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  • 01 - moose666 - CSI Barnards Star

    2 8.70%
  • 02 - Rascon - A Sad Day

    5 21.74%
  • 03 - cleonymus - Reflections on a bad day at Galileo Station

    1 4.35%
  • 04 - Frank - Raise the White Flag

    5 21.74%
  • 05 - Alien - How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?

    2 8.70%
  • 06 - Simoof - New Moon - Immature Moon

    1 4.35%
  • 07 - Goose4291 - Tactical Use of Terrain

    2 8.70%
  • 08 - CMDR Texas Stu - BADGE OF HONOR?

    4 17.39%
  • 09 - Thirstybadger - Flight A572 - Destination Moon

    1 4.35%
  • 10 - Darkoba - "A Bum Deal" or "Who am I to swim against the stream?"

    1 4.35%
  • 11 - Galactic Midden - Return to Sender

    3 13.04%
  • 12 - Listeri69 - The Depths of Despair...

    4 17.39%
  • 13 - Missileman - Rogue Moon

    2 8.70%
  • 14 - kelgrath - What is the moon?

    8 34.78%
  • 15 - MrMogadon - The First Man

    3 13.04%
  • 16 - SkipRat - The Assault

    7 30.43%
  • 17 - Eros - Looking out over the Earth

    2 8.70%
  • 18 - Ian Phillips - The Visit

    3 13.04%
  • 19 - azdour - Pushed over the Edge

    1 4.35%
  • 20 - Edith_The_Hutt - King of the Moon

    2 8.70%
  • 21 - Erik Marcaigh - I Love You to the Moon and Back

    5 21.74%
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Thread: Another Week, Another Drabble Contest. #125: The Moon

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    Another Week, Another Drabble Contest. #125: The Moon

    Welcome to Drabble contest. We have quite a shocking display of raw talent tonight; a full house of stories. We'd love to see your opinion of them through the medium of "vote"

    I wuz me what done it last week. And I completely innocently chose the topic of this weeks contest, "The Moon" completely unaware of the deluge of filth that such a topic would generate. Mind you, it is a full house and so that's something I can be proud of. <beam> I normally include a banner picture to accompany this spiel, but for the life of me I just couldn't think of a suitable picture.

    Below where you're looking are the stories, all short and wonderful. Above where you're looking are the voting options. You get to tick three boxes. The results are revealed on Sunday night. The winner chooses the topic for the next week.

    The only rule is DON'T VOTE FOR YOURSELF! Anyone caught voting for themselves and... bam, zoom, straight to the moon.

    Psykokow's reading of the Drabbles Friday at 7:00 BST
    I don't know if he's going to do anything special for this weeks topic, but I recommend just listening to the MP3 version instead... just to be on the safe side.

    01 - moose666 - CSI Barnards Star

    "So constable, what have we got?"
    "Homicide, the victim goes by the name of 'Simoof'"
    He nodded. "Ah, a frequent customer, what's the cause of death this time?"

    His assistant leafed through some notes. "Looks like a gunshot wound from behind."
    "Rather boring method of dispatch, anything unusual?"
    "His trousers were round his ankles."
    "Uh huh, and the entry wound would by any chance be on his buttocks?"
    "How did you guess that sergeant?"
    He smiled. "I'd say that our killer was in fact..."
    He put on a pair of sunglasses.
    "...Shooting the moon."


    02 - Rascon - A Sad Day

    For millions of years it has sat there like a guardian in the sky watching over mankind, controlling our tides. A friendly face from above.

    One hundred ships wait in orbit for the announcement of the permit requirements, all kitted out with the latest landing modifications now available to the masses.

    Is this to be its fate? A playground for the rich and stupid.

    Clearance is granted and the inevitable happens, a bad approach rips a huge crater into the surface and a fully fuelled Anaconda explodes.

    From Earth it now looks like the man in the moon is crying.

    03 - cleonymus - Reflections on a bad day at Galileo Station

    Docking was a pain, the toaster clogged with a type 9 and an Orca disputing right of way. The dockers had been particularly unhelpful, refusing to unload the cargo because they were on a break. The commodity market was on a downturn and the price had barely covered the cost of fuel and repairs. Finally the scan by system security had spotted the salvaged lifepod and imposed a fine that put the whole trip into the red.
    No wonder that as the security vessel moved closer to take an ID photo through the canopy all they saw was the moon.

    04 - Frank - Raise the White Flag

    The lunar historian confirmed their fears as they approached the site "Those are new footprints."

    Jim cursed as he leapt out of the SRV, this was the Tranquillity Preservation Society's worst fears, that someone would contaminate the site before they'd managed to fence it off. He'd known that some rich kids had private rockets to get to the newly-opened Space Hotel. He didn't think they could make it this far.

    The footprints were strange; deep and pointed with a weird gait, more like scratches in the moondust. And they led to the indentation made by their spacecraft, an octagonal imprint.

    05 - Alien - How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?

    Psykokow: "How many Moons Does the Earth have?"
    Simoof: "The Earth has one moon which is made of cheese."
    (klaxons go off)
    Psykokow: "Ohhhhh. I'm afraid you lose ten"
    Simoof: "But it does have one moon"
    Psykokow: "no"
    Simoof: "It's called THE Moon"
    Psykokow: "One of them"
    Simoof: "I rest my case"
    Psykokow: "I can understand Simoof, that you would feel hard done by, but the answer is there are two moons. One is the one we know, called The Moon. The other is called Cruithne. It's three miles across and orbits the world every seven hundred and seventy years."

    06 - Simoof - New Moon - Immature Moon

    Did he really say the Moon? How infantile.
    "Shall I fetch the book of innuendos sir?" enquired Wayton.
    "You already gave it to me." interrupted Commander Nayarz.
    The book had a section dedicated to astral bodies, most of it dedicated to just one planet.
    Nayarz fingered through uranus.
    "Here it is... Moon - to bare ones buttocks at another"
    Nayarz sat-up, thoughtful.
    "Tradesmen!! Infamous for unwanten accidental buttock displays. Get me a plumber!"

    After a few minutes Wayton opened comms to a local plumber.
    "I have something I need you to do for me."
    "You do?, Should I grab my caulk?"

    07 - Goose4291 - Tactical Use of Terrain

    “Jump complete. All stations report.”
    “Command, Nav. GPS fix confirms position correct.”
    “Command, Manuvering. FSD cooling down, reactor operating within normal parameters.”
    Triearchus Marcellus looked at the Sensors team. “Any sign of counter detection?”
    “No increased comms chatter. As expected, the moon appears to have masked our signature.”
    “Excellent. Flight Deck, Fretensis Actual. Deploy the package”
    Four Eagles in pirate paint jobs, a sharp contrast from the pristine white of the Fretensis’ hull, launched from her hanger. Whilst the Fretensis jumped away to the staging area, they set upon their mission: the Imperial undermining of Winters’ space with plausible deniability.

    08 - CMDR Texas Stu - BADGE OF HONOR?

    "He's going to ruin us"

    "Sales have never been higher!"

    "He's making us into a joke"

    "Sales are up 9% last quarter!"

    "He's too strange. It's unnerving."

    "What celebrity personality doesn't have idiosyncrasies?"

    "It's only a matter of time until he opens his mouth and says something WE can't take back"

    "Any publicity is good publicity. Why don't you like him? Everyone else likes him."

    "It's unsettling... worrisome. Last night I was taking a walk around the palisade and Buck Nekkid was out there, barking at the moon"

    "That's really not that strange."

    "REALLY? We do not have a moon!!!"

    09 - Thirstybadger - Flight A572 - Destination Moon

    Good Moon-ing! I’d like to take this opportunity as we reach the main event of our Moon package tour to remind you not to miss out on the chance to cash in your complimentary 20% off voucher for all Moon tour merchandise, we have caps, mugs and of course our very special line of clothing allowing you to relive your moon tours experience all year round. Please move over to your assigned viewing port with specially warmed glass. Ladies and Gentlemen please unhook your custom quick release, double lined Moon tours mooning flaps… it is time…. TO MOON THE MOON!

    10 - Darkoba - "A Bum Deal" or "Who am I to swim against the stream?"

    It had to happen, sooner or later.

    I was happy when the Science-Foundation put the permanent base on Ion, our moon, and even happier when I was offered a three year stint as solo science-officer and maintenance-crew.

    Alone. Finally away from the "madding-crowd", the increasingly sheep-like and antisocial society we've developed.

    It wasn't too bad when they started the tourist fly-by's; they maintained a reasonable, undisturbing altitude...

    But now they have the tourist-laden land-cruisers! They land, and drive right past the base, tourists' buttocks pressed up against the view-ports!

    I think I'll buy a ship and head into deep space.

    11 - Galactic Midden - Return to Sender

    Pat watched the mission clock tick down to 5 minutes.This would be close but his confidence was high. The reward was worth the cryptic penalty of "bound in servitude" for a simple delivery of fan mail to Lady Boils at her secret orbital home.

    Dropping into the destination system Pat triggered his discovery scanner as he once again read the address, Ms Boils, Moon. With a resounding honk the orbit lines of a hundred moons appeared around the majestic lady's gaseous home.

    Pat cried in frustration as the head of his beloved wobbly bobble squeezed off between his hands.

    12 - Listeri69 - The Depths of Despair...

    The SRV bounced around on the rough surface, bumps towered out of the canyon that ran the length
    the canyon was dark and deep, nobody had ventured that far in until now
    'preparing to enter the canyon'
    'Good luck cmdr'
    'ok we have visual. looks like fluffy white substance on the sides, and there is bronze rocks there too'
    'The bronze is unstable try not to nudge it.'
    The SRV probed deeper into the canyon
    'Is that a Trumble?'
    'If it is its long dead....'

    Right Mr Simoof you can pull your pants up we've discovered whats causing the blockage.

    13 - Missileman - Rogue Moon

    The moon on Aratius 4 wasn't like the Earths moon, for one it wasn't tidally locked it moved around the planet once every 2 days or so,
    it was also a lot smaller but a lot closer, the tidal forces were extreme and the oceans would bulge noticeably as the moon rotated around.
    That was the reason all the cities were built inland, tsunamis every day,
    except this wasn't every day
    the additional force of a rogue planet passing through the system tore the moon asunder
    one of those pieces now headed towards Aratius City it was time to flee......

    14 - kelgrath - What is the moon?

    The moon. Trillions of tonnes of rock, coincidentally always facing the Earth for as long as we can remember. Throughout man's existance we have looked at it in awe, wondered why it's there, what it's for, sung songs to it, written poems about it. We built rockets to go land on it. We even contemplated whether it would be possible to mine it.

    What nobody seems to realise is that it makes the perfect observation platform. The ideal place from which to monitor the development of the human race. Nobody realised this except the thargoids. That's why they built it.

    15 - MrMogadon - The First Man

    Dimitri Piotrowicz was a great man.

    An outstanding scientist, engineer, pilot and humanitarian. A man of firsts.

    The first to suggest building a moon base.

    The first base commander.

    The first to take deep-core geological samples

    Alas, he was also first to tragically die in an airlock malfunction.

    How do I know this?

    My name is Gregori Piotrowicz, Dimitri’s son, and I am also a man of firsts.

    First science officer.

    First to analyse the core samples and find high levels of Palladium.

    First to recognise the wealth and power we possessed.

    First to remove an obstacle to my dreams.

    16 - SkipRat - The Assault

    Light cut through the swirling frozen mist as the dropship’s cargo bay doors opened revealing six heavily armed figures.

    ‘Welcome to hell boys and girls, hope you’ve got titty warmers on, this is going to be cold and Little Binky takes no prisoners’

    ‘The T9 and crew are two clicks northwest and we’re expecting heavy resistance’

    ‘Alpha squad will attack from the north, we will provide support from the south, any questions?’

    ‘Ummm… Sarge, Little Binky is that moon over there.’

    Light faded in the swirling frozen mist as the dropship’s cargo bay doors closed concealing six heavily armed figures.

    17 - Eros - Looking out over the Earth

    A figure stood Silhouette against a glaring white background, the sky as black and dark as her. I slowly approach as not to disturb, though my gate deceives me to her.

    `I see you each year. You always come here to this lonely place.’

    `For so long man lusted for the moon, to explore, to jump higher and further. Strange now it is for those born in the stars to lust for the Earth.’

    `Yes, the shining marble that is our true birthplace’

    `It is so close, yet Luna is as near as I dare step.’

    18 - Ian Phillips - The Visit

    The moon hung over the planet, tidal locked and dull.

    The ship hung over the moon, cold and dark.

    The pilot hung in his chair, searching and attentive.


    His hand hovered over the switch, waiting, waiting.


    Engines surged and the ship lurched forwards, aiming for a flashing signal far below.

    Speed now of the essence, all stealth abandoned, the heat surge flared across space. Down to the surface and (gently) to land the Cobra settled and opened its hatch to the void on the moon.

    Speedily the SRV came up the ramp, stolen data chips delivered to safety.

    19 - azdour - Pushed over the Edge

    Lady Tharnall was a task mistress. Only those that returned with the rare objects she demanded, would get to glimpse her astounding beauty.

    But for some, like Cmdr Rassa, there came a point when something snaps.

    Where sanity slips into the realms of madness.

    The Cmdr laughed heartily, as he was marched out of the Imperial citadel to the prison by the guards.

    Back at the citadel the jaw of the lady still remained dropped, a look of horror on her face at the latest object given to her.

    A picture.

    An inappropriate picture... of a moon on a stick.

    20 - Edith_The_Hutt - King of the Moon

    Mond the First watched an Asp land and unload at Port Tycho while behind him a courtier delivered the news.

    “I'm afraid there is no room for interpretation your Majesty, I spoke to the Chancellor personally. Emperor Arissa has revoked her father's claim to the birthplace of mankind, your title can never be formally acknowledged”

    King Mond nodded, “it was expected.” A chittering sound became apparent from behind the courtier, “Fortunately in your absence I have found myself a new sponsor, one who has promised a far greater title in return for my corporation's assistance,” he smiled, “Emperor of Earth!”

    21 - Erik Marcaigh - I Love You to the Moon and Back

    On a field of grass, there lived a Kow. Not a nasty, dirty, muddy field, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor a dry, bare, sandy field with nothing on it to sniff or eat; it was a Kow-field, and that means comfort.

    Every evening Simoof the moon would rise in the sky and shine it's smile down upon the Kow. Kow was not an adventurous sort, but one day decided to jump to the moon. During his leap, Kow realized it was not a moon at all and got stuck in it's crack.

    The End.

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    OK the video is processing, and the audio version is READY


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    or itunes or direct here

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    It's great to see we are still in the position of having more voters than candidates. I'd like to ask a favour to any passers-by who may no normally bother voting. We currently have a tie for the lead. That makes it difficult for setting the topic for next week. Could some kind soul choose either one or the other?

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    I flipped a coin, heads for SkipRat, tails for kelgrath. In a contest of 5 flips, tails prevailed 3 flips to 2.

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    Congratulations kelgrath. It was a wonderful Drabble, and it got my vote.

    I'm sorry. I'd forgotten I was supposed to hand over the imaginary toilet paper crown to the new reigning champion. I may have used it a bit. Well, I thought imaginary toilet paper crowns might be a bit more... substitutional than thin sheets of imaginary toilet paper. Luckily it got clogged up in the plumbing and I managed to fish it out of the "U" bend.

    While you're waiting for your crown to dry off, can you tell us what's the topic for this week?

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    Hurray and congrats Kelgrath!

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    Gosh. A win at the first attempt. And a damp thing to wear. Did that used to be a crown? And what's that interesting stain?
    Anyway, I've looked at the topics in the past and there have been sensible, silly, topical, fact it seems to be pretty much anything goes. How about something topical? Given the inherent danger in ED, there should be plenty of material for:

    In Remembrance

    Seems appropriate this week, containing 11/11.

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    Nice choice!

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    I concur. This should be a good one for the Fretensis and her crew... I wonder if I can work latin burial rites into this one?

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    Originally Posted by Goose4291 View Post (Source)
    I concur. This should be a good one for the Fretensis and her crew... I wonder if I can work latin burial rites into this one?
    If you do, it will be your funeral!!

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    just saw the broadcast, as i was driving all day the day it went out, (im still a week late haha)... Eros god of spanners excellent!

    For more information than anyone really needs regarding my name selection :-

    Sad part is that this Alias was the result of being in an Astronomy class at the same time as trying to think of a good Forum name way way way back during my undergraduate. The Prof was talking about this thing and thus the name was chosen... being young and rather dumb, I did not check any other origins of the name... derp... still i used it and kept using it. The Second name for my commander is also Physics related and basically being chosen 2 years later in what I can only describe as a painfully boring lecture course on 'Solids' given by a lecturer who i can only describe as epically crap for someone who has such a massive ego... that name was the Madelung constant, which allows calculation of electrostatic potential in a lattice (yawn!)... so there we go

    Eros Madelung

    God of spanners does feel like a step up !!!