
    • Speculative fix for Achenar star description is missing in German version
    • Medium pulse turret stopping aiming fixed
    • Stop AI ships jumping with a destroyed Frame Shift Drive
    • Shorten some French strings to fit on the gauge panel better
    • Fixed incorrect permit ID for Phekda that was causing it to appear as a debug
    • Update to the Police Hivemind numbers, slight rebalance to minimum delay, max strength and max bounty numbers
    • Balance pass on SC hunter/target chatter distances
    • Added alternative mapping for CH combat stick
    • Fix some inconsistencies in ship vs. environment collisions
    • Increase persistence for NPCs that are hunting player ships for various readings - this means they are more likely to chase for longer and not so easily thrown off the scent
    • The new collision crime now checks both ships in the collision; if either has Report Crimes set to true then it'll issue a bounty to both.
    • Adjusted weapon impacts to reduce spin craziness
    • Fix to part of Type 9 cockpit which stuck out so far it could be seen rendering through external hull
    • Fixed a problem where in menus players could choose to play in a private group which they weren't yet members of
    • The forth user who joins the wing will appear as 'In the menu' to the third user despite being in game fixed
    • Redesigned control scheme based on suggested scheme found on the forums for Warthog controls
    • "Prism as One" faction has no description fixed - along with any other Imperial cooperative factions
    • Fixed some errors in the Imperial Slaves commodity description
    • Text cut-off in OUTFITTING: FRAME SHIFT DRIVE fixed
    • Fix spelling for CS Camelopardalis
    • Mines now do both thermic and explosive damage
    • Dead NPCs no longer taunt from beyond the grave
    • Stop NPCs jumping if they are about to die
    • If stellar surface tessellation fails then make sure we try again on the next frame
    • Prevent immediately restarting an interdiction tether when an interdiction succeeds
    • Don't show multiple locations for mission stations in the galaxy map
    • Further changes to how people manage turrets:
      • Turrets not in a firegroup won't do anything.
      • Turrets in Fire at Will cannot commit Assault.
      • Turrets in Fire at Will won't fire at illegal targets.
      • Target Only is now a manual/latched fire mode, and can be used on illegal targets.
      • Fix a non-deterministic 1-frame lag in weapons fire.
      • Remove the crime exception for point defence guns as they're now covered under the above rules.

    • Fixed missing mass value for Type 9 reactive armour
    • Add consumed by and produced by information to Chemical Waste
    • Improved model culling with stations
    • Orerve description states system is a planet fixed
    • Fixed some incorrect Russian words
    • Improve reconnect handling if a connection to the game server fails
    • Try not to spawn players inside asteroid belts and more specifically not inside asteroids
    • Russian translation for 'Jettison All Cargo' fixed
    • Network optimisations for copying game objects
    • OSX: enable [Cmd]+[V] to be used to paste text (as [Ctrl]+[V] is used on Windows)
    • OSX: Fixed the broken planet rings on OSX caused by mips not being generated correctly
    • Police ships shouldn't ram the player just because they are scanning them
    • Updates to ring fog system
    • German language feedback pass integrated
    • Balance pass on metal types in different ring types
    • When we are docked, do not allow anything to add wear to our ship
    • Show whether a black market is present on the station in the system map
    • Galaxy map popup now always shows who is in charge of a system, regardless of which view is active
    • OSX: Fix for game window being positioned incorrectly on a secondary monitor arranged to the left of the primary monitor, in OSX System Preferences terms
    • OSX: Fix for the game thinking that the [Enter] key is still held down after using the [Alt]+[Enter] key combination to switch between windowed and full-screen modes
    • OSX: Fix for a Core Animation warning on shutdown
    • Modules can be repaired partially from the repairs screen
    • Indications to commodity descriptions for their legality (if applicable)
    • Popup message to go with the inbox message when the player gains a Pilots Federation rank


    • PowerPlay interface and PowerPlay Galaxy-map audio added.
    • Diamondback audio.
    • Empire Courier audio.
    • PowerPlay reward modules audio added.
    • Audio for new drone types.
    • New ship voice lines added.
    • Added separate GUI blip for when collecting a chunk.
    • More station announcer voice characters have been added to all factions.
    • Rank animations audio added.
    • Deploy and stow on other ships is now audible.
    • Reduced volume of the gui target hit indicator.
    • When two weapons of the same type are firing, the volume should no longer increase as much.
    • Various tweaks to weapons fire so they more or less sound equally loud and don't drown out engines and impacts.
    • Supercruise engines are improved and have subtle 'judder' when overshooting a planet.
    • Combat music volume tweaks.
    • Improved Cobra engines when at a static speed.
    • Torpedo's explode a little more prominently as befit their esteem.
    • Fixed several broken Eagle sounds.
    • Improved looping audio on Hauler.
    • Improved landing gear audio.
    • Reduced loud reload on the multi-cannon
    • Reduced reverb on weapon deploys, to fix oddness in stations.
    • Allowed impacts caused by own weapons to use a bit of the centre channel.
    • Tweaks to frame-shift transitions.
    • Tweaks to NightTime mode and inaudible explosions.
    • Mix pass on shield SFX for other ships.
    • Put a slight fade-in on the shield break sounds to make them a wee bit less percussive.
    • Improved mix on hyperspace tunnel whispers and flybys.
    • Voice comms mix improvements for better audibility.
    • Muted unpredictable engine roar on buying a new ship.
    • Improved the audibility of collision alert sounds.
    • StellarAmbient/Music in System/GalaxyMap tweaked.
    • New distance element added for delayed secondary explosions.
    • Added section to the logo-ident music to transition gracefully between pre-caching of shaders and menu.
    • Improved lift animations have improved sound also now.
    • Proximity alarm muted when stationary.
    • Added a bit more bass to Cannon fire.
    • The beamlaser had major low end issues when the beam connects to a target which has been fixed (and we could make the non-issued bass louder as a result!)
    • Added interactive mixing to combat music which responds to how much is going on; fights stay exciting throughout an engagement.
    • Volume tweak to ambiences in the system map.
    • Improved cockpit ambiences in Gutamaya and Saud Kruger ships.
    • Improvements to landing area atmosphere.
    • Multi-cannon is a little louder and 'clunkier'.
    • Improved target indicator sound to be less piercing at high volume.
    • Improved (slightly) Eagle and Vulture sounds.
    • Improved differentiation of small, medium and large explosions and redistributed these more evenly across ship types.
    • Improved Explosions so that they remain powerful/satisfying even when further away.
    • Added sound for when passive scan resolves target as wanted/unwanted.
    • Added slight delay to ship voice saying "Target Shields Offline" so the shield breaking audio is audible also.
    • Improvements to deploying/stowing weapons audio.
    • Light switching on/off is a little clunkier and audible.
    • Improved audibility on heat alarms.
    • Reversed the FSD cool-down sound as before it sounded too much like a prelude to a big event.
    • Improved audibility of mass lock, safe to disengage and speed warning sound.
    • Improved navigating the system map audio when using mouse.
    • Improved growl and orientation noises on the Asp, improved boost sound.
    • Safe to Disengage, Slow Down gui sounds so they are more distinct from each other.
    • Improved construction hubs; added construction ambiences to the bits that are under construction.
    • Slightly increased volume of inflicter impacts so they sit better in all mix modes.
    • Improved station forcefield in night time mode.
    • Fixed issues with hangar bay mechanical noises and landing gear.
    • Removed the "warning" from the no cargo voice asset.
    • Shieldboost and Shields going up/down should be audible on others again.
    • The explosion when your own ship goes down (booo!) was clipping (double booo!) so now it is at least a nice and clear booo-m!
    • Fixed sounds being cut out in the GUI when moving quickly over options.
    • Reinstated missing barrel sound on pulse lasers.
    • Paintjob audio is audible again.
    • Fixed missing audio on Beamlaser Turret medium/small.
    • Fixed some silly clicks on fuelscoop.
    • Fixed missing front thruster acceleration audio on Orca.
    • Fixed a bug that removed all bass from cargo pick up sounds.
    • Fixed missing super-cruise thunder.
    • Optimized beam impact sounds to reduce memory usage.
    • Set pulse laser mechanized elements to use different attenuation to help mix it on large ships.
    • Reverbs use less memory.
    • Optimisation pass on Black Box flight recorder.
    • Improved explosion usage of memory.
    • Reduced length of the Panel loop which saves memory.


    • Increase mark up when selling illegal goods in black markets
    • Apply 10% price penalty when selling modules
    • Increased Vequess' tech level and stocked it with shields
    • Automatically apply the Sol permit in another situation
    • Reduced cooldowns on minor faction states: expansion, war, election
    • Increase minimum tech level required to activate the shipyard and outfitting shops
    • Reduced the bounty cap to 1 million credits per voucher
    • Rename some minor factions to make them more unique across the galaxy
    • Increased outfitting stock levels by 20%
    • Extremely high and extremely low faction reputations now slowly decay towards less extreme values
    • Make smuggling profits count towards trade ranks as well as crime ranks

    Update: A hot fix for server disconnects is being released in Powerplay 1.3 Beta 2

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    Excellent - thanks to the whole team for their efforts!!

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    Can you summarize the summary, Ed?

    That's great! Looking forward to it!

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    Wow, just wow.....

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    Holy mother of change logs...

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    TL: DR

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    This list is too scrolly! Took ages to work my way down it.

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    Spawn AI to hunt player if they defect = awesome!

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    Can you summarize the summary, Ed?

    That's great! Looking forward to it!

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    Great work, FD!

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    'Spawn AI to hunt player if they defect' *GULP*

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