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Thread: So, ummm, an entire SPACE STATION just crashed into Ehrlich City in Mercury...

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    So, ummm, an entire SPACE STATION just crashed into Ehrlich City in Mercury...

    I was driving out of Ehrlich city when this appeared:

    And I was like "What the hell is that?"

    So I drove some distance away from that thing.

    Will call my ship to investigate, stay tuned!

    Taking-off, this thing is huge!

    Flying around:

    Approaching the entrance:

    Looks like the entrance just got deleted:

    Guys, this is a black hole

    Going in! STAY TUNED!

    Crossing the event horizon:

    I see... patterns below me...

    It's ground!

    I can land!


    So this is what a black hole really looks like.

    Oh wow, that's the entrance.

    Only light here is the SRV and my ship.

    I will now be the first to exit a black hole! STAY TUNED!

    Exiting station:

    And as I exit it dissapears


    I fly around a bit more.

    Nothing strange...

    It seems as if the bug is gone.

    So I land.

    I look at the sky and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT.

    So another space station just crashed INSIDE Ehrlich City????


    But the buildings are holding it!

    It's non-solid!

    And it has a really bad texture inside it.

    It landed me in mid air (notice the "landing successful" in the INFO panel).

    Really scary:

    And then, it too dissapeared.

    Can we declare it "BUG OF THE YEAR" ?

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    Station tired, station takes a nap.

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    Huge landing pad confirmed!

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    That's awesome! Also frightening.

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    Originally Posted by Crimson Kaim View Post (Source)
    Station tired, station takes a nap.
    LOL, Points.

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    Haha excellent!

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    I literally laughed out loud at the office. That's hilarious. Thanks for sharing OP - have some rep :D

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    Will upload new pics in a few mins.

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    yes yes yes!

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    Thats epic, station has landed!

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    Jaques drunk driving again?

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    I hope that station didn't forget to request docking permission or it might get shot.

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    OK, so Mercury is where they breed those space stations. Mercury is giving birth to another one!

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    Updated OP with more pics!

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