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Thread: Horizons 2.0 beta change log #3

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    Horizons 2.0 beta change log #3

    Hi all,

    Please find the patch notes for the third Horizons beta build. I'm sure you'll agree there is an incredible amount of changes and fixes.

    We are expecting this to go live at 3pm and we're expecting the usual 30 minutes of beta server downtime.


    Audio Changelog for beta 3

    - Audio Mix - Improvements to non-self SRVs, and non-self SRV surface dust
    - Audio Mix - Improvements on non-self ship launch-land sequence
    - Audio Mix - Improvements to Turret HUD
    - Audio Mix - Improvements to Material collection
    - Audio Mix - Improvements to skimmers
    - Audio Mix - Improvements to external sounds heard from SRV landing pad garages
    - Audio Mix - External sounds no longer audible in planetary outfitting bays
    - Audio Mix - Improvements to planet structures
    - Audio Mix - Boosted Orbital HUD warning blips
    - Audio Mix - Improvements to Buggy Shield
    - Audio Bug - Fixed messy sounding Anaconda, Adder, Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Federal Assault SHip, Vulture, Cutter, Clipper, CobraMKIV on exiting from Glide
    - Audio Bug - Fixed planetary launch “clunk” happening too late
    - Audio Bug - Fix for hard music cut on leaving system map
    - Audio Bug - Fixed hard-panned GUI sound in system map
    - Audio Bug - Fix for buggy shield sounds being audible from huge distance
    - Audio Bug - Fixed silent metal rich planet ambience
    - Audio Bug - Ship engines now go silent when freefalling with FA off
    - Audio Bug - Fixed silent canopy grit/scratch, when driving through dust kick-up
    - Audio Bug - Ship voice no longer says "Landing Gear Deployed" when deploying buggy
    - Audio Bug - Arrival from supercruise music delayed until a glide is complete near planets
    - Audio Bug - Skimmer hatches now sound different depending on their size
    - Audio Optimisation - Optimisations to skimmers

    Game Changelog for Beta 3
    - Fix crashes in power distributor
    - Fixed server crash with island clean up
    - Fix crash in station menu if a cockpit isn't present
    - Kinematic input crash fix
    - When the connection to the webserver is broken, prevent the game from softlocking at the end of a CQC match
    - Speculative fix for some data points not being active at the right time
    - Make sure that surface installation damage is fully network replicated
    - Fix for only some data points actually giving a reward for completion
    - Make some points of interest illegal, allowing you to attack and trespass for no permanent penalty
    - Fix for some Commanders not being able to die or clear their save
    - Enable a free ship option on SRV death; generalise resurrection options some more in preparation for respawning to orbit
    - Fix rescuing Commanders stuck on planets without access to Horizons
    - The "rejoin ship" option on the insurance screen now only returns to your last port if you deployed the SRV from a settlement; if you deployed straight from a landed ship, your ship respawns in orbit around the planet you were on
    - Send through the market id of settlements so galaxy map can show them
    - Close the cargo transfer panel when you can no longer switch back to the ship
    - Allow more texture streaming memory
    - Make sure time (and legal status) properties are replicated across the network
    - Don't fix ship when dismissed and recalled
    - Logging out while landed or hovering near a settlement or port should not longer potentially respawn you under the floor
    - Making sure the SRV specific "surface map" button doesn't appear in the ship cockpit when going back to the ship
    - Adding localisation key for system map "locale" panel ("settlements" category becomes "Ports" )
    - Removing old icon system from system map station and surface settlements
    - Stop all hostile ships in conflict zones targeting the player and friendly ships do not assist
    - Trespass zones around settlements now fire a fine and then a bounty
    - DataPoint rewards now select their payee from star polity. Federation, Alliance or Empire are acceptable factions
    - Fix potential bad transform for far dust effects
    - Added 50% more fuel for the SRV
    - Fix for hologram advert activities blocking objects from activating (e.g. some port segments in a loading screen)
    - When docked or landed altitude should now read 0
    - Altitude in SRV should now read 0 when SRV is on the floor
    - Altitude fixed for ships, incorrect parameter was being used for offsetting landing gear against ship location
    - Fix remote client buggies spawning in the wrong place and doing a weird flip under their parent ship
    - Fix FOR (Frame of Reference) error causing ships spawning in the right place and then flying to weird locations during ship recall
    - Added disabled "Ship Departing" button to the role panel when the ship is departing
    - UI support for updating the 'SC' panel to show distance and speed to orbital cruise
    - Make sure we cant fire the turret if we are in any other state but active
    - The canopy no longer repairs its self when leaving and re-entering the ship
    - Split out the SRV roll into a new binding, this new binding can be bound to the same as the steering axis to get the same functionality as we have now
    - Pushed Python drive hit spheres back so it can intersect with the hitcheck - so drives are not invulnerable
    - Turrets remain in contacts at 1% health after they die fixed
    - When applying a module perk, check that the new perk can be applied before deactivating the current one
    - Restock panel no longer allow you to confirm a transaction with zero things selected
    - Improved feedback when attempting to confirm a transaction you cannot afford (flashy red cost) on restock panel
    - You should not be able to target modules on an SRV
    - Orbital HUD now stops rendering when canopy is breached
    - Enable the collision callback whether we are the authority or not, so collisions on the capsule of the SRV are registered (fixes some issues with SRV not taking damage)
    - Goliath Skimmer vehicle missiles aren't affected by the weapons range value fixed
    - Make skimmers a bit more mobile with shooting and moving
    - Missile skimmers don't respond quick enough to players driving at them
    - Setting skimmer missiles to have a range of up to 800m, instead of a couple of kilometers
    - Adjusted the basic skimmer weapon attack and down time
    - Skimmers do not have an image on the contact panel fixed
    - Ramming into skimmers with your ship doesn't give the player a penalty fixed
    - Able to partly hide behind settlement structures enough to obscure skimmer LoS making it super easy to kill them fixed
    - You shouldn't be able to friend yourself while in the SRV
    - Fix bug in vehicle where its trying to find some valid geometry below the SRV to ensure we'll spawn above the floor
    - Fix for turrets/skimmers becoming hostile to the player without the player being hostile in return
    - AI NPCs having issues docking at a station and a planetary port fixed
    - Settlement/Planetary ports locations in the navigation panel are shuffling constantly fixed
    - The choose module popup now continuously updates
    - Look up the player's ship if they are in a buggy and we want to know if they can dock at an outpost
    - LOD fixes for some buildings
    - Collision mesh fixes for various buildings
    - Fixed LODs for the hardpoint bunkers used for Outpost Planet Ports
    - Fixed a number of UV and LOD issues on port road sections
    - Fixed some floating POIs
    - Improved VR camera positions in SRV
    - Fix bullets not reliably appearing for their first frame. Looks significantly better in the SRV, especially at low framerates. will also improve feel of other projectile weapons (CQC cannons a notable case)
    - Fixed the Keelback's name in local traffic reports
    - Bobblehead GUI image disappears fixed
    - Bobblehead slots 8 and 9 are not automatically re-selected after you place a bobblehead in it fixed
    - Added new signal source for mining extractors
    - Unbound system and galaxy map bindings from classic context scheme and resolved some other weird issues present in the file too
    - Updated terrain GPU work option description to make it clearer what this option does
    - Fix for star trails flickering off every time an envmap capture is taken
    - Subtle tinting for surface materials that were coming through too flat / neutral grey
    - Upgraded detail rocks AO and improved the textures on the metal rocks
    - Adjust surface material blending values
    - Fix Io type worlds not reporting their atmospheres
    - Postpone planet rendering while in loading screens
    - Display modules in the choose module popup as disabled if we can't apply a perk to them
    - Fixed error that was preventing Ship Graveyard from spawning
    - Fixed laser gate visibility issue (it wasn't turning off)
    - Remove an extra copy of the firegroup in the data link scanners module data in the SRV starter loadout
    - Tweak to the SRV muzzle flash to make it more visible when shooting close range
    - Fix logic components and inactive turrets in one of the military settlements
    - Player debris should now fall under gravity when the payer dies on a planet
    - Don't kick out dust when ship is docked
    - Initialise openvr tracking space to seated - will prevent compositor bounds being permanently shown
    - Compute shader performance tweak
    - Prevent targeting SRV with ship
    - Buying or swapping a ship in the ship yard causes the camera to float around the station
    - Fix for the radar occasionally displaying in the wrong location above the player after the buggy redocks with the ship
    - Removed decals to stop them floating on destroyed geometry
    - Cockpit no longer marked as "inactive" once repaired
    - Art pass on deco files for the Radial ports
    - Various minor text fixes
    - Xbox One: Fix an error seen when temporarily breaking the network connection during CQC matchmaking
    - Xbox One: Wing members are not informed that another wing member is no longer part of the chat when they've accepted a new voice comms request
    - Xbox One: If the UI is waiting for us to update our friends list but we're not updating (have done so too recently) then re-push the current friends list to the UI to remove the "Server Response" loading screen

    New 2.0 mission changes

    - General Text fixes
    - Remove cargo requirement for off-Base 6/8/9
    - Stop pirate ships respawning if killed in bespoke 4/5
    - Show distance for all delivery missions
    - Rep/inf/state/reward balancing first pass
    - Crash fixes
    - Prevent players being unable to take off-base missions because they are in the buggy
    - Make more off-base missions trigger

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    You guys have been busy. The coders fingertips must have blisters by now

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    Great stuff! But only 50% more SRV fuel? How about another 100% on top of that?

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    WOW. That is a lot of work in 2 days. Well done all!

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    Looking forward to this - 50% more SRV fuel!

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    Thanks a lot FD !

    Do you fix The Data Link Scanner not working with X52 pro decribed here ?

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    Great effort. Keep em coming

    Be interested to see what the results of the compute shader performance tweek are.

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    only miss subsurface scattering for ice world

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    Awesome! Can't wait to try these fixes.

    Does this also fix the D-link scanner not working on some SRVs? I don't even get that bird-like signal thing on my HUD at all.

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    Fantastic stuff FD! Can't wait to get home.

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    man thats alot of work there guys big thank you from me
    i keep telling people have faith and you just proved my point -a1 rep

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    Originally Posted by Retrograde View Post (Source)
    Great stuff! But only 50% more SRV fuel? How about another 100% on top of that?
    HA , you thinking of visiting some one in the highlands

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    That's impressive!

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    Nice work! You are making the best game ever even better! Love your work!

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