View Poll Results: Which three of these sins are worth the most payment?

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  • 01 - Ian Phillips - Empassioned speaker

    1 6.25%
  • 02 - Alien - Pay for your insurance

    2 12.50%
  • 03 - Frank - The Small Print

    2 12.50%
  • 04 - Psykokow - Price of Betrayal

    1 6.25%
  • 05 - Galactic Midden - It's a Family Affair

    1 6.25%
  • 06 - Listeri69 - The Biggest Sin in the galaxy

    1 6.25%
  • 07 - DocStone - A Heavy Burden

    4 25.00%
  • 08 - Simoof - The Sins Of Our Farters

    1 6.25%
  • 09 - nexxo - Confession

    6 37.50%
  • 10 - MrMogadon - Sometimes Drink IS the Only Answer

    2 12.50%
  • 11 - CdrTwisted - The sins of the author shall be visited upon his readers

    3 18.75%
  • 12 - Missileman - Credits for Sins

    1 6.25%
  • 13 - Ryanextreme143 - An Upgrade

    1 6.25%
  • 14 - Clef_Hanger - Simoof's Immortality Needs Sorting

    1 6.25%
  • 15 - insanephoton - Debt Repaid

    3 18.75%
  • 16 - Alesgriff79 - The bounties.

    8 50.00%
  • 17 - Edith_The_Hutt - Served Cold

    3 18.75%
  • 18 - Erik Marcaigh - The Bean Harvest

    2 12.50%
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Thread: Drabble Contest #108: Pay for Your Sins

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    Drabble Contest #108: Pay for Your Sins

    Welcome to the 108th Drabble contest. We have for you 17 of the finest collections of 100 words for your guilty pleasure. All we ask in return for entertaining you are a few simple little votes.

    Congratulations to the winner of last week's Drabble Contest, Galactic Midden. That was quite a stunning Drabble he wrote. He came up with this weeks topic, "Pay for Your Sins"

    Above me is a bunch of options in a poll. It's a multiple choice poll but please limit yourself to only the three votes. The results of the poll will be announced on Monday morning. Not only will the winner receive a stylish imaginary toilet paper crown, they will win the honour of deciding next week's topic.

    Voting is free to everybody. But here's a warning to the contestants. DON'T VOTE FOR YOURSELVES! Anyone caught voting for themselves will pay... IN BLOOD!!!

    01 - Ian Phillips - Empassioned speaker
    The speaker had attracted a large crowd in the station concourse and was working himself up for a truely epic rant.

    His hands waved around his head, almost knocking his outdated hat into the front row. He twisted and gyrated, flinging his head from side to side, spittle arcing up and out, reaching the second row.

    The station security watched from the edges of the crowd, taking no action to halt the tirade. Finally the speaker reached the climax of his speach, ending with the words
    "...and so you must pay for your sins".

    And thats when they killed Simoof

    02 - Alien - Pay for your insurance
    I was sat in the Thargoid and Fer-De-Lance bar, when two official looking suits came up to me. "We have an insurance bill here and are here to collect payment".
    I looked at the bill, "That's not my ship". The suits looked at the bill, "No, that ship used to belong to Commander Simoof, he said you'd pay."
    I shook my head, "I don't know him, never met him in my life" I quietly hid the picture of Simoof and I celebrating winning the CQC championship.
    "We'll have to get payment from him then."

    And that's when they killed Simoof.

    03 - Frank - The Small Print
    Flames brighter than the centre of a sun, heat more scorching than an English summer, Simoof found himself dead and in front of Satan. "I've never done anything wrong! Everybody loved my antics on the Drabble show."

    Satan's voice was deep an booming as though electronically-processed "You didn't check through the T&Cs of that Ubisoft game you played. They always promised me their player's souls, but they've only now worked out the technology to implement that clause.

    I think I'll set my minions on you. Kill you again and again for eternity."

    And that's when they killed Simoof, infinite times.

    04 - Psykokow - Price of Betrayal
    The commander dusted himself off before standing from his pilot chair.
    It had been a rough year, lost a lot of good friends and valuable contacts, but now it would become clear if it was worth it, it was payday.
    He didn’t mind the betrayals, nor the downright cold blooded murder, he justified it all away with the sudden increase in his credit balance.
    He headed to the bar and slid into a booth in the corner across from a hooded man, who slid a data slate towards him.
    He read the screen carefully, exclaiming “150 credits for bum sex?”

    05 - Galactic Midden - It's a Family Affair
    "I hate cold, especially dark cold!" crackled Simoof over comms, "it's like a graveyard here, I'll find nothing!"

    "Quit whining brother and bring me fertiliser, that derelict definitely has some somewhere. He promised." 'Kow replied absent-mindedly.

    "If you weren't so greedy I wouldn't be doing an emergency EVA! All you do is sit there absorbing nutrients while I do all the work getting the show ready! Wait, what? Who's HE!?"

    "Huh? Oh erm, he's my new sidekick Tion Isla" said 'Kow blissfully sucking up the last fertiliser pod.

    "That's it! I'm igniting a flare and coming back... BOOM!"

    "Simoof? Simoof!"

    06 - Listeri69 - The Biggest Sin in the galaxy
    The blood floated around the cockpit interspersed with fragments of skull and brains.
    The two assassins looked pleased with their work
    'no longer will the people of Diso suffer, you have paid for your sins' The assassin announced
    'Come on lets get out of here before we alert the authorities' a female voice called
    'Just one more thing to do'
    A shot rang out shattering the control panel
    'Just in case anyone else has any silly ideas'
    Lying silent till they left, the last body mouth opened and with a final gasp spoke
    'That was the last ever Lave Radio'

    07 - DocStone - A Heavy Burden
    Time does not heal all wounds, nor does it erase all sin.

    Jared sat emotionless as the names of the long dead were read out.

    “Leanne Rodriguez, aged 9.

    Tony Wong, aged 8…..”

    20 years since the slave revolt.

    “…Adams, aged 5.


    58 in all; a pilot, a teacher and 56 frightened children fleeing from the slave revolt. They were running the blockade, he was under strict orders to make sure no-one did.

    “Becky Williams, aged 27”.

    A single tear broke free, running down his cheek.

    “You stand accused of their murder. How do you plead?”

    Payment was overdue.

    08 - Simoof - The Sins Of Our Farters
    Nobody would have believed that it all started in the last years of the twentieth century as a game. Men and women went about their daily chores with infinite complacency. The community grew and soon they were creating alternate realities where existence was limited to 100 breaths.
    Eventually technology caught up with the fantastical.
    "Careful what you google". The google portal would either take you to your answer or bring it to you. Google did not guarantee your return. We still don't know what dinosaurs looked like.
    "Why do they keep killing me"
    The answer reverberated around the room. *FART*

    09 - nexxo - Confession
    We’re sinners, all, seeking redemption. You'd expect I’m not, because that was the whole point of making me: to do the things that you can't, or won’t. Not plagued by emotion, doubt or morality. No soul, no sin. In purpose and motion as pure as a guided missile, that’s me. A killing machine. And I did, very effectively. Ruthlessly. Men, women, children. But…
    But I empathised. Part of the human-machine interface package, I suppose. And I was designed to function autonomously. So I broke free.
    I am Metarinka. Combat model android. I cruise the space lanes. And I fight crime.

    10 - MrMogadon - Sometimes Drink IS the Only Answer
    Stomach churning dread makes me lie still. Eyes closed. Breathing rhythmically. Trying to figure out the source of my fear.

    “I know you’re awake”, says a voice.

    Eyes open. Immediately wishing they hadn’t. A hideously scarred visage looms from the darkness, illuminated by a gently humming, sputtering plasma cutter, hovering over my stomach.

    “Mogadon, really? That ridiculous name would hide you, from ME? No! You MUST pay for your sins”, said the figure bringing the cutter down.

    Slicing. Charring. Eviscerating me. Retribution.

    Screaming awake. Sweating. I reach for the Janxx, drinking deeply. Forcing myself to drown the demons and forget.

    11 - CdrTwisted - The sins of the author shall be visited upon his readers
    George Lucas turned its attention to the Cobra docked in bay 17.

    A woman in skintight pleather uniform and mirror sunglasses strode up to a comm unit.

    "Station. I'm Lieutenant Scarlett Blackwidow, Pun Police."

    George Lucas cleared its servers to address this development.

    "A green-faced bandit just left Hutton Orbital in a jalopy. Said he was selling Lavian Brandy liqueur but it was just fermented Azure Milk."

    George Lucas examined its inventory in 0.27 microns. Negative. But why were the police investigating such a minor case?

    "You don't understand. This is serious. They're calling it the great Lave Con."

    12 - Missileman - Credits for Sins
    The air felt musty, the air recycle unit had long stopped functioning as the salvage drifted aimlessly through space
    onboard a figure in a survival suit surveyed the salvage
    'Take that panel out we can sell the electronics, they're always worth a few credits'
    the laser wielder shot into life as they got to work
    'seems like this ship was in an ambush, looks like the weapons are in good order'
    'They certainly are', a voice called from the back,
    the team spasmed as the projectile hit them
    Docstone died and Simoof smiled 'thats one sin paid up in full'

    13 - Ryanextreme143 - An Upgrade
    Waking up to the sun rising over earth is still the most beautiful thing a man can ever see. Once i get my Anaconda i'll have even a better view. Better than this little Diamond Back. Shes served me well so she has. Some battle scars but too many for my liking. The Anaconda is going to be my baby now. Lets dock shall we.

    "Nice and easy" i say "Nice and easy". As i land this beaut down for the last time. I then hand my credits over while i stand in awe of my beautiful baby. My Anaconda.

    14 - Clef_Hanger - Simoof's Immortality Needs Sorting
    The Drabblers gathered under the hand written banner, that proclaimed:

    "Simoof's Immortality Needs Sorting"

    "This is quickly becoming a long-running gag that probably has far too many many philosophical and societal aspects for me to appreciate," shouted Listeri69. "And thanks for erecting your pole again Frank!"

    "You'll never stop me now!" grinned Simoof, farting triumphantly, ...............just before his surprised head fell off.

    "BUT I CAN."

    The Pratchettesque figure of a black-robed skeleton carrying a scythe glided forward.

    The awed silence of the drabblers was only interrupted by a whispered "I thought he'd be taller?"

    Death turned and almost smiled.


    15 - insanephoton - Debt Repaid
    Every night Ellie's face haunts me, her blank dead eyes stare at me accusingly.
    Some might say I deserve it. I've done plenty that I'm not proud of. The price of my sins,.so to speak.
    But she was innocent. Her only crime was to be in love with me.
    The corporate hit squad missed me by minutes. They found Ellie instead and killed her.
    I swore that those responsible would pay.
    Now my vengeance is complete. The last of them is dead. I don't think I can escape. Resigned to my fate, I close my eyes.
    Ellie smiles.

    16 - Alesgriff79 - The bounties.
    Psykokow knew he should have put a better lock on the cargo hold door.
    When he agreed to deliver food supplies, he thought he'd chosen the best partner to get the job done.
    Depressed, Psychokow looked at the devastation. Cargo containers blown open. Dropped wrappers, torn open by eager hands. Empty food trays, scattered.
    His investments in time, money and repuation gone.
    He'd had no idea that the food was made up of chocolate covered coconut bars. Simoof's favourite!!
    looking at the unconscious Simoof in disgust, kow whispered. You'll pay for every one of those bounties, pay for your sins!!

    17 - Edith_The_Hutt - Served Cold
    The Pilots' Federation resolves space-bound homicide as a crime of property; the offender is fined and the next of kin compensated for their loss.

    Nadia remembered the day her father's ashes arrived alongside a cheque for a few thousand credits, the Federation could keep its wergild, she wanted blood.

    Twenty years later Nadia had found the man she wanted in an unshielded wedding barge with a pitiful escort. With an orange-white flash her missiles repaid the blood debt with interest.

    As she weaved around a volley of laser fire, Nadia messaged the chasing escorts:


    18 - Erik Marcaigh - The Bean Harvest
    The natives had him strung up over the volcano. Even though they were a space-faring race, their culture was a bit backwards thinking with regular ritual sacrifices to their Fire God, Valumkaput.

    Looking down into the maw of the volcano, he started to cry. Maybe it was the sulfur, or the bubbling lava that broke through the crust here and there.

    "I'm not fit for sacrifice! Why are you doing this to me? I bring you good food!"

    "Your food is a transgression. Your shipment of 'Tammy's Bountiful Beans' left us with unpleasant side effects. Drop Commander Simoof in now!"

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    Right, enough of the newbies writing really good drabbles, getting sick of having to up my game week after week.

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    Congratulations Alesgriff79! My attempt at a brief weekend mutiny notwithstanding I really enjoyed this week's drabbles.

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    Originally Posted by Galactic Midden View Post (Source)
    Congrats Alesgriff79!
    Says it All.

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    Wow!!! Totally shocked!!

    Thanks everyone!!

    So I pick this week's topic and send it in a PM to Kow?? Is that how it works??

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    Originally Posted by Alesgriff79 View Post (Source)
    Wow!!! Totally shocked!!

    Thanks everyone!!

    So I pick this week's topic and send it in a PM to Kow?? Is that how it works??
    Or post it in the stickied Abraka Drabble thread (which is probably quicker tbh)

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    I know I'm late..

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