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Thread: Sidewinder Owners' Manual (out of date)

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    Sidewinder Owners' Manual (out of date)

    Update by mod team 22 December 2014: see the v1.0 manual for a more up-to-date guide to Elite: Dangerous


    we're in the process of putting together a basic manual for the game so far and thought it would be fun to share it with you all. Note that this is WIP!

    You can grab it here:


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    That'll come in handy Thanks guys

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    Fantastic. Excellent. Really will be very useful. Great thank you to Frontier

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    Thanks Michael.. Will read it onsite at lunchtime (Tescos at Bar Hill around half four if you're wondering...)

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    Like the controller guide... That'll be useful to loads of peeps

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    Wheee, finally the BACK on my X360 does something Awesome read, I really love the system descriptions with screenshots from the starmap, and ofc the Docking guide. Federal way, the Right way.. my behind

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    Elite Global Moderator Yaffle's Avatar
    Zeon Corporation? New in game corp too?

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    Is the conflict between Eranin and Dahan new?

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Thanks, Michael - looks good so far!

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    I expected someone to community to weight in and do that, so double my surprise to see this from FD. Nice work, thanks Michael!

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    This is much appreciated

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    ... and about time too !

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    Thank you Mr Brookes. Certainly helpful for a pea-brain like me to remember all the controls.

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    Many thanks for this guys!

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