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Thread: THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA Inspired Character Portraits

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    Smile THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA Inspired Character Portraits

    Hello CMDRs!

    I have been creating art for The People's Media ( ) for almost three months now. I wanted to do an art dump here to show some of my work. Feel free to read the stories associated via the link.

    Also, before the wall of digital paintings, I am open for Portrait Commissions. Check out my journal here for details.

    1) A Quick Teaser of some of my favorite article cover art.
    Name:  TPM_News_Jul09.png
Views: 372
Size:  1.26 MBName:  TPM_News_Jul05.png
Views: 297
Size:  1.21 MBName:  TPM_News_Jul29.png
Views: 344
Size:  1.41 MBName:  TPM_News_Jun29.png
Views: 329
Size:  1.32 MB

    2) Character Portraits (Most hidden as Spoiler)

    3) Brothers of Forculus: Mafia Themed Character Avatars

    4) MISC Art related to The People's Media and Elite Dangerous

    I enjoy Elite: Dangerous and aim to make my ability to create art impact the environment for other players.
    When I fly in the void of space, my imagination creates worlds, cities, people, and plots. This is not much different then a majority of players but I know there a some who struggle to find aim in such an open game with light years of emptiness. My artwork above is my efforts to visually communicate the way I imagine ED and share them with others. (I realize most of my art is Empire related due to a large culture support and aid from other players)

    I hope this or art like it inspires you to carve your own story in the void.

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    I've had the pleasure of working with him for months now, I'm constantly stunned by his talent and dedication.

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    Amazing art. Inspirational indeed.

    I haven't purchased Elite just yet but I'm planning to do the same with writing; I'm a freelance writer / ghostwriter by trade, and am looking forward to create some narratives in-game as soon as I've got my HOTAS and game copy secured (probably when Horizons is out) ... though, honestly, since that can take a while, don't want to wait until I start writing. Not all adventures are in space.

    Thank you so much for sharing. AWESOMESAUCE.

    You'll be hearing from me, Commander.

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    Almost missed this thread.
    Great stuff. Great talent.


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    Thumbs up

    This is absolutely amazing!

    Please tell me you already got a job offer from FD to create additional GalNet news art!

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    This stuff is fantastic! You really are bringing the Frontierverse to life!

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    Thanks for the compliments. I recently applied to Frontier, not for news art though, but for environment art. The news stuff is basically my ED inspired daily skill tests. :]

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Very nice work indeed.

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    Amazing work, Commander! These are a joy to see.