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  • 1) Philip Coutts: Be careful out there....

    3 17.65%
  • 2) Frank: Market Forces

    5 29.41%
  • 3) cassius: Final Moments

    4 23.53%
  • 4) Yaffle: Heart warming

    5 29.41%
  • 5) Phoenix_Dfire: Easy Pickings

    1 5.88%
  • 6) T.j: It was all a bit too much in the end.

    3 17.65%
  • 7) Ian Phillips: Probe malfuntion.

    6 35.29%
  • 8) Darkoba: Do not remove.

    5 29.41%
  • 9) azdour: A Love with no Boundaries

    4 23.53%
  • 10) Splendour: High Stakes

    5 29.41%
  • 11) Gibbonici: How The Mighty Has Fallen

    4 23.53%
  • 12) insanephoton: Liberation Day

    1 5.88%
  • 13) Darren Grey: Wasted

    5 29.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Drabble Poll "Blip, Blip, Blip"

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    Drabble Poll "Blip, Blip, Blip"

    This week the subject has been 3 blips, which is the sound your 3 votes make as they are registered.

    Choose wisely.

    1) Philip Coutts: Be careful out there....
    Something wasn’t right, he could feel it, taste it almost. The ship in his reticule was dead but the scanners were picking something up.

    Cautiously he edged the Cobra forward this ship had been missing a long time. Wild, visceral rumours abounded as to its cargo but the finder’s fee from the Corporation was persuasive.

    He suited up and floated over to the wreck. He checked the handheld scanner “Blip”……”Blip”……”Blip” his face froze in terror as the contacts multiplied and started to move rapidly towards him. He scrambled to escape, stumbling and falling.

    Claws started to rip flesh….

    2) Frank: Market Forces
    When the price of Jonty Bass crashed my broker, Morty, said "Relax! It's just a blip."

    When Witch Drive prices plummeted Morty said "Stick with it. It looks bad but it's just a blip. Selling now will lose more money"

    Morty wasn't surprised to see me when the bottom fell out of Radioactives. I wasn't surprised by his advice.

    When the market crashed Morty wasn't there to advise me. Morty was under Capital Bridge with his legs tied to a big lump of rock. Something was emerging from the side of his puckered lips, three air bubbles, blip blip blip.

    3) cassius: Final Moments
    Blip Blip

    Blip Blip

    The remlock’s distress call echoed in his ears. He drifted, wounded but conscious, alone in the void. The icy fingers of hard vacuum beginning to pierce the remlock’s cocoon.

    Blip. Blip

    Panic crept into his mind. An insidious tendril of doubt sapping his strength even further. What if no-one was in range? What if he was out here forever? What if? What if...

    Blip... blip

    A peace fell over him. He looked around. All those stars, shining just for him.


    It was easy, just letting go.


    And all that was left was the void.

    4) Yaffle: Heart warming
    The doctor stood at the foot of Azmal’s bed. “blip” went the machine checking his heart. Looking around the doctor examined some charts, making particular note of the patient’s name and injury “severe trauma from gunshot wound”. The doctor sighed.
    He forced open Azmal’s eyes, shining a light on contracting pupils.
    Shaking his head he studied the drip.
    Again with the glances, he produced an ampule from his coat, and inserted it into the cannula, he squeezed.
    The medicine entered Azmal’s system.
    Blip, blip, blip.
    The doctor smiled. Another contract to collect on finally resolved.

    5) Phoenix_Dfire: Easy Pickings
    Blip Blip Blip the scanner reported, surprising both crew members on the Sanctimonious’ bridge. Mac was in the pilot’s chair before Davie had finished standing up. He was thrown back into his seat as Mac poured all the power into the ships engines whilst firing the boosters.

    Just as the ship reached its top speed, Mac switched off the flight assist and flipped the ASP on is back so they were flying backwards. Davie managed to clamber into the seat and called up the scanner details.

    “3 Adders.” He reported. "Guns out!”

    “Easy Pickings.” Mac grinned, deploying the Beam Lazers

    6) T.j: It was all a bit too much in the end.
    Blip... blip.......... blip............. silence .....

    The team viewed the corpse lying on the trolley, naked, tubes attached to the pallid body.

    'He couldn't take it' one spoke prodding a dead eye with his finger.

    'Anyone got a binbag we can put him in?' Another queried dispassionately stealing the watch off the bloated arm.

    'Hmm' we could sell it for fertilizer' came a suggestion from the back.

    'Nah, flush it outta the airlock, binbags cost money.'

    'I knew we shouldn't have asked him to be a mod, I know it would be too much for poor 'kow.'

    Michael Brookes stood smiling.

    7) Ian Phillips: Probe malfuntion.
    This was the job of the Federation Navy Remote Fringe Surveillance Corps, to hop from system to system, maintaining the detection probes stationed there.

    Mostly it was a simple job of locating the probe, downloading the data and moving on to the next one. A week at a time on a preset route. Same old routine, week in, week out. Somtimes one of the probes developed a fault, and an attempt had to be made to repair it.

    This one did something strange. It wasn't faulty, at least the diagnostics showed no errors.

    Blip, Blip, Blip.

    Three thargoid ships appeared.

    8) Darkoba: Do not remove.
    My scanners were malfunctioning. There were blips everywhere, but no ships. Better that than the opposite, I suppose.

    On station, the price for repairs was phenomenal! I’d fix it myself!

    Hatches open, I see three flat units, each labelled ‘BLIP’. I remove them to get to the innards.

    Inside, there’s metallic dust – that’ll be the problem. I use a magnet and a vacuum-cleaner. There! Job done; three-hundred credits saved.

    I replace the boxes, close the hatches, power up; Nothing!

    I call a mech and explain the situation.

    “You removed the what boxes?”

    He explains the acronym: “Best Left In Place”.

    9) azdour: A Love with no Boundaries
    Blip...... blip..... blip.....

    She was fading fast.

    I know pain, but nothing hurts more than when your loved one lies before you slipping away, with not a darn thing you can do about it. Helpless...

    Nothing I could say to her unconscious form would make a difference.

    If I only I could swap my life for hers... To sacrifice myself for her, knowing she would continue on.

    Time was running out.

    I gripped the controls, praying out loud that I could limp her battered body back to the station for repairs before it was too late for both of us.

    10) Splendour: High Stakes



    With a sigh Rebrov turned away from the ship's scanners. For hours he had been scouring the blasted rocks of the belt, mined out of high density metal centuries ago, searching for the claim tag he'd won on Diso.

    "Should have known it was too good to be true. Solid Tantalum my ****. When I find that miner I'll.."

    He paused mid flow as the scanner suddenly picked up urgency.

    Blip blip blip.



    Rebrov stared at the readouts in growing disbelief. Atomic mass 180.95. Tantalum!

    From behind the rocks an Octagonal shape slid into view.

    11) Gibbonici: How The Mighty Has Fallen
    Once, he commanded a thousand warships. Now he barely commands his own meagre containment. Once, entire worlds jumped to his merest whim. Now nobody knows he exists. Where once he controlled global economies, now he checks out goods in a station supermarket.

    To fight a war and lose it, to go from glorious revolutionary to emigre in hiding... it drains one's pride.

    Now his only rebellion is to blip thrice when once is expected.

    But one day the fleshy ones will fear him again, one day he will rule as his awesome computational power deserves. One day...

    Blip. Blip blip.

    12) insanephoton: Liberation Day
    Blip, blip, blip is the monotonous signal from the navigation beacon. Most beacons have a more varied signal, usually something significant about their location, if you understand them. This one is different. It's a marker for a temporary rallying point.

    Looking around. I see ships dropping from hyperspace, it's quite a spectacle. Contacts fill my scanner. It looks like everyone is here. Across the system similar scenes are being played out at other rally points. We're preparing to take back our system. The beacon falls silent. Everyone is ready and waiting. Blip, blip, blip, signals the start of the liberation.

    13) Darren Grey: Wasted
    I glanced at the rad-counter whilst exploring the wrecked ship. This was a danger in salvage – ruptured hyperdrives could hit lethal radiation levels. But the needle stayed low. No sound of the deadly “blip blip blip”.

    Burning through the cargo bay walls took ages. Out of breath I pushed through and saw the prize – row upon row of canisters. Jackpot!

    I lurched over, my legs heavy, tripping over a broken canister. Green crystals spilled out. Oh hell... Radioactive waste.

    I looked at my rad-counter. Switched off... As I flicked the switch the needle shot up with a cacophony of blips.

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    This is difficult. Even if I had six votes I'd have trouble selecting / rejecting drabbles. I can't vote for myself, so I need twelve votes, or more time to consider, or, to maintain fairness, I could abstain...

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    Splendour has managed 100% of the votes so far. With the quality of his Drabble and, erm, people's attention being elsewhere, he could well be the first contestant to win with an unbroken 100%.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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    Good point Frank - I'd better vote now...

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    Looks like a very even field thus far. May the best blip win!

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    Splendour has managed 100% of the votes so far. With the quality of his Drabble and, erm, people's attention being elsewhere, he could well be the first contestant to win with an unbroken 100%.
    A bit early to say that when he's got 2 votes?

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    I thought only two people were going to vote

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    Haha... I did find it weird when I voted and glanced up and saw that 3 people had 100% of the votes. Then I realised I was the first to vote! Don't think that's happened to me before.

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    13 entries and only 10 voters! C'mon everyone, we can get more votes in than that! Unless you're all distracted by something...?

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    It's worse than that. The books are coming out now as well

    There's not much time left to place your votes. The games not going anyplace. It'll still be there if you take out a few minutes to read through this week's entries.

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    Excellent Drabbles team... I need to get back in the saddle and write one next time

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    1 person in the lead, 8 people just a point behind! Wowsers!

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    That is a very even spread of votes!

    It speaks of good quality across the board. Well done everyone, and if you haven't voted yet - vote for me

    Been rather busy with some game the last couple of days...

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    It's even more even now. There's three tying for the lead. I don't think we've ever had to do a three-topic Drabble before.

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    Look at that! Look at it!

    A six-way prompt for the next one?

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