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Thread: Adle's Armada - PVP Professionals

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    Adle's Armada - PVP Professionals

    Adle's Armada - Official Thread

    "Always Watching - Always Vigilant"

    Who are we?

    Adle's Armada is a group of mature, experienced players who strive to get the most out of Elite.
    Members enjoy equal footing within the group's structure. We've been active since launch, some of us even longer,
    and have been a big part of almost every large engagement. We have also been part of in-game news and the
    official Frontier Development newsletters and on the official Frontier Developments Facebook page. (sources below)

    We are greatly anticipating the Powerplay update as we have high hopes in pushing systems and hopefully even
    establishing our own in game faction and system!

    We are a Federation group that requires members to maintain an "Allied" Fed-cred. We are completely Alliance friendly.
    Meaning that we can play with Alliance groups and help them out in their space, so long as they dont regularly help
    Imperialists/Pirates. Adle's Armada is special because it's CMDRs have the option of remaining private while it's leader
    CMDR S!LK is the only official outward facing member.

    Our group's official insignia and wallpaper:

    We support the all seeing eye as our mascot and the motto "Always Watching - Always Vigilant", as we will always
    have knowledge of the meta workings of our Galaxy.

    What do we do?

    We're one of the very few PvP combat centric groups. Lore-wise, we're often secretly sanctioned by the Federal
    Navy to carry our acts that they can't officially instigate. We're a fanatic Federal Militia that goes where we feel
    that there are injustices in the Galaxy and are dedicated to stop piracy and terrorism while controlling the
    system of Eravate.

    We defend the new and the defenseless under our care in Eravate and will always work on the side of justice in the galaxy; whether
    it be the common definition of justice or our own personal ideals of justice. Any threats to safety in our region are rebuffed with a vengeance, as many player factions have learned.

    However, pilots with AA can experience all facets of the game as they choose in the down time between operations.
    Many of our pilots have explored thousands of lightyears away from settled space, while others enjoy trade runs in
    their hauling ships. But that comes second, as they always have a combat ship at the ready when duty calls.

    So how do I join?

    Our recruiting process is open in short bursts, when we find we need a few more pilots and make the call at that time.
    We recruit top seasoned and funded PvP combat CMDRs and do not allow those averse to combat into our group
    as we like to keep focus on justice through action.

    The minimum of what we are looking for in recruits is as follows.

    Recruitment Process

    ALL recruits MUST submit a screenshot of their ingame allegiances pane to Silk here on the forums or /u/mrsilk13642
    on Reddit.

    • Midshipman+ Federal Navy Rank

    • Low (or none) Imperial rank.

    • Expert+ Combat rank

    • Vulture+ Combat fitted

    • Money for insurance rebuys

    • Good PvP experience

    • Teamspeak 3 WITH mic.

    To find out can message the leader and founder of Adle's Armada:
    FD Official Forums - Silk
    Reddit - /u/mrsilk13642

    Please feel free to interact with us here, we don't bite! unless you're our target of course


    Q: What TZ do you represent?
    A: We have recruited pilots from all around the world, spread across the US TZs as well as EU and the occasional AU.

    Q: Why do you guys have skill requirements?
    A: Our skill requirements are the minimum amount we feel is necessary to have a be able to participate in the group
    while still enjoying all of Elite. It shows a solid grasp on game mechanics but still gives room to grow as a pilot and as
    a group together.

    Q: Do you guys have your own forums?
    A: We do have our own private subreddit as well as Teamspeak, but no forums in the traditional sense.

    Q: My friend(s) and I want to join. Can we join together?
    A: We are certainly not opposed to friends being the in the group together, but it's not an automatic package deal.
    We will of course vet each person based on their skills and allegiances, so make sure you're all at the proper level to
    ensure your best chances at getting in together.

    Q: How often does AA go out to find pvp?
    A: Whenever we can!

    Q: Where are you on Reddit?
    A: You can find our pilots posting on the various threads, but we are listed on the r/Elitewings index at:

    Current As of 2-22-2016

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    Adle's Armada

    Misc. Information

    CMDR S!lk

    Private Subreddit



    Our RP character/mascot done by the wonderful Kevin Massey:

    Our wallpapers:

    Various media that we've been in:
    Newsletter #74 (Stapledon dock takeover)

    ED Facebook page of use at Stapledon Dock:

    Ungalnet mention on Lieaden @2:08 mark:

    Radio Sidewinder talking about us protecting noobs in noob space:

    Ungalnet story on our protection of noob space:

    OFFICIAL Galnet mention of AA:

    Ungalnet mention about war in Leesti @3:40

    Ungalnet mention 1:50 - 2:50:

    Ungalnet mention about our first war with CODE 1:00 - 2:05

    FD put us in Newletter #68 AND tweeted our group picture in Lugh:

    Along with other groups, we are competing in the new PvP Tournament set up by Oogie Boogie

    Various Propaganda:

    Victory in Volungu:

    Our decree of protection over noob space, 24k views:

    old video of our domination of Ngaiawang:

    Quivira Stapledon dock photo:

    Official Galnet about AA pulling out of Powerplay:

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    Reserved for further info

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    Love us, hate us or don't even know us, we've been striving since the beginning to only recruit the best combat pilots to fight for galactic justice.. Whether is be justice in the eyes of the Federation or in our own personal beliefs on what justice is. We've fought against almost every "major" group out there and have come out victorious every time, without losing one operation.

    This thread isn't just for recruiting, it is our first major foothold on the ED forums as we're completely based out of the ED Reddit, where we own our own busy (private, members only) subreddit and operate out of our own TS server in game. If you have any questions, concerns, gripes or comments, please feel free to leave them here!

    - CMDR S!LK, Founder [Adle's Armada]

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    This is THE top tier player group if you are federation and want to get the most out of Elite Dangerous PVP. The most fun I have had in game has been with AA. They are the reason I have kept playing. With recognition by the devs of Elite Dangerous, multiple Galnet news spots (In and out of game), and crucial influence in the major combat Community goals you can not find a better federation PVP group than AA.

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    For those interested in the factional side of Powerplay, it may be of note that we have begun to back President Hudson in his efforts.

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    Opening the doors for a few combat worth CMDRs! Come and join one of the most powerful hunter/killer groups in the game!

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    OP updated to reflect open recruiting. Good luck pilots!

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    Adle's Armada Announces its self as its OWN power. Full story on Reddit post:

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    Hello Armada chaps and chappet's

    So you're a bit like the Equaliser?

    You defend the defenseless against forces seeking to do Evil?

    Can you do something about Delaine's pesky pirates? You know, have a word or something?

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    Lol well we certainly have more than words with them on occasion, in their space as well as without. Anywhere in particular they've been pestering you?

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    Greetings from PLA [Pilotos Libres de la Alianza] (spanish Alliance wing/group). ¿What is your position now with Alliance? ¿Still friendly?

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    Originally Posted by Memoocan View Post (Source)
    Lol well we certainly have more than words with them on occasion, in their space as well as without. Anywhere in particular they've been pestering you?
    Harma system is a bit of worry

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    Originally Posted by tapion View Post (Source)
    Greetings from PLA [Pilotos Libres de la Alianza] (spanish Alliance wing/group). ¿What is your position now with Alliance? ¿Still friendly?
    Cheers! We are indeed on friendly terms with the Alliance.

    Originally Posted by Ben Ryder View Post (Source)
    Harma system is a bit of worry
    Noted, I'll pass it up the line

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