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Thread: CQC Update (1.4) Beta Build Incoming

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    CQC Update (1.4) Beta Build Incoming

    Hey guys,

    Please find the change log for the 1.4 CQC Beta build. The update will be going live shortly.


    - Discuss the CQC update here:
    - Report bugs and issues here:
    - Get support by submitting a ticket here:

    UPDATE: We are currently looking into issues relating to users with the Lifetime Expansion Pass being able to access the Beta. If you're unable to access the Beta but have the Lifetime Expansion Pass keep an eye on this thread and we will update you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

    UPDATE 2: This should now be all fixed. Everyone with Beta access (including Lifetime Expansion Pass members should be free to head on into the Beta and enjoy! Thank you again.



    - CQC Added
    - Imperial Eagle added
    - Federal Gunship added
    - Federal Assault Ship added
    - Hazardous resource extraction sites added
    - Compromised nav beacons added
    - Legal salvage missions added
    - Xbox One control method added to PC/Mac
    - Added Outfitting for CQC
    - Changed how powerplant damage is handled - small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output
    - Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their backer rewards


    - Crash fix for a rarely reported issue ship being docked to a station that is not in a state to provide interfaces
    - Fix crash where the station news updates while quitting the
    - OSX: Fix crash when generating star textures
    - Prevent a crash when drones hit shields after recent changes to damage
    - OSX: Fix for occasional assert due to unexpected texture
    - Avoid firing beams if the firing ship is not ready and so causing a crash
    - Prevent crash when trying to scoop something that no longer exists
    - Fix crash caused by chatter in supercruise
    - Fix crash when shutting down while looking at a mission in the bulletin board
    - Restructure some checks so we don't fatally crash when there's a missing entry in the exploration database for an object we've targetted
    - OSX: changes to reduce crashes due to low heap memory, including changes to use memory more efficiently
    - OSX: fix for occasional crashes when closing the game window
    - OSX: fix for a rare crash in the keyboard handling code on startup
    - OSX: fix for potential cause of crashes in OpenGL code
    - Xbox One: fix for crash plugging a controller in while the game is loading
    - Xbox One: don't crash if there are errors loading friends, reload them instead
    - Xbox One: Fix crash when you CQC career rank increases
    - Fix a zero burst interval in plasma point defences
    - Fix memory leak in ring cell generation
    - Fix duplicate system ID
    - Xbox One: Fix a deadlock in player profile list when suspending/resuming
    - Crash fix for invalid positions being passed
    - Fix a pair of crashes that can happen if trying to place a scenario with no valid body list, and cope with this selection failing gracefully
    - CQC: Fix a memory leak caused by the NavMarker holding onto its radar marker after the location that created it is destroyed
    - Xbox One: Fix wing crash in CQC
    - Xbox One: Fix crash in engines
    - Prevent crash if power data isn't available (such as in CQC)


    - Various network optimisations
    - Persist the Ship Lights option through location transitions, but not save/load
    - If the refinery is idle and has a non-empty hopper, try to reallocate these materials to the bins
    - Fixed high ranked AI ships not being able to fire due to empty WEP capacitor!
    - Pressing enter when going into the outfitting will result in no ui being shown fixed
    - Fix hole in Hauler cockpit geometry
    - Diamondback Explorer Image in the contact panel was missing now fixed
    - Docking computer failure at station type Orbis fixed
    - Added a case to handle WM_MENUCHAR messages, which were causing the system to beep when Alt+Key combinations were pressed
    - Local Cartographic Data Filters not working fixed
    - Adjustments to how penetrating shots work:
    - If no standard penetration depth is set for a ship, use 75% of its size in the smallest axis (rather than 100m). As no ships actually had this value set this will stop shots going all the way through ships to hit modules at the back
    - Remove spurious increased penetration distance from medium beam turrets
    - Railguns now have extreme penetration distance (will pierce to any module on any ship)
    - News ticker can now be clicked to jump to a particular news item
    - Unable to select system with mouse fixed
    - Landing gear speed limiter is now tied to the landing gear toggle rather than what the gears are actually doing
    - Prevent Hardpoints being told to fire when docked
    - Fix issues where the station doesn't retaliate when being shot
    - Edits to dirt and scratch maps to work with new white underpaint colour on Imperial ships
    - Co-pilot seat added to external view for Python
    - Fix for LAN connection issues (after conencting over lan, if both players had upnp enabled, it was switching back to wan connection)
    - Fix for problem where drones delivering cargo canisters belonging to another authority would scan for new targets and pick the same canister
    - Fix for NPC miner loadouts that are missing refineries
    - Fix for NPC pirate loadouts that are missing cargo scanners
    - Fix for merging islands in supercruise - changes in scanner range (due to acceleration) were not being handled correctly
    - Fix spawning fighters from capital ships
    - Make sure police escorts get police names, rather than random NPC names
    - Stop pirates from scanning target after they've pirated it
    - Miners check their refinery while mining and if it's destroyed they'll jump away
    - If NPC hull is below 20% when being spawned in supercruise don't try and interdict anybody
    - Removed some rogue geometry in Sidewinder cockpit that was resulting in a thin purple line in front of the camera
    - Fixes to police response:
    - update formulae for strength/delay calculation to match latest design numbers
    - investigation strength hard limited to calculated value, previously could go over rather than leave a remainder; reinforcement can still go over
    - don't try and respond to crime in supercruise
    - correctly set the limit on investigation ships to be the score of a viper, fixes only getting the lowest-scored ships for investigations
    - Don't allow NPCs to interdict if the target is charging their hyperspace drive - previously only blocked the interdiction during the actual countdown
    - When the lead of an NPC wing dies and a new NPC is chosen, re-run the code that choose their chatter table so that it uses the correct one
    - Request routing data from the server as soon as we receive a sync letter from an unknown machine - may fix some connection issues
    - Allow pirates with low hull to dock at non-anarchy stations - gives them something to do as they can't interdict
    - Add pirate threaten & cargo collection behaviour to the Pirate Hunter Hostile archetype, copied from standard Pirate archetype. They can now be pacified by dropping cargo, and will collect it
    - Fix potential cause of excessive number of escort NPCs if they had a different authority from the lead
    - Give AI wing members the same wanted/clean status as their lead, so the whole group will have the same status on spawning
    - Increased malfunction chances on dumbfire missiles as they were far too low
    - Made Viper hardpoint-cavities deeper to prevent the weapon clipping when retracting it
    - NPCs can interdict other NPCs
    - Fix combat bonds not disappearing from the transactions panel once they're redeemed
    - Fix outfitting screen giving inaccurate ranges for sensors, scanners, and ECM. Now uses the standard 3 sig fig instead of rounding to the nearest km
    - Stop mission messengers from constantly spawning and talking to players
    - Reduced the size of the anacondas powerplant hit
    - Enforce minimum of 10 credits to hull repair cost check
    - Fixed the missing texture on Vulture debris, and increased explosion speed of drifting debris
    - Added 'Shader preparation on startup' option to the 'graphic options' screen
    - Re-mapped part of the back of the landing pad skirts to break up the repetition of a texture
    - Police Hunter Hostile ships will scan their target after interdicting it, rather than opening fire immediately
    - Increase health values for Diamondback cockpits
    - Updated the pirate lord to have a better pirate-y loadout, he had no interdictor or cargo scanner
    - Galaxy Map Trade Route 'Clear' button cannot be easily access via gamepad fixed
    - 'Recovering' minor faction state progress added to UI
    - Don't reduce powerplay ships when in a taking control state
    - Fix cargo losing it's powerplay origin when eject-and-collected
    - Derive the number of visible stars from the galaxy map graphics setting
    - Updated Warthog control scheme to allow full galaxy map and system map control with the joystick only
    - Predicted CC news items added
    - Discard cargo dialog now supports 3 digits
    - Fix floating point inaccuracy with large fuel tanks and fuel consumption
    - Bulletin board now shows which major faction a mission is related to
    - Prevent mines and missiles from jumping vast distances when they shouldn't
    - Fix missing asteroids in thin rings.
    - System scenarios are regenerated when system state changes
    - Incorrect Station Name Display On Menu after Docking at 2 stations fixed
    - Game sometimes loads with starport services missing when playing loads in docked fixed
    - Station Services GUI fades but remains whilst descending into hangar fixed
    - Reduced colour value of scratch map to ensure no damage present when Imperial Clipper is 100% repaired or new
    - Powerplant damage changes - rather than going critical when badly damaged they will drop into a limp-home state and provide 50% emergency power. If the power plant continues to take damage (past a threshold) there is still a chance they will fail critically and take out the ship. The Reboot/Repair sequence is now able to repair powerplants to restore full functionality
    - Updated Pluto and Charon to use rocky template rather than icy
    - Tidied up our display of 'pending' and 'recovering' states in the reputation tab
    - Community Goal "How To" Box displays as boxes when in russian fixed
    - GUI rendering optimisations
    - Reduce station rate of fire, but increase per shot damage to compensate
    - Optimisations for star searches
    - Fix binding GUI not allowing us to bind axes that don't already have one
    - Fix for flickering white square in starport
    - Fix for mining lasers not having gunsights (includes Torval's Mining Lance)
    - Added more chatter line variety
    - Fix for supercruise island merging
    - Add chatter to provide reason for security ships attacking player
    - XBox One: Added a new error message for being unable to join the squad because the *game* is full
    - Xbox One: Fix an issue with joining a friend's in-progress game that you just left
    - Optimisations for scanner rendering
    - Better shuffling of map choices for CQC
    - CQC Loading screen to replace the spinning ship model
    - Cannot check Scoreboard During Killcams fixed
    - Add speaker icon in CQC lobby to show who is speaking
    - Speculative fix for some stuttering in supercruise seen on Win10 machines with AMD graphics cards
    - Add ability to mute a player in the lobby
    - Fixed Power's control page text cut off
    - Damage tweak for the CQC rapid fire cannon
    - Optimisations for power distribution management
    - Player allied with opposing Power didn't get bounty when firing on a player allied with system's power fixed
    - 'Cargo scoop' indicator light wrongly labeled 'Landing gear' fixed
    - Fix for CQC back lighting being inconstant with angle
    - XBox One - Add rich presence even on the main menu
    - Improved spawn point generation for CQC maps
    - Fixed hitcheck on the pipes around the central area of objective towers
    - No visible timer during CQC match fixed
    - Show the killer pilot name in respawn menu, don't show anything if we don't have a killer
    - OSX: Fix for custom mouse cursor sometimes disappearing, particularly on lower-spec machines
    - Repeating Dialogue When Being Asked to Accept Alternate Mission Parameters fixed
    - Xbox One: Fix microphone state not being shown correctly
    - Fix inbox message contract elements for delivery missions
    - Update how conflict scenarios are generated, and the triggers for scenario generation:
    - Multiple wars/civil wars in a single system
    - Remove some oddities in wars spanning several systems
    - Wars between non-controlling factions are allowed and will co-incide with scenarios generated by the controlling minor's state
    - Update the logic to trigger a rebuild of scenarios to watch and make use of the last changed seed, along with the ability to generate zero scenarios - Should fix several cases where scenarios should show but don't (though the case of zero planets in a system still causes problems)
    - Fix the occasional insanely large amount of time spend in the advance of matchmaking lobby
    - Xbox One: Re-enable access to Friends Management for Silver accounts
    - Made low colours the same as normal colours for large icons on the scanner in CQC
    - CQC prestige button now available when rank 50
    - Added error messages for a number of CQC invite error scenarios.
    - Already in the squad you were invited to
    - The other squad is closed
    - The invite was not yours to accept!
    - Xbox One: New account linking flow
    - Fixed module hit locations for all ships, improving layout and correcting oversized/overlapping setups
    - Fixed a bug with the tea traders to allow them to trade tea in Star systems exploited by a Power
    - Fixed buying exploration data when then only thing a Commander knows about a star system is its name
    - Improved Powerplay cache behaviour for Players connecting within a couple of minutes after weekly maintenance
    - Support multiple conflicts within a given starsystem. However, one minor faction can still only be involved in a single conflict, no matter how many

    starsystems they're present in.
    - Fixed some minor faction economic states so they once again affect influence levels
    - Minor faction conflict states can now take precedence over economic states, which should fix many one sided conflicts
    - Star system stability factors now affect rate of change of minor faction influence levels, making it harder to affect influence in systems with any of large populations, higher security, development level and standard of living.
    - If the server doesn't think we have any paintjob wear, but the client thinks we have a tiny bit of wear (<0.000001), we will just ignore it
    - Xbox One: refresh the friends list every time we switch to the chat UI's contacts panel, so we see friends' state accurately
    - Fixed missing rank icons in manage party screen
    - CQC Rogue spawn point is no longer hiding in an asteroid
    - Add'restore defaults' button on the Graphics and Audio menus
    - Improve abandon branch rewards for massacre missions
    - Replace   (non breakable space html) by unicode value when generating loc files
    - Updated the minor faction state durations to give a much more dynamic galaxy
    - Audio optimisations to tackle clicks and dropouts
    - Show rank and stats on player stat cards when inviting them or looking in the lobby
    - Fix various issues with switching users on Xbox One
    - Closing the Pause Menu's Help screen after focusing on UI panels reverts to incorrect focus fixed
    - The matchmaking lobby will now also has the id of the squad a player is in, it can use this to try and make sure squad members end up on the same team
    - The account linking interface will not display the virtual keyboard if the field is accessed with a physical keyboard
    - Make sure we correctly award score for actions in capture the flag
    - Network fix for wings not working in private groups on a shared router
    - If a user tries to load into a CQC game that has ended then stop the loading and go back to the menu and wait for the next match to begin
    - Xbox One: Button prompts in the hint text appear as text, not icons fixed
    - Don't auto-decline wing invites while permissions are being fetched
    - Fix a rare bug where a station could be destroyed and recreated while hyperspacing or supercruising away form the station
    - Show aloading screen (with spinning ship) when changing ships at the shipyard
    - Fix for DiamondBack Scout missing all unique audio on Xbox One and OSX
    - Disallow wing invites to friends whose online status is in CQC
    - Destroying an NPC's power plant, and them not exploding, results in the AI continuing to fight like normal fixed
    - Handle the Xbox One suspending the process, it will try and remove the player that is suspending from all the sessions it is in
    - CQC: Moved a number of in-map asteroids that were clipping through 'background' asteroids when rotating
    - Show gamertag/commander name of current player in the Clear Save button
    - OSX: fix for mouse cursor remaining on-screen after attempting to use [Cmd]+[Shift]+4 to take a screenshot in flight
    - Improvements to matchmaking QoS failure handling, to prevent it from appearing stuck to the player
    - CQC: Added a confirmation dialog box when quitting out of matchmaking
    - Updated the minor faction state warmups, durations and cooldowns to give a much more dynamic galaxy
    - Retune influence and faction state bucket values from all player actions
    - Allow fortify and undermine actions for turmoil systems
    - Correctly handle losing turmoil systems to revolt if the power in turmoil nearly expanded their way out of turmoil only to be undermined back into it again
    - Fix an inconsistency between the powerplay CC balances displayed to the players and used internally by the servers in the turn when a Power has just emerged from Turmoil
    - You cannot open the galaxy map from a mission contract when using headlook mode fixed
    - Dont open uneeded talk channels in the CQC menu, this should reduce some spam in the comms panel
    - Xbox One: Long gamertags display incorrectly when inviting users to voice comms
    - Make sure configurable buttons and toggles wait for the presets to be loaded before they start, this fixes an issue of some bindings not working when

    starting the game until you go into the controls binding menu
    - Fixed an issue with the control presets not being sorted when they are first loaded, this caused your control scheme to change when going into the controls menu and then backing out of it without applying changes
    - Xbox One: Improve behaviour when loading into game with a broken connection
    - Xbox One: Fix error removing and adding a new controller while loading
    - In a deathmatch game, when the lobby is about to start sure the player as blue and everyone else as red
    - Improve behaviour when experiencing disconnection on the CQC menu
    - Xbox One Rich Presence updates correctly to the docked state if already docked when loading the game, and switches back to the flying state when undocking
    - Fixed an incorrect TDM spawn on Cluster Compound
    - CQC: Fix for fast charge shields taking longer to recharge than the default shields
    - Further fix for IP4/Nat issues: do not change the "ConnectWith" decision during constructor or SyncArrived, if a decision to connect via Lan has already been made
    - Better handling of controller disconnects on Xbox One
    - Fixes the right and left panels getting clipped at 720p for the Eagle and Empire Eagle
    - When multiple players draw for the win in a deathmatch, display all the winners at the top
    - CQC: Adding in the ship specific info for the efficiency shields so it only appears for the Eagle. Also made it so it consumes less power
    - Added a cooldown period to the shield cell ability in CQC. This should balance it's use to be much fairer, especially in CTF
    - Make sure that full connection information is carried through the STUN server results
    - Flight Assist state should not be preserved between ships when dying in CQC
    - Store the currently active fire group when the player's CQC ship is destroyed
    - Xbox One: If necessary, show controller selection dialog when returning from suspend/constrained mode
    - Xbox One: Friend list on xbox now shows people you're following, as well as two-way friendships
    - Make sure the rank cached in the CQC lobby data is updated after a game as a player might rank up
    - Corrected the power draw setting on the light shields for the fed fighter
    - Make sure that we stop trying to attach the flag to the flag carrier ship if the flag is no longer being carried
    - When opening the CQC stats screen, put it into a loading state and then fill it with data when the web request returns. This stops the user from being unable to do anything while it is waiting for a response
    - OSX: Fix for intermittent glitches in GUI output on Nvidia cards
    - CQC: Fixing and balancing the boost diverters on the ships
    - CQC: Making the single cycle shields take longer to regen as designed
    - Clear CQC error message queue when resetting game, so the next user doesn't get irrelevant error messages on the main menu after signing in
    - CQC: Making the Hyper Charge shields re-charge faster
    - Xbox One: Add a "Forgot Password?" button to the account linking login page

    Audio ChangeLog

    New Features:
    - Audio for new ships: Imperial Eagle, Federation Gunship, and Federation Assault Ship.
    - More CQC audio improvements.
    - Added CQC combat music
    - Audio for CQC lobby and results screens
    - Added Wwise motion (controller rumble) on Xbox One only
    - Many optimisations in the audio systems and assets (benefits Mac, PC and Xbox One users), details below.
    - Added dynamic occlusion/obstructions system to CQC, to muffle/mute ships when they are behind other objects.

    Changes, Bugs & fixes:
    - Added a boost fail sound.
    - Minor update to the hauler sound, slightly louder boost.
    - Added sounds for Leave, defect, nominate and pledge in power-play menus.
    - Multi-cannon mechanical sounds are slightly pushed back and gunshot noises slightly pushed forward, also added a bit more bass.
    - Gui hover sound in power-play menu has been tweaked.
    - Courier added bits to the boost sound, improved audibility of main engine layer, improved orientation sounds, improved loops.
    - Lowered Diamondback audio as it was generally much louder than any other ship.
    - Increased the volume of music stingers when switching between articles in GalNetNews.
    - Courier boost moved to rear speakers.
    - Volume tweaked really loud door hinge on landing gears.
    - Tweaked Courier Hardpoint door and Engine Flaps.
    - Cannon Impacts are more audible.
    - Improvements to the way landing pads sound.
    - Balanced missile lock on sounds.
    - Less intrusive way of filtering beam lasers when they are low on ammo and constantly re-triggering because of weapon recharge rate.
    - Added a background ambience to Powerplay menu's for when music is muted.
    - Shield impact sounds on others and self slightly are more audible during combat.
    - Armour impact has less wizz and more metallic bang. Stands out better during combat.
    - First phase of mixing weapons, other engines and other weapons. Long term goal is to make combat more exciting and other ships more audible around -
    commanders, we're doing this in stages across the next few major updates.
    - Impact sound scales up with volume of the game to always be noticeable.
    - Multicannon and Pulselaser tweaks.
    - Improved ship voice glitch effects.
    - Self destruct alarm sequence tweaks.
    - Improved CQC forcefield to stop it getting very loud if you park next to it.
    - Fix to Hauler HP Doors.
    - Various fixes to make impacts on self more audible.
    - Fixed a bug that would sometimes mute shots from the multicannon.
    - Fixed multi-cannons firing in an uneven rhythm.
    - Fixed sound cuts when going between galaxy map and power play menu.
    - Fixed galaxy map bg music playing in power-play view mode.
    - Fixed missing sound on Small gimballed Cannon.
    - Fixed missing reload on Enforcer Cannon.
    - Fixed a bug where firing weapons of one type could duck the sound of weapons fire from another type, making weapons fire inaudible with multiple hard-points
    - Fixed a clipping issues on explosions and re-enabled a missing sub-bass layer. (ps. boom!)
    - Fixed an audio loop that was clicking in the GalaxyMap view.
    - Fixed a very loud element when using navipane's.
    - Fixed a problem with the docking computer glitching in the forcefield, getting very loud.
    - Fixed missing DiamondBack landing gear sounds.
    - Fixed ship voice going inaudible in galaxy map.
    - Fixed issue where silent running in stations could result in a massive sound buildup.
    - Fixed issue with toxic waste canisters.
    - Fixed several sounds not being audible on the mac build.
    - Fixed a bug that quiets shield impacts when hull strength is high.
    - Fixed missing audio on shieldcell bank.
    - Fixed Multicannon firing sounds still audible when cannons run out of ammo.
    - Many mix improvements
    - Several fixes to speed detection during collisions, so that they are much more audible when they happen.
    - Fixed pitch curves on friction so it doesn't go mental on metal ... did same for rocks and ice although that doesn't rhyme.
    - Made the pulse laser sounds more consistent and scale better across small, medium, large.. thanks to CMD Mephane for reporting!
    - Fixed diamondback clicks.
    - Fixed missing exploration completed sound.
    - Fixed a clicking loop in the Empire Courier.
    - Fixed click in PowerHub loop.
    - Fixed sounds in GUI hard panned to the right.
    - Fixed odd behaviour when middle mouse wheel scrolling with mouse pointer highlighting items.
    - Lowered volume of the loud "incoming player chat-message" to accommodate densely populated areas with lots of chat traffic.
    - Fixed problem with guns on larger ships (ie anything bigger than a cobra) sounding narrow and weak, should also fix all instances of guns behind the cockpit

    Sounding weak.
    - Removed excessive engine ducking when passing forcefields.
    - Removed double dampening on music track when explosions happen.
    - Fixed missing star sounds when zooming in galaxy map.

    - Many code and wwise side optimisations to further combat glitches, gaps and crackly sounds.
    - Landing pads use less resources.
    - Stellar ambiences muted inside stations to reduce load on wwise.
    - Various station optimisations.
    - Pre-filter and mix various source sounds to save CPU.
    - Added a dynamic priority system to reduce voice count in busy scenes. If you find instances where sounds that should be audible are muted, please let us know?
    - Added a soundbank manager to efficiently and dynamically manage memory usage and soundbank loading/unloading.
    - More efficient structuring of self ship sounds in Supercruise, resulting in less audio memory used in supercruise.
    - Cockpit fires and sparks use less resources and sound better.
    - Fixed potentially many ambient audio streams playing in the system map, hogging memory.
    - Optimisations to fuel scooping and Heat External.

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    Now that's a change log!

    Been looking forward to this one....

    Thanks team!

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    This is interesting.... - Compromised nav beacons added

    I wonder what that entails?

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    Holy patch notes, Batman!

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    Awesome list, thanks a bunch! Can we try to break this...?

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    Good job Frontier

    Railguns now have extreme penetration distance (will pierce to any module on any ship

    News ticker can now be clicked to jump to a particular news item
    That bugged me. Nice change.

    NPCs can interdict other NPCs
    Love this.

    Predicted CC news items added
    Bulletin board now shows which major faction a mission is related to
    Handy for gaining rank.

    Multiple wars/civil wars in a single system Wars between non-controlling factions are allowed and will co-incide with scenarios generated by the controlling minor's state

    Updated the minor faction state durations to give a much more dynamic galaxy
    More dynamic is good.

    Show aloading screen (with spinning ship) when changing ships at the shipyard
    Much better!

    Added CQC combat music

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    Gotta read that for 10 minutes.

    Hypedrive is on.

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    Originally Posted by vonDutch View Post (Source)
    Awesome list, thanks a bunch! Can we try to break this...?
    Test, test and then test again!

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    There be patches here...

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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)
    - Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their backer rewards
    What does "assign" mean and how does one qualify? My backer rewards allowed me to choose any starting option, I picked the exploration Cobra (no regrets ). Do I still get an Imperial Eagle? Or only people who picked the Imperial Bounty Hunte starting option? And what about those who did but sold their starting Eagle in the meantime?

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Oh so shiny. looking forward to this.

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    Great work! Thanks!

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    Thumbs up

    Many Thanks!!!

    Great list of features & fixes

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    - Changed how powerplant damage is handled - small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output

    Could you go into detail regarding how this affects ships like the Fer-De-Lance, which rely on the Plasma Accelerator and Cannon (The only Huge Hardpoint options), espicially when going against the Annie, which now has a smaller PP hitbox? Do the PA and Cannon do more hull damage instead? Is the FDL weaker as a result?

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    Great job guys! (I'm secretly taking bids offline as to how long it takes for someone to post the inevitable 'what about [xxxx], is [xxxx] fixed? Where [xxxx] is "something not in the patch notes".....')

    Nearly complete on the download, so will be logging on to test it later this evening.

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