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  • 1) Ian Phillips: Retribution

    6 40.00%
  • 2) Philip Coutts: Vote for me or the Goat gets it!

    9 60.00%
  • 3) Darren Grey: A new religion

    5 33.33%
  • 4) Splendour: Ambush!

    6 40.00%
  • 5) azdour: Life as a Station Fireman

    3 20.00%
  • 6) Frank: Puntasia

    2 13.33%
  • 7) Darkoba: An anachronistic case of mistaken identity

    5 33.33%
  • 8) insanephoton: Old school memories

    5 33.33%
  • 9) Phoenix_Dfire: Brigade

    0 0%
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Thread: Drabble Poll "Pew, Pew"

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    Drabble Poll "Pew, Pew"

    It seems that a few to many commanders were on the receiving end of some Pew, Pew this week, because we have only nine entries.

    Never mind, more votes for those who did enter

    Choose the 3 you find the best.

    1) Ian Phillips: Retribution

    He rolled over.


    A squeal escaped his lips and he rolled back to lie once more on his stomach.

    What had happened? His memory was shot, just a blank. No, not a complete blackout, he did recall going to the Thargoid bar as usual, and meeting someone.


    He stood with difficulty, sore buttocks preventing him from sitting on the bed.

    An envelop got his attention.

    Shakily he looked at the photo, gaping at the picture. A pair of buttocks, each one tatooed with "Pew" in orange and a message scrawled across them.

    "Finally got your . MB"

    2) Philip Coutts: Vote for me or the Goat gets it!
    Commander Coutts was suffering from a rather embarrassing cash flow problem. He was also out of favour with the Empire after that unfortunate incident on Achanar with the Governors daughter and the goat. All he had left was his Cobra and his trusty crewman Oss. There’s nothing else for it he thought grimly, it’s a pirate’s life for me from now on……

    He lined up on the mining ship "Arm all lasers Oss".

    "Okay boss!"

    "Fire at will!"

    "Pew pew!" shouted Oss

    "What in Hades name are you doing man!"
    "You sold the lasers to pay off that goat owner......"

    3) Darren Grey: A new religion
    The congregation gathered before the holy relic.

    "Behold the almighty Laser!" cried the priest.

    The crowd gazed in awe. It was 3 months since the giant beam laser fell from the sky onto their backwater planet. They took it as A Sign.

    "The Laser watches over us! Its blazing light makes us pure."

    "Pew pew!" intoned the crowd as one.

    "Protect us, oh Laser, from the darkness."

    "Pew pew!" intoned the crowd.

    "People, we have enshrined the great Laser in our new cathedral to worship it day after day. One final detail now remains…. Where shall we sit?"

    "Pew pew?"

    4) Splendour: Ambush!
    It had been a tense and gruelling day, stalking a gang through the inner rings of Hathor. The trap had closed like clockwork, the police Vipers englobing the pirates rag tag vessels, a bloodless surrender, the safe release of their hostages. Pilot Officer Shen closed her apartment door and relaxed.

    "Pew, pew!"

    Shen staggered back as a small shape jumped at her from the shadows. She grabbed her assailant under the arms and swung her up above her head.

    "I got you mummy!"

    Shen clutched her giggling daughter to her.

    "Someday dear, you’ll save handsome princes from terrible pirates too."

    5) azdour: Life as a Station Fireman
    "It is a busy job as a fireman on Azeban station dealing with the fires and debris from crashing ships inside the station."

    "It is a full time 24 hour a day job but with good pay and good health insurance to cover the danger."

    "Especially when working in the low gravity environment and the threat of ships colliding with you."

    "Not to mention the rare occasions when the station systems mistakes you for a craft with no landing permission..."

    The alarm sounds...

    "Come on lads"

    "Pew, Pew, Barney Mcgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb"

    "Lets get to that fire asap."

    6) Frank: Puntasia
    Commander Smirk was in a church, hiding between two rows of chairs.

    Two firemen from New Trumpton sneaked in. Each fireman was holding a lump of plutonium they had stolen from Princeton University.

    The commander jumped up, brandishing both his laser pistols. "I thought you would come here to try to stash your swag. Give me that radioactive material!"

    The firemen were like sheep caught in the headlights of a surface vehicle, specifically like female sheep. The sight of the two laser pistols pointing in their faces caused them to relieve themselves.

    The commander commented twice on the pungent smell.

    7) Darkoba: An anachronistic case of mistaken identity
    Commander John Silver sat nursing a drink at the bar of the Thargoid-and-Fer-de-Lance. He heard a sinister tap-tap-tapping from the walkway outside the bar. The bar door swung open.

    A man with a white stick lurched into the bar. He was clearly blind. He listened, tapped his way to the bar, sniffed the air and approached the Commander.

    "Commander Silver?"

    "Aye, that be I."

    "I have summink for ye."

    "Huh?" A plastic card with a black spot was placed in his hand.

    The blind man left quickly.

    The Commander chased him in panic.

    "Pew? Pew! You've got the wrong Silver!"

    8) insanephoton: Old school memories
    A small boy runs past shouting 'Pew, Pew' at his friend. Looks like they are playing Security and Pirates. Some things never change.

    It's been years since I was last in a school. The headteacher greets me. I'm here to talk about careers in space.

    The young lad stops. His eyes widen as he spots my Pilot Federation badge.

    'Hey mister, are you a space pilot?'.

    I confirm that I am.

    'Wow, cool'.

    He runs away to tell his friends. It reminds me of my own school days. When I was his age, I was the one shouting 'pew, pew'.

    9) Phoenix_Dfire: Brigade
    "Oh Man did you see that Type 9 Blow?"

    Space traffic controller Cant was shocked. The docking bay ahead of them was full of canisters. Each of them, slowly descending to the docking station bays in the micro gravity of Trumpton station.

    "The idiot was trying to manually dock for the first time," replied Murray, his assistant.

    "What was he carrying?"

    Murray called up the manifest. "Lets see, Clanger fertiliser, Ivor Engine Parts and ...Oh!’

    "Chigley Explosives?" Cant asked.

    Murry nodded.

    Cant hit the emergency alert.

    "Call out the Trumpton Fire Brigade; Pew, Pew, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub."

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    With only nine entries there should be a greater chance of getting some votes.. If anyone remembers to vote.

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    5 votes now and we have a front runner. It seems that 4 voters care about the goat and 1 voter is looking forward to curried goat

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    If we get another couple of voters we might have as many voters as drabblers. Any one want to spare a vote for those that have none?

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    Dear God! Either people think I'm going to harm a goat or everyone is busy playing Beta. I've never been in the lead before I don't know what I should be doing! Where's my towel.....

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    Thrown my votes into the mix and got the number of voters greater than number of drabblers

    Apologies for no entry this week... i wish i could blame the beta but alas, work and moving house have taken priority over most other things

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    Looks like the goat has caught the fancy of of wider audience

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    We've got a whole extra day voting so go exercise your democratic right. As a special treat far all you space jocks out there we decided to have less entries this week, so reading them won't take as long. I've had enough for now. Someone had left cans of liquor sloshing about on the inside of a station. They might as well have set a Frank trap. I lost many a free sidewinder trying to scoop them up <sigh>.

    Philip's doing well with his great Drabble. He's going to take some catching up.

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    Congrats Philip, a very good drabble!

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    Dang it!

    Yet another second place for my collection

    Well done Mr Coutts !

    Originally Posted by Philip Coutts View Post (Source)
    Shhhh, I'm hoping for my first top 6 finish......
    What are you going to wish for next ?

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    Well done Philip! Great effort all round folks, sorry I was absent.

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    At last after all that Drabbling, a victory some very good entries again so I'm very pleased with my victory, thanks for all the messages. Anyone want to buy a slightly frightened goat......

    And so onwards as ever to the next topic. I've tried to pick something that could have a few different meanings and connotations and also has a hefty nod to some past Elite fiction so have a go this week at......drumroll......


    Good luck to all, I'll post over on the main drabble thread as well

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    And the award for best Drabble of the week goes to... these envelopes are so hard to open... Philip Coutts!

    <audience goes wild clapping and cheering>

    Congratulations Philip. I'll have to have a wee think about your chosen topic. <hmm>

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    Well done Philip. I hope you give the goat an extra helping of, er, goat food.

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